Hypomag Properties
--- hypomag.props ---

Hypomag processing controller can be used for batch processing of event ids using PCS state table processing. The ids can either be posted by other applications, input from an ASCII file listing, posted by event selection properties, or just be a single id to process. Magnitude method properties are described  here.

The command line invoking the main method of the class is similar to the command that starts Jiggle; it should define the system property HYPOMAG_USER_HOMEDIR and declare the java classpath, for example:

java -DHYPOMAG_USER_HOMEDIR="C:\Documents and Settings\kate\.hypomag\scedc" -classpath "jiggle.jar;ojdbc14.jar"

A complete command line will look like:

java [system property] [classpath] org.trinet.pcs.PcsProcessingController [argument list]

where argument list is: [users_applicationDir] [users_property_filename] [db_username] [db_password] [modeFlag]
and the default value settings are: hypomag hypomag.props null null true

The users_property_filename defaults to "hypomag.props". If the database account db_username and db_password are not specified, their equivalent properties need to be defined in the user's application properties file, but if they are specified, their values override settings in application's properties file. The remaining argument, modeFlag, is a switch controlling how event ids are input into the application for processing.

ModeFlag Description
TRUE Processes evid already posted for state in PCS table, the default.
FALSE Posts for state, then processes all evids returned by an EventSelectionProperties query.
filename Posts for state, then processes all evid listed in file, one evid per line.
evid Posts evid for state, then processes that event.

In the HYPOMAG_USER_HOMEDIR hypomag.props file contains properties are the similar to defined for Jiggle and their descriptions can be found in:  JiggleProperties
# NOTE: By default, the database values read determine whether an origin relocation is held fixed at the database depth value,
# so to force a new fix depth for all "surface" event types as is done using Jiggle's fixQuarryDepth and quarryFixDepth properties
# instead use:
useEventTypeFixDepth=true (default is false, keep current db value)
# And optionally, declare a new fixed depth value if different from the default of 0. km:
#Set event etype to qb and fix depth to quarryFixDepth for events passing isQuarry test
#Sets the event depth fixed at this depth when it's current depth is less than this number.
# min  input event magnitude to process
# max input event magnitude to process
# User's database connection props:

Engine delegate properties can be declared in the pcs processor properties file or in a separate file specified by the property pcsEngineDelegateProps (e.g. delegate.props).
printHypoMagHeaders= Print Magnitude header after calculation.
false (default)
printLocEngPhaseList= Print Hypoinverse format phase listing.
false (default)
printMagEngReadingList= Print data used by magnitude engine for summary calculation.
false (default)
printMagnitudes= Print before/after summary magnitudes.
false (default)
printSolutionPhaseList= Print internal Solution phase list.
false (default)
printSolutions= Print Solution before/after calculation.
false (default)
# Properties in delegate controlling database commit of origin, magnitude data 

NOTE: If a solution magnitude is stale(e.g. origin changed) then upon commit:
if magStaleCommitOk=true and magStaleCommitNoop=false then a new magid is created in db and its reading associations are those already existing for old magid in the database.
if magStaleCommitOk=true and magStaleCommitNoop=true then the old magid is used instead, and the new origin points to old magid and event.prefmag=old magid.
if magStaleCommitOk=false, commit aborts after event and origin rows are updated in db and the magnitude associations are not written.
#After committing all magnitudes use db priority rules to set event preferred autoSetPrefMag=false #Commit alternative preferred magtypes solCommitAllMags=true #Commit solutions whose origin data change requires relocation solStaleCommitOk=false #Stale magnitude commit does not generate new magid magStaleCommitNoop=true #Ok to commit stale magnitudes magStaleCommitOk=false
delegateDebug=false delegateLoadArrivalsFromDb=true delegateLoadMagReadingsFromDb=true magDataLoadOption=mps magDataLoadClearsSolution=true magDataLoadClonesReadings=true # printLocEngPhaseList=false printMagEngReadingList=false printSolutionPhaseList=false printSolutions=true printMagnitudes=true printHypoMagHeaders=false # locationEngine=org.trinet.util.locationengines.LocationEngineHypoInverse locEngineProps=locEng.props # magEngine=org.trinet.jasi.engines.TN.MagnitudeEngineTN mdMagEngineProps=mdMagEng.props mdMagMethod=org.trinet.jasi.magmethods.HypoinvMdMagMethod mdMagMethodProps=hypoMdMagMeth.props # specify a model by classname like thus: velocityModelClassName=org.trinet.util.velocitymodel.HK_SoCalVelocityModel # # or instead specify default velocity model by name: velocityModel.DEFAULT.modelName = HK_SOCAL # and then specify its parameters, for example: velocityModel.HK_SOCAL.psRatio = 1.73 velocityModel.HK_SOCAL.depths = 0.0 5.5 16. 32. velocityModel.HK_SOCAL.velocities = 5.5 6.3 6.7 7.8 # you can also specify additional velocity models, e.g. model depends on event location velocityModel.USGS_NC.depths = 0.0 3.5 23. 27.0 velocityModel.USGS_NC.velocities = 2.7 5.7 6.9 8.05 velocityModel.USGS_NC.psRatio = 1.78 # list models by name to load if multiple models are used by application: velocityModelList = HK_SOCAL USGS_NC

Location service properties like those below can be declared in the delegate property file or in a file specified by locEngineProps (e.g. locEng.props).
# two-minutes = 120 secs

--- Properties particular to batch event PCS processing ---

Property Description Default Value
pcsAllowedRflagStates concatenated list of origin.flag values allowed, other reject event HI (default= all rflag values allowed)
pcsAutoCommit Commit results to database (set false for tests). true
pcsAutomatic Set db processing flag automatic versus human reviewed. true (default)
pcsDefaultNextLagSecs next posting to process must have lddate older than current time - lag. 100
pcsDefaultPostingRank PCS table entry processing priority (higher runs first). 100
pcsDisableLoadChannelList Disable loading of a channel list from database, if app does not require a list. false (default)
pcsEngineDelegate name of class, if any, that has location or magnitude engines for solution processing. delegate.props
pcsEngineDelegateProps File containing engine delegate properties; if unspecified, uses these. delegate.props
pcsFastFailLoops True stops processing on first error, else results id and continues. true
pcsForceStateProcessing Process only ids posted in PCS table, skip others. true
pcsGroupName PCS table group name string. PostProc
pcsListExclusive Process only those posted ids found in the input list (e.g. from file or query). false
pcsLogFileName Filename to write to, if logging enabled. defaults to: "app name" + <_yyyy-mm-dd_hhmm> + ".log"
pcsLogging Write output to log file, else terminal. false
pcsLogFilePath Directory path of log files. Can be absolute else relative to the path defined by Java System property APPNAME_USER_HOMEDIR" or "user.home" e.g. HYPOMAG_USER_HOMEDIR. /app/rtem/mag/md/logs
pcsLogRotationInterval Close an existing and open a new log after the specified elapsed interval. A value followed by units label, where label is one char: S,M,H,D,W (corresponding to seconds,minutes,hours,days,weeks) 1D
pcsMinAgeSecs delay event processing until its origin age >= value 180 (default=0)
pcsMaxAgeDays disqualify event from processing, skip, when its origin age days >= value 180 (default=MAX DOUBLE)
pcsModuleClassName Class inplementing JasiSolutionProcessorIF (uses these properties) org.trinet.pcs.HypoMagSolutionProcessor
pcsOriginDeltaToCommit If the origin changes by less than delta km don't commit 0. (commit all results)
pcsProcessorMagTypes Types of magnitudes to process for app, if any (spaced token list ml md ...) md (no default, thus for hypomag must specify)
pcsProcessorModeName For Hypomag: LOCATE MAG LOCATE_MAG WF_MAG LOCATE_WF_MAG; redo location and/or magnitude, scan wfs or use existing db data. Modes PICK_LOC, PICK_LOC_MAG, PICK_LOC_WF_MAG for re-picking phase arrivals with Jiggle-style auto-picker before doing location,magnitude LOCATE_WF_MAG (for other apps set the string to its known mode names, usually "DEFAULT")
pcsRunMode One-shot=0, or continuously looping=1 checking for postings. 0 (default)
pcsSleepMilliSecs Processing thread sleeps to yield to other threads 10 (Note: this property not used by hypomag)
pcsSolutionLocking Use lock table to control event id processing. true
pcsStateName PCS table state name hypomag
pcsThreadName PCS table thread name. HypoMag

--- Properties PCS HypoMagSolutionProcessor modes LOCATE..., PICK_LOC, PICK_LOC_MAG, or PICK_LOC_WF_MAG

picker.maxPwt= Delete auto P-pick whose wgt >= value
4 (default, do no delete)
picker.maxSwt= Delete auto S-pick whose wgt >= value
4 (default, do no delete)
picker.reloadParmsPerEvent= For each event, re-read the picker parms file, before picking
false (default, do not reload after first location)
pickStripValue= After an initial location, delete phases whose residuals > value and relocate
-1 (default, do not strip and relocate after first location)
autoSetQuarryType= Set event etype to qb and fix depth to quarryFixDepth for events passing isQuarry test
false (default, do not change etype)
fixQuarryDepth= depth to fix quarries when in autoSetQuarryType=true
(no default)
minLocationDepth= if depth less than this value fix it to this value if running in LOCATE type mode
-9. (default)
pcsMinMag= skip processing of event when it's input magnitude is less
-9. (default)
pcsMaxMag= skip processing of event when it's input magnitude is greater
9. (default)
pcsCheckCommitRflag= If true, on commit save data, and return error code -525 if last event prefor rflag='C' just before commit. false (default)
pcsUseAltSuccessCode= If event location and/or magnitude is changed successfully, result 2
false (default, result 1)

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