Jared Brooks

Jared Brooks was an engineer living in Louisville, KY, at the time of the New Madrid earthquakes. His observations and notes, published posthumously by McMurtrie in 1839, provide extensive documentation on the sequence. In addition to constructing his own intensity scale, Brooks devised a system with pendulums and springs -- essentially an analog seismometer -- and observed when the various components were in motion. Unfortunately this system is not described in detail, but the published notes still represent an invaluable collection of thorough and detailed observations.

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McMurtrie, H., M.D., Sketches of Louisville and its Environs, Including, among a great vareity of miscellaneous matter, a Florula Louisvillensis; or, a catalogue of nearly 400 genera and 600 species of plants, that grow in the vicinity of the town, exhibiting their generic, specific, and vulgar English names, S. Penn, Jun. Main-Street, Louisville.

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