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Jiggle Map Properties

The Jiggle map frame panel is configured from properties declared in a file named . Some map properties need to be configured for the user's context (e.g. CI or NC).

Latitude and longitude in decimal degrees of the map center:
Example NC map center:

Startup map scale

Minimum allowed zoom scale for all map layers (default is 12000.f)  minZoomScale=1000.f
Toolbar zoom in/out scaling factor (default is change map scale by 2x with each click)  zoompanel.zoomScaleFactor=2.
NOTE: WMS plugin downloads use Spatial Reference System EPS 4326, requiring LLXY Projection to overlay correctly.

Startup Width and Height of map frame, in pixels

Startup X/Y pixel window location (if < 0, center window on screen)

Map Layer Specification

Layers are either drawn from local disk file data or or downloaded images from an internet Web Map Service (WMS). CISN QuakeWatch base map layers can be used in lieu of the WMS base layers is the internet service is unavailable OGC Web Map Service (WMS) specs

Layers are stacked on the map IN THE ORDER LISTED by their marker names in the openmap.layers property: top...bottom
 openmap.layers=station master catalog ...

Only the layers listed is the "layers" properties are viewable, and the layers active when the map is created have their markers declared in the startUpLayers property (order does not matter):
openmap.startUpLayers=station master catalog ...

If you want to add a layer to the application, add its marker name to the openmap.layers property list, and then add its properties to the file. At a minimum, a layer needs a 'marker name'.class property, and a 'marker name'.prettyName property (for the GUI components).

For any layer, a property is specified by prefixing the property with the layer's ASCII marker string followed by a ".". The layer name seen in the GUI is defined by the 'marker name'.prettyName property.

Layer colors for lines, fill, etc. are specified by a hexadecimal color value (transparency (AA), red (RR), green (GG), blue (BB), where each element is between 00-FF (0-255 decimal)) of the form AARRGGBB. For example, a red, non-transparent line color:

Most layers have properties that specify the maximum and minimum map scale for which to show the layer, these values can be customized by the user. For example:

To remove a layer from the map, remove its marker name from the "layers" property list. You do not have to delete all of its properties from the file as well map layer mouse-events and properties.

Pre-defined Map Views
You can add or remove views listed in the GoTo drop down menu by adding/deleting to list of marker names in the menu views property:
gotoMenu.views=Baja ...

For each view add these properties prefixed by the view's marker name:
#View center lat,lon
#View name
#View projection (must choose LLXY when using WMS layers for correct overlay)
View map scale (zoom level)

Layer Pretty Names in GUI
NAME                       DESCRIPTION (data source)
Scale Distance scale bar (local)
Catalog Filter Current catalog filter region (local)
Network Stations Station Symbols from channel list (local)
MasterView Solutions Jiggle waveform panel events (local)
Event Catalog Events selected by database filter (local)
Graticule Latitude/Longitude grid (local)
Region Boundaries CISN Quakewatch regions.xml borders (local)
Ca Nv Faults CISN Quakewatch shape layer(local shape)
US West Faults CISN Quakewatch QPagerMapLayer (local qpm)
Quat faults National Atlas faults (local shape)
NCSN Quarries N. California Quarries from CSV list (local)
SCSN Quarries S. California Quarries from CSV list (local)
Terra Topo Terraserver Raster maps 250K,100K,24K (wms)
Terra Urban Terraserver Urban photos imagery (wms)
Terra DOQ Terraserver Digital Orthophoto Quads (wms)
JPL LandSat Pseudo-colored non-visual spectrum (wms)
JPL LandSat Visual spectral bands (wms)
JPL LandSat Gray shaded spectral bands (wms)
USGS NED3 National elevation data (30m) (wms)
USGS SRTM1 Space Shuttle Radar (30m) (wms)
USGS DRG Digital raster maps 250K,100K,24K (wms)
USGS Urban High-resolution urban photo images (wms)
USGS DOQ Digital Orthophoto quads (wms)
USGS ATLAS Air/Rail National Atlas Airports and railroads (wms)
USGS ATLAS Roads National Atlas major roads (wms)
USGS ATLAS Counties National Atlas county boundaries (wms)
USGS ATLAS States National Atlas state boundaries (wms)
USGS ATLAS Shores National Atlas shore boundaries (wms)
USGS World Large scale world atlas (wms)
ISTI World Large scale world atlas (wms)
Demis World Large scale world atlas (wms)

Example web search page for map server layer information.
Map layer mouse-events and properties
USGS National Map services
Map service search engine tool
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