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The user's event selection properties filename is specified by the value of property 'eventSelectionProps' and the program's default properties filename is specified by the value of property 'eventSelectionDefaultProps'. A user's property file property value overrides any default value. These files are expected to be respectively found in the default and user home directories which are specified on the command line by using "-D" environmental variables.

Example for Windows:
-DJIGGLE_HOME="C:\Program Files\Jiggle" -DJIGGLE_USER_HOMEDIR="C:\Documents and Settings\%USERNAME%\.jiggle\scedc"
A properties file can be empty, but at startup the Jiggle program will notify the user if either file is missing.
Specify the mimimal set of property constraints necessary for event selection because each constraint adds to the database query processing time. The values below labelled "default" are the values set when the property is not specified.

Example value
catalogMaxRows= maximum number of events returned, a row limit on the query.
999 (default)
catalogOriginEndTime= maximum origin time.
2006-01-13 21\:51\:20.000
catalogOriginStartTime= minimum origin time.
2006-01-10 00\:00\:00.000
catalogRelativeTimeUnits= Years, Months, Days, Hours, Minutes back from current time.
Hours (default)
catalogRelativeTimeValue= relative time span.
24 (default)
catalogTimeMode= absolute or relative origin time span.
relative (default)
eventAuth= event authority
eventTypesExcluded= list of event.etype to exclude
teleseism (default is exclude none, include all types)
eventTypesIncluded= list of event.etype to include
local regional quarry (default is include all types, exclude none)
eventSubsource= event subsource
eventValidFlag= Primary RT system, event.selectflag = 1)
localNetCode= user's network code
magAlgo= prefmag algorithm
magAuth= prefmag authority
magDistRange= prefmag closest station range km
magErrRange= prefmag rms range
magGapRange= prefmag gap range
magPrefNull= true = load only events without a preferred magnitude
false (default)
magPrefType= prefmag magtype (l,d,w, etc.)
magQualityRange= prefmag quality range
magStaRange= prefmag station count used, nsta
magObsRange= prefmag channel count used, nobs
magSubsource= prefmag subsource
magValueRange= prefmag value (magnitude) range
originAlgo= prefor algorithm
originAmpCountRange= prefor associated amplitudes
originAuth= prefor auth
originDepthRange= prefor depth range
originDistRange= prefor distance range
originDummyFlag= prefor bogus flag
originErrDepthRange= prefor depth error range
originErrHorizRange= prefor epicentral error range
originFirstMoRange= prefor first motions range
originFixDepthFlag= prefor depth fixed
originFixEpiFlag= prefor epicenter fixed
originGapRange= prefor gap range
originPhaseCountRange= prefor arrival count range
originPhaseCountUsedRange= prefor arrivals used range
originProcTypesExcluded= processing state to exclude (default = none)
originProcTypesIncluded= processing state to include (default=all)
automatic human intermediate final unknown
originQualityRange= prefor quality range
originRmsRange= prefor rms range
originSPhasesRange= prefor s-arrival count range
originSubsource= prefor subsource name
originType= origin type (default all type)
regionBorderPlaceName= prefor within polygon defined by border name in gazetteer_region table
regionBoxLat= prefor within box with min,max lat range
regionBoxLon= prefor within box with min,max lon range
regionExcluded= for regionTypes except anywhere or polylist, include only events NOT found within polygon or radius
false (default)
regionNameList= For regionType=polylist, a list of one or more active named polygon regions for filter
regionPolygon= prefor within bounds of polygon
32.,-115.,-32.2,-116,33.,-116., 33.2,-115.2
prefor within regionRadiusValue of name in gazetteer_pts table
regionRadiusPoint= prefor within regionRadiusValue of lat and lon.
36.0 -118.0
regionRadiusValue= prefor within radius km from regionRadiusPoint
regionType= region type: anywhere,border,box,place,point,polygon,polylist
region.xxx.includeNullMag= include events with no preferrred mangitude(regionType=polylist mode)
false (default)
region.xxx.include= events in region "xxx" are accepted or reject (regionType=polylist mode)
-9. 999.
region.xxx.orgDepthRange= accepted depth range for named region "xxx" (regionType=polylist mode)
-9. 999.
region.xxx.magValueRange= accepted magnitude range for named region "xxx" (regionType=polylist mode)
-9. 9.
region.xxx.polygon= lat,lon pair coordinates defining a closed polygon for named region "xxx" (polylist mode)
35.5 -117.8 36.0 -117.8 36.0 -117.50001 35.5 -117.50001 35.5 -117.8
region.default.orgDepthRange= accepted depth range when outside of any named region (polylist mode)
-9. 999.
region.default.magValueRange= accepted magnitude range when outside of any named polygon region (polylist mode)
-9. 9.
enableRegionCreation= true, enables button to save regionBorderPlaceName/regionPolygon in gazetteer_region table

Specified below are the Jiggle catalog table column header identifier data associations. For a data column to visible in the table its identifier must be included in the list of strings specified for the value of the property catalogColunmList. Table presentation order is the same as the property value order.
V event.selectflag event selected for archive
B origin.bogusflag prefor lat,lon are bogus
VER event.version event version
DATETIME origin.datetime prefor origintime
LAT origin.lat prefor latitude
LON origin.lon prefor longitude
ERR_T origin.stime prefor datetime uncertainty secs
ERR_H origin.erhor prefor horizontal uncertainty km
ERR_Z origin.sdep prefor depth uncertainty km
Z origin.depth prefor depth km
S origin.nbs prefor S arrivals used
FM origin.nbfm prefor first motions
Q >origin.quality prefor quality
ST origin.rflag prefor processing state
ZF origin.fdepth prefor depth fixed (flag = 1)
HF origin.fepi prefor lat,lon fixed (flag = 1)
TF origin.ftime prefor datetime fixed (flag = 1)
MMETH netmag.magalgo prefmag magnitude algorithm name
MAG netmag.magnitude prefmag value
MTYP netmag.magtype prefmag magnitude type
MSTA netmag.nsta prefmag number of stations contributing
MOBS netmag.nobs prefmag number of channels contributing
MERR netmag.uncertainty, like rms error, absolute median deviation
"Md","Me","Ml", or "Mw" the value of the event preferred magnitude of that magtype
"Ml-Md" difference of the event preferred magnitudes of those types
AUTH origin.auth prefmag network authority
ETYPE event.etype event type e.g. le qb re ts
SRC origin.subsource prefor system source of origin
GAP origin.gap prefor maximum azimuthal gap
DIST origin.distance prefor nearest sta km
RMS origin.wrms prefor error in time residiual
OBS origin.totalarr prefor total number of phases
AUSE origin.ndef prefor number of automatic pick phases used
USED origin.ndef prefor number of phases used
Q origin.quality prefor value 0 to 1
ST origin.rflag prefor processing status A H I F
CM origin.cmodelid prefor domain of vmodelid
VM origin.vmodelid prefor velocity model id
PR priority of EventPriorityModel algorithm
COMMENT remark.remark event comment
OWHO credit.refer for prefor
MWHO credit.refer for prefmag
WRECS assocwae.wfid count of waveforms associated with evid

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