Postcards from Istanbul

Scenes from the International Workshop on Comparative studies of the North Anatolian fault and the San Andreas Fault. The hospitality of our hosts at ITU and the organizational efforts of Milene Cormier, Chris Sorlein, and Nano Seeber are gratefully acknowledged.


Vertical scarp along the 1999 Izmit rupture
Apartment bldg next to scarp show above: This structure was not substantively damaged
Right-lateral offset along Izmit rupture.


Aya Sofia
Blue Mosque
East meets west: under the bridge over the Bosphorus
Medusa column: Roman cisterns
Rustem Pasa mosque (lovely!)
Spice market
Topkapi Palace
Morning view from my room on the campus of Istanbul Technological University


Egg people
Mike Rymer samples Turkish coffee, lives to tell the tale
Dinner cruise on the Bosphorus
Night on the town: Kate and Tina
Sea nymph
Craig, Mike, and me