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OpenMap supports NIMA ( DCW, VPF, VMAP and CADRG, CIB, RPF and DTED (levels 0, 1, 2). It has some support for Web Map Service (WMS), ESRI Shapefiles (.shp), MapInfo files (.mif) and ArcInfo (.e00) files. Some layer types can read location data from a CSV (Comma Separated Value) file and display these locations as symbols. When desired a layer can made made from an image in a PNG or JPG file with uniform lat/lon degree/pixel values provided the lat,lon of the image corners are known values; the image would be shrunk/stretched to fill the map view.

Catalog/MasterView Layer(s) Mouse Event Actions
Mouse Event Action Over Map Location
left-click+shift-key change event origin to the mouse location and prompt for depth (MasterViewLayer only). open space
left-double-click load waveforms of selected event into MasterView an event graphic
left-single-click display event summary info an event graphic
right-single-click popup asks to "Load Event" into MasterView an event graphic
right-single-click popup asking to re-center or zoom map. open space

Station Layer Mouse Event Actions
Mouse Event Action Over Map Location
left-double-click sets master WFView to 1st channel starting with NET.STA a station graphic
left-single-click displays station summary info a station graphic
right-single-click popup asks user to "ShowName", "ShowDetails". Clicking on a channel name in the popup list sets current WFView to selected channel. a station graphic
right-single-click popup asking to re-center or zoom map. open space

Event Catalog Layer Properties
Property Name Description. Default Value
recenterBounds True recenters map to location of event selected in catalog. true
viewNoneScale Max zoom scale showing any Catalog Solution. 10000000.
radiusScalar event circle pixel radius by magnitude * factor. 2.
colorBy Color event by "type", "time" or "depth" interval, or "uniform". uniform (one of: type, time, depth, uniform)
depthInterval km Delta depth for color change if colorBy depth. 5.
timeInterval Delta time for color change if colorBy time. 1.
timeIntervalUnits Time interval units (DAY, WEEK, MONTH, YEAR) if colorByTime. DAY
defaultFillColor Fill color string hex values used when not interval coloring. ffff0000
color.etype.* Fill color hex value for event type "*",
where "*" is the event type like "local".
color.interval.X Fill color hex value for coloring time or depth interval,
where "XX" is the interval number, like "01".

Station Layer Properties
Property Name Description. Default Value
fontName Station label font name. Arial Narrow
fontStyle Station label font style PLAIN, BOLD, or ITALIC. PLAIN
stationSize Station Edge size of station symbol in pixels. 3
channelListCache Channel cache filename in user directory. channelList.cache
lineColor Line edge color for a station without waveform in viewer. 000000
wfLineColor Line edge color for those stations with waveforms in viewer. ffc0fac0
selectLineColor Line edge color for the selected station. ffffff00
wfvSelectLineColor Line edge color for the station whose channel is the selected waveform in viewer. ff0000ff
viewNoneScale Max zoom scale showing any station. 10000000.
viewNameScale Max zoom scale showing all station labels by default. 1000000.
rejectNet Stations with these network codes are rejected. no default
rejectChannel Stations whose first 2 seedchan chars matches these codes are rejected. no default
displayOnlyActive Hide station symbols not active on date of currently selected solution. false

Properties for JiggleSMBLocationHandler for (CSV) Layers

Some map layers plot locations, where a location is a graphic symbol and/or placename at a latitude and longitude. The lat, lon, and name data are read from ASCII files containing one location per line. In gesture mouse mode these layers display the name of a location when the mouse is passed over it. Left-single-clicking the mouse button over a location brings up a popup menu showing options to show/hide name label or display lat,lon or other info from the input file.

Property Name Description. Value
useDeclutter attempt to declutter label overlaps. false (default)
locationColor hex AARRGGBB line color for symbol edges. ff000000 (default)
locationFile file containing CSV locations mapdata\\QW\\ci_quarry.smb
latIndex column number-1 for locations latitude 1 (default)
lonIndex column number-1 for locations longitude 0 (default)
nameIndex column number-1 of location name 7 (default)
markerSize length of marker edge in pixels 3 (default)
markerType one of: "Rectangle, Triangle, Circle, Star, Hex, Diamond, Text" (case-sensitive). Text
markerFont font to use for markerType=Text Arial
markerText font string to use as marker at location. Chose a font "centered" string like: + O X <> [] # $ 0, do not use "*". X
nameColor hex AARRGGBB line color for location name label ffa020f0
fontName Font to use for location name labels. Arial
showLocations show all location symbols on map layer. true (default)
showNames show all location names on map layer false (default)
viewFilteredScale At scales above this plot only those locations with higher symbol number code values or if all identical, then those with UPPERCASE names. 1000000. (default)
viewNoneScale Do not plot any location/names at scales larger than this. 40000000. (default)
viewNameScale Do not plot names at scales larger than this. 1000000. (default)
viewUpperCaseFilter At scales between viewFilteredScale and viewNoneScale plot locations with UPPER CASE names. true

Generic WMS Layer Properties

In addition to properties in common with other layers The Web Map Service layers have properties specific to defining the URL of the service request such as a comma separated list of layers available from the service, image format and transparency, and any other service vendor specific parameters to add to the request. ASCII spaces in names replaced by '+'. For example:

Generic Shape Layer Properties

Shape layer implementations also require properties to specify the paths to the files containing the shapes and index information. Some allow options to specify fill color or line color and width For example:


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