Jiggle - A graphical earthquake analysis tool

Jiggle screenshot Jiggle is a Java application used for the analysis of the earthquake data stored in databases at earthquake network processing centers, it is not intended for general public use. It only interfaces with the database schema used by the California Integrated Seismic Network CISN schema. Use by other schema would require creation of a concrete implementations of Java abstract classes JASI interface.

Current capabilities:

  • Reading/writing of seismic data from/to a database source.
  • Display of an earthquake catalog in a scrollable table.
  • Display of the waveform timeseries, phase picks, and amplitudes of a selected catalog event.
  • Manipulation of displayed waveforms (scaling, zooming, filtering, etc.)
  • Editing and/or creation of waveform phase picks, amplitudes, and coda.
  • Earthquake locations from phase picks (via a remote location service).
  • Local magnitude calculations from amplitudes and/or coda (Ml, Md)

  • Jiggle Download and Installation
    Jiggle Properties File
    Jiggle Screen Shots

    Jiggle JASI java components are also used for other applications: