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Jiggle version 2017.06.27

BUGFIX: Needed to add N/S and E/W specifier to formatted line for the arc summary to handle cases where the hypoinverse location
is not located in the west and north hemispheres (the default).

Jiggle version 2017.03.18

GTYPE db versions: when saving event with a NULL gtype to db, a popup dialog now queries user whether they want keep the gtype null,
or instead have gtype default to LOCAL (or to REGIONAL, if origin has non-null lat,lon located outside of network).

Jiggle version 2017.02.16

BUGFIX: Set origin time of a new event created from an existing event that has no waveforms to the origin time of the parent event,
        otherwise set it to the start of a valid waveform view time span. Before bugfix it set time out of range for graphics.

Jiggle version 2016.12.30

Inside magnitude/picker methods that locally load waveform timeseries unload timeseries before returning from the method (i.e. null arrays). 

Jiggle version 2016.10.17

BUGFIX: For CI network Mlr magnitude, jiggle deletes older event preferred Mlr magnitude when the new calculated Ml is set event preferred and below
the minimum threshold for a new Mlr calculation.

Waveform has time tears if consecutive segments are not contiguous by a half-sample interval, but the contiguous segments can have a different sample rate,
previously if the rate changed it was considered a time tear too.

Jiggle version 2016.09.08

BUGFIX: Coda getBySolution method's sql query text had AssocAmO instead of AssocCoO joined by origin.orid.

Jiggle version 2016.08.04

Added "undelete" item to main Event menu, after "undelete" the user would still need to save any event loaded in waveform GUI
to update the database event.selectflag=1 and save all other GUI derived data changes.

NewTriggerChannelTimeWindowModel by default sets "synchListBySolution=true", for each new event the candidate
list of channels are those active at the event origin time.

Jiggle version 2016.05.24
Bugfix of RichterMl2MagMethod the "corrVert" property values were not being used to init array for vertical distance correction;
instead, the horizontal component corrections were used for verticals. 

Bugfix of a null pointer exception which occurred when creating a waveform group panel afer version 2016.02.19 for events without waveforms,
exception caused jiggle gui hang.

Jiggle version 2016.03.18

Bugfix for catalog row cell coloring by gtype.
Bugfix For stored java in db server, LeapSeconds class static initialization creates db connection before querying for leap seconds.

Jiggle version 2016.02.19

Code changes for CI network:
Save Mlr magnitude amps to database.  Added for hypomag a triaxial S picker that uses JNI to load native c++ library.

Added boolean property "showFilteredWfGroup" (default false) and "defaultWfGroupFilter" (default BANDPASS),
when show is true the waveforms in lower group panel are filtered when event is loaded into viewer.

Added "editableMagTypes" property to define list the prefmag magtypes for which the user can edit their associated reading list,
e.g. magtype='lr' should be not is list, property defaults to 'l' and 'd' magtypes.

Jiggle version 2015.12.23

Bugfix: Butterworth filter order was twice the specified input and reported value; implemented fix restricts
filter Butterworth order to even values between 2 and 8, and the default order is 4.

Jiggle version 2015.12.15

No change to "non-gtype" code, for g-type jar, modifications made so CI network can calculate a Mlr magnitude
(adjusted Ml, calculated as done by a trimag configuration option).

CI user must set new property "mlrMagOptionEnabled=true" to have a Mlr mag calculated for a qualifying Ml magnitude and
they need 4 adjustment props added into their mlMagMethodProps file:


Also, if a CI user's properties file has the EventEdit.magTypeList property, add 'lr' to list after 'l'. 

Jiggle version 2015.12.10

Modified code base to allow a new magnitude subtype 'lr', a reduced Ml.

Added boolean property "defaultFilterAlways", false by default, when set true, resets upper ZoomPanel filter to the
"defaultFilterType" on selecting a new channel whenever a list of channels is also specified with property "displayFilteredSeedchan".

For GTYPE schema version: Upon selecting origin "gtype" choice T for teleseism also set event type earthquake.

Jiggle version 2015.11.18

Bugfix: printed time string whole seconds missing a second when the millisecs fraction is between .995 and .999 and rounded to hundreths. 
Java date strings did not show millisecs value rounded to nearest millisec, it was truncated.

DBA should update db stored java jar too.

Event orgin date displayed in Jiggle title bar and location summary tab now of the form yyyy-mm-dd.

Expanded field width for magtype, mag value, depth strings shown in the event summary.

Added properties maxLogAgeDays (float, default 14) and autoDeleteOldLogs (boolean default false) for use with "fileMessageLogging=true".
Before opening new log, program deletes existing log files older then the configured mag age days, if autDeleteOldLogs=false,
prompts the user for file deletion.

For catalog map layer "recenterBounds" property logic should recenter map on selected event when set true, otherwise if false only if
event is outside current map view.

When loading timeseries with a waveserver, attempt to clear residual bytes in socket buffer after a read times out or when the read data
does not match the request id. 

Jiggle version 2015.10.12

Added new jiggle property "displayFilteredSeedchan", optional list of seedchan for which the filtered waveform,
not the raw waveform, is shown in the picking panel (ie. auto toggles the filter on when loaded).

Bugfix: crustal model name string written to the arc summary output was 1-character too long, should be only 3-chars.

For waveform panel info text line added to its end <<<---- FLAT-LINED, NO ACTIVITY when the waveform min amp = max amp.

If waveserver read times out do not re-request data again on same socket, break to force another server connection.

The min and max time range shown in the date chooser combobox for year is now reset relative to date of last selection.

The event catalog time selection range can be set relative +/- delta time to origin time of a specified input evid.

Jiggle version 2015.07.09

Fixed printed total count of phases sent to solserver to exclude those arrivals already deleted.

When changing currently loaded event's type, if event has comment or its type is not local, always pop comment dialog.

Added to Magnitude tab's amp summary lines a field showing whether the measured amp value is zero-2-peak (halfAmp=T)
or peak-to-peak (halfAmp=F).

Added to picking help popup text that pick flag's color when its weight=0  is set to 'color.pick.unused' property
(default color is dark pink).

Always show in catalog's button panel a red dot button that allows user to load events posted to the state specified in
popup dialog (default state is value of catalog.pcsState property, settable using properties editor's Misc properties tab).

Bugfix for right-click popup menu to unreject rejected coda/amps that user created using a hand-selected window in waveform panel.

Bugfix to June change for LocationEngineHypoinverse, when locationEngineType property is not specified in user's jiggle properties
default to string HYP2000, not HYPO2000.

Jiggle version 2015.06.23

Initialization of leap seconds arrays is now attempted from a query to the database LEAP_SECONDS table.
However, this requires java applications in jiggle.jar to have db connection made before calling time methods.
If db initialization fails, code reverts to using hard-coded internal leap second array (26 seconds June 30, 2015).

For the MlMagMethod and RichterMlMagMethod2 changed the default corr,corrDist array values to the 70 value pairs from
Richter Elementary Seismology (1958, p.342 Table 22) and added boolean property "useClosestDistCorr" (default true).

For case when "useClosestCorrection=true" and "interpolate=false" these methods use for the A0 channel correction 
the corr value mapped to the distCorr value CLOSEST to the channel distance, and when "useClosestDistCorr=false", they
use the corr value mapped to closest corrDist value LESS THAN the channel distance. Before version 2015.05.14 the method
used the corr value mapped to closest corrDist value GREATER THAN input channel distance, which was probably not what
the user expected.

Added to the property editor's Misc tab pane a field to display/set "catalog.pcsState" property. There is also a "red-dot"
button in the catalog pane's button bar also opens a popup to show/set this value. If catalog.loadFromFile=true (set in GUI
with Misc tab pane's "Load event catalog file file" checkbox) and catalog.evidfile=STATE (set in GUI with Misc tab pane's
"Catalog evid file" field).  This "catalog.pcsState" value is interpreted as the "state" element of pcs_state database table 
rows whose ids are queried for the catalog pane list of events.

Property "useCalcOriginDatum" is by default false. This property is only for use with CRH CRT hypoinverse models with 
solserver, when set true subtracts closest 5-sta elev datum from model depth when setting depth from input trial depths
or fixed depths.

Jiggle version 2015.06.11

Fixed bug: for a list of servers in one group specified in waveServerGroupList property value, the connection order 
should be the same as their property listed order.

For manually fixed depths the model depth is set to the fix depth and geoid depth is set to model depth minus datum.

Distance, azimuth calculation formula changed to great circle distance/bearing using the authalic radius of 6371.0072 km.

Jiggle version 2015.05.14

Added new origin attributes for catalog columns related to hypoinverse 1.4 changes in the arc summary record for
model depth datum and the crust model types. 

Updated the code LeapSeconds table adding of a second at end of June 30, 2015.
Your DBA should have updated the db stored java classes too by June 30, 2015.

For RichterMlMagMethod2, changed A0 distance correction function to be like EW localmag when interpolate=false.
Used to return the correction value of the first array element whose distance was greater than input channel distance. 
now returns the correction for the distance array element that is closest in distance to the input channel distance.

Jiggle version 2015.04.10

Added "magPrefNull" boolean property for catalog's event selection properties, defaults false,
if true, select only those events without a preferred magnitude, ignoring other magnitude filters.
Settable using radio button labelled "null" for preferred type list in Prefmag Attributes editor panel. 

Jiggle version 2015.04.03
BUGFIX to last update:
After using CRH/CRT models with 'GEO F' in a hyp1.40 run, saving the results to db incorrectly set the origin row
depth to the geoid depth, not the model depth.

Added new boolean property solCommitResetsAttrib, default is true. Set false to not update the credit attribution
for new origin with current user, instead use the value last loaded from the db.

Added new boolean property "unfixEqDepth", if true, no depth fixed upon relocation (e.g. batch processing
with hypomag application).

Added boolean property for event selection region properties, default is false,
if true include events have no magnitude, in addition to those satifying the magnitude range.

Jiggle version 2015.03.23

NOTE: IMPLEMENTATION OF BUGFIX ALSO REQUIRES your DBA to load updated java classes into your databases from SVN:

BUGFIX: the time correction value in waveform miniseed header being being added to the packet start time needed
        to be divided by 10,000. This matters only if your miniseed data has non-zero time corrections applied.

Added debugging property "seedReaderDebug=true" to print interpreted values parsed from miniseed packet header.

Using the catalog toolbar's button to save the catalog table to a text file now saves origin's datetime as human readable
date time string rather than as epochseconds, the columns saved are only those shown in the table in the same order.

Jiggle version 2015.03.10

Added new property "EventEdit.magTypeList= h w s e l c d b n" to customize the list of magtype subscripts in the combobox 
of the event magnitude editor tab. 

Added to the Event menu's RCG... submenu a choice to create new waveform requests for ALL channels in group list that do not
have associated waveform rows in database, or ONLY those that have picks,amps, or codas.

Added ESRC (event subsource) to the list of column values available for event catalog table. 

BUGFIX: use dip of channel to decide vertical or horizontal orientation when the 3rd character of seedchan was not E,N, or Z.

Jiggle version 2015.02.16

Bugfix: When an open map window is hidden behind the Jiggle window, clicking toolbar's map button pops map frame to front.

Bugfix: first 2-char of seedchan are used to id a channel as velocity or acceleration when its gain units are unknown.

Added to properties editor dialog, and the View menu's Waveform menu, option to toggle plotting of the time scales and
time minute labels on waveform panels.

Added View menu's Waveform's menu Show Channel Labels choices an option to hide the plotting of the channel labels 
on the waveform panels.

Added new properties for pick flag coloring, when "pickFlag.colorByPhase=true", coloring of pick flags is done by the
the phase type (P or S) rather than defaulting to the event# color. For coloring by phase type, the flag colors can be
set with properties "pickFlag.colorP" and "pickFlag.colorS" and the phase description text color with properties
"pickFlag.colorP.text" and "pickFlag.colorS.text", default colors are red and fuschia for flags, and black for the text.

Jiggle version 2015.01.17

 Print an INFO message to console log describing the current waveform data source when it changes.

 Print to console log the total elapsed seconds to load waveforms into viewer.

 Added dump menu options to dump group panel waveform miniseed packets time range start end details,
 and an option to list in the text tab the channel NSCL sorted distance with predicted P and S
 traveltimes and the S-P seconds.

 Added the origin row LDDATE column to possible column list for catalog table view.

 Fixed a bug in parsing of ChannelTimeWindow model properties to include or reject a channel by location.

 The "wfSmpWindowMultiplier" property is now settable from the GUI properties editor dialog Misc tab;
 it is used to determine the WA peak amp scan window length, i.e. scalar*(S-P) seconds.

 For waveclient loading, added the channel name to the INFO message printed when no data is returned for
 from a timeseries request.

Jiggle version 2014.11.21

Bugfix: for ML magnitude methods, low-gain channels are removed if the HH component reading exists for a station
regardless of the channel's location code whenever "cullRedundantReadings=true" and disableAppChannelsMap=true and
the HH_ component is listed in the summaryChan property.

Extra menu options to list waveform view channels sorted by sta,net or net,sta, listed in text panel as station name,
with dist and azimuth.

For ChannelTimeWindowModel, set the MasterChannelList to the candidate list if it's empty, otherwise loading a required 
list of pick, amp or coda readings into views could force a time consuming db query to lookup lat,lon of every channel. 

Added timestamps to more of the output log messages. 

Jiggle version 2014.11.06

Bugfix for channel ondate offdate range lookup when using current solution origin datetime: only the date,
and not the hr:mi:ss time was being used, thus for events occuring on the same day date as the station ondate,
the lookup failed.

Bugfix? when relocating a "deleted" event, do not "undelete" it, ie. change the event.selectFlag from 0 to 1. 

Jiggle version 2014.10.05

BUGFIX to a May16th code bug for case of using Jiggle to commit event with configuration "useEventPreforTable=false". The commit failed to
associate new orid with event.prefor.

In Jiggle scope mode, the view window maximum seconds was increased from 300 to 600 secs.

Jiggle menu options to list waveform info, now display "filtered waveform" info when the waveform panel is set to show a "filtered" trace.

Added a boolean property "catalog.loadsFromFile", by default false; when set true, loads event catalog data from db using the evid parsed 
from first tokens of lines found in the file specified by property "catalog.evidfile=", which defaults to "catalog_evids.txt"
in JIGGLE_USER_HOMEDIR.  Using these 2 properties skips the usage of the event selection props file criteria for the catalog db query.
Thus the catalog is always reloaded from the specified file until property "catalog.loadsFromFile" is set false.  

For the magnitude methods, the "maxChannels" property value rejection is now done after finishing loop through other rejection criteria.

CISNml/RichterMl2 methods only: optional properties nextEventMaxDist, nextEventWindowSecs are used to retrieve a solution list of events
within nextEventWindowSecs and nextEventMaxDist of the currently selected solution. A channels's amp scan window end time is set to end
2 seconds before the predicted P-arrival of the next event. 

Changed float number output format to fewer decimal fractional digits for channel magnitude and other associated data printed in debug
text being output by some of the magnitude methods.

Jiggle version 2014.09.19

Enabled in scroller panel corner button hide filter popup dialog a button group for L (long period 1 sps) channels as seen for 'ts' events.

Bugfix to commit of a HAND generated coda created by an action of the right-click popup dialog option for amp window noise scanning
of waveform in pick panel (used by NM network).

Fixed the mouse help text for doing an auto phase pick in picking panel, must click the middle mouse button of 3-button mouse.

When reading a list of evid for catalog from an ASCII file, report bad parse of input line in a popup.

Read moment mag M0 and its amps from db into a Jiggle mag tab pane.

Dump of phase list writes the arc-summary+phases+terminator concatenated lines for each solution in view list to text pane.

In the event magnitude editor tab, set the magnitude value in the combobox to 0. when the magnitude type is changed to 'n'.

Jiggle version 2014.05.19
Event version bump on commit based on the value returned from db calls epref package functions setprefmag_magtype and/or setprefor_type.

The NewTrig class now allows a ',' to separate the date and time fields of -s,-e input option datetime strings in lieu of
having to use quoted strings with a white-space delimiter.

Jiggle version 2014.04.30

Set the origin type to 'U' (for undefined, unknown) when null value is read from db row. This requires an Origin table
constraint change by the DBA. Drop the old constraint on the origin.type column add a new one that includes types : 'u','U'.

Added text field for "waveServerConnectTimeout" property in the Wave Data Source editor panel. This property is
the number of millisecs time to wait for a socket connect to a waveserver port.

Jiggle version 2014.04.26

Changes for CERI-memphis EHG enabled mode: magnitude amp/coda waveform scans, waveforms are loaded from waveform panel
rather than the view; implication is that the magnitude method uses the EHG filtered values.

Jiggle version 2014.04.22
Bugfix: gain derived coda cutoff counts value that was reported for the right-click popup at a point inside the
waveform panels for the action of menu item "Window amps for coda" was incorrect for mks gain units.
The value is not saved, it is only calculated and reported in a popup.

Jiggle version 2014.03.26

In the event edit origin panel popup dialog, if the location engine's global "useTrialLocation" and/or "useTrialOriginTime" 
properties are set false, a checkbox is appears to set trial usage value for any relocations done with solserver for the
currently loaded event. If the engine's property value is true, instead of a checkbox to toggle trial usage on/off,
a text string states that the trial usage is already enabled globally by the location engine property. The global engine
properties apply to all events loaded in the view and located by Jiggle.

Jiggle version 2014.03.22

For the RichterMl2 magnitude method, setting "scanAllWaveformsForMag=false", skips a channel's waveform scan for the peak WA amp if
the station has no phase picks (on either the vertical or horzontal components).

A popup upon error on adding a wave server now has to be enabled with boolean property "waveServerPopupOnAddServerError=true".

For WaveClient service connection to server, the socket connect timeout value is now settable with integer millisecs property value: 
"waveServerConnectTimeout", the default is 10000 ms.

Jiggle version 2014.02.24

When mouse is used to select a phase reading in the location tab, do not change the amp scaling of the selected view
that is loaded into waveform picking panel (keep default noise/gain scaling the same as the group panel). Likewise,
if the scroll group panel has a row header and mouse is clicked within it.

Jiggle version 2014.02.05

Added new ChannelTimeWindowModel properties: 'allowedLocationTypes' and 'rejectedLocationTypes' to accept/reject
those channel whose location codes match one listed in the property value (a space/blank is represented by '-').

Printing of channel time windows no longer prints the channel's lat,lon,z, only its NSCL name and timespan.

Jiggle version 2013.11.04

BUGFIX: Typing CTRL-left-mouse-click now works for selecting a coda time span in a waveform panel on Mac OS.
Pressing letter c-left-mouse-click does same coda time selection on both WIN and MAC OS too as CTRL-left-click
(mouse BUTTON1).

Jiggle version 2013.10.18

Starting autopicker thread kills any existing autopicking thread and also stops Jiggle's waveform cache loader thread
before picking.

Added some extra debug output lines with timestamps when waveserver client debug is enabled.

BUGFIX: fixed null pointer exception in JiggleMenuBar when configuring waveform panel before event is loaded into scroller.

BUGFIX: when using ojdbc6.jar, the magnitude lddate parsed from db was being set to Jan 1, 1970.

BUGFIX: stop comment dialog popup when cloning new event when parent is not local, e.g. quarry.

Jiggle version 2013.07.19

Added boolean property "solCommitResetsRflag" set false to not change rflag on commit.
when doing batch hypomag processing. This property should alway be set "true" for Jiggle.

Jiggle version 2013.07.04

Added optional properties RichterMlMagMethod2 to define A0 dist/corr table values by name of velocity region 
that includes the event. For horizontal components, the region A0 table values would be specified by the values
listed for the pair of properties: ml..corrDist, ml..corr, which list of the distance ranges and the
corresponding corrections at that distance element. If vertical's are used in calculation, by default, the
horizontal's A0 table is used, to specify separate table for the verticals you can specify a separate A0 table
using the pair of properties: ml..corrVertDist, ml..cortVert.

For trigger channel time window added a 10s pre-trigger and 5s post-trigger time span for channel window.
DataSource model does not use distance to determine sort order for case of st type with no location, but does
apply distance filter to trigger when sort flag is set to "DIST" and trigger has location.

For TriggerChannelTimeWindowModel do a distance sort when triggerSortOrder=DIST, otherwise sort by TIME and if
"triggerLLZearliestChan=true" and its associated event does not have location, set the trigger location to that 
of the earliest triggered channel. 

Added integer properties postInterimRank (default=100) and postInterimResult (default=0) for "TPP TPP INTERIM" posts when
"postInterimCommit=true", i.e. when an event is saved (rflag='I'), not "finalized". For example "postInterimResult=1" 
with a transition configured to repost event for processing by other applications.

Added both require/unrequire menu item for arrival picks in the group waveform panel popup.

Require,reject now sets the reading's in_wgt accordingly to 1 or 0. 

Added boolean property  "include" to the set of properties used in the event catalog filtering when using the
olygon polylist mode, e.g:

BUGFIX: for case of using the ojdbc6.jar, the dates parsed from db lookup for origin/magnitude history, as well as the 
channel response and station corrections were being set to Jan 1, 1970.

Jiggle version 2013.05.03

Added integer properties postInterimRank (default=100) and postInterimResult (default=0) for "TPP TPP INTERIM" posts when
"postInterimCommit=true", i.e. when an event is saved (rflag='I'), not "finalized".

For subnet triggers, associate channel trigger times as phases having descriptors ".P4", these will appear in the phase list.

Added a group of toggle buttons to main toolbar labeled "P", "A", and "C", which when toggled configure the scroller 
to show only those waveform panels having "picks", "amps", or "codas", respectively. However, these buttons reset
all "hide" filter options already configured, so for complex hide filtering you must still use the hide dialog's panel.

Logic for triaxial mapping now groups Z12 components that have net,sta,location and the first 2-chars of seedchan matching.

For triaxial overlay trace coloring, orientation is determined by the sensor dip and azimuth values in channel_data table.

Added a new optional catalog column "PM", its value is 1 when the event has a prefmec, otherwise 0.

Added 2 new properties: 
focmec.URL.path, is a URL to a subfolder containing focal mechanism image files, e.g:

focmec.URL.fileTemplate, is a regex string template describing the event image file, where first %d is assumed to be event evid,
and a second %d is the focal mechanism number, e.g.:

when these two properties are defined at the bottom of the main menubar's Event menu, a "Focmec..." item is enabled 
and clicking this menu item opens a new window to display the mechanism image.

Jiggle version 2013.04.08
BUGFIX: Use of this version requires dba to install of an updated stored MATCH package in your user databases.

Saving event,  the catalog duplicate check now uses the lat,lon,datetime from the event's latest hypoinverse run.

A "timeChannelNames" property is available in PowerLawTimeWindowModel to allow user to specify time code channels.

Jiggle version 2013.03.06

The interior of pick flags whose used weight=0, is now painted with color defined by the property
"color.pick.unused", defaults to "fff6cece" (pale pink). The property is also settable using the
Waveform Colors tab pane of the property editor dialog . The pick flag border is the currently
selected event's color.

Jiggle version 2013.02.20

Added a "No Wfs" menu item to the scroller's hide dialog panel. Hides panels without timeseries that are within
+/- 2 pages of the top panel in the scroller viewport. If user scrolls outside this range they must "refresh"
the hide.

Added new properties for adding a generic posting menu item to the menbar's event menu, for example:

# List of 1 or more menu item labels strings:
# Where each of the label elements should have a corresponding property qualified by the item name like:
pcsPosting.Distribute.state=TPP TPP DISTRIBUTE 100 1
#Note: pcs_transition table can be configured so that result of 1 forces transitions. 

Jiggle version 2013.02.15

Bugfix: fix for use of the warning and outlier color for reading residuals in magnitude amp/coda lists.

Hand-entered magnitude amp/coda readings (generated from ALT/CTRL clicked timespan windows in zoom panel)
are flagged as required, so now bulk stripping/rejecting via menu/method options no longer act on finalized readings.
You must manually "unrequire" the reading via menu to allow it to be acted upon by bulk "stripping/rejection" methods,
by residual or distance. You can still delete/reject a finalized reading with options that act on single readings.

Jiggle version 2013.01.15

The jiggle1x-p.jar files are experimental and need testing.  They will work with existing database schema.

If your network wants to enable the saving the prefor for an origin type association in the database
(a new feature), this requires 2 new database tables (EVENTPREFOR and ORGPREFPRIORITY), an updated EPREF package and
a new ORGPREF package installation, plus the user must add the new property "useEventPreforTable=true" to his properties file.

Changed the Dump menu "Origin info" to list the preferred origins of origin type if EVENTPREFOR table exists and is populated,
otherwise, it's the current info for the origin for the loaded event. 

Changed the Dump menu "Amp info" and "Coda info" item actions were change to list only the prefmag's data, not the origin's list.

Added new "Dump" menu items to retrieve additional info about the event loaded and selected in waveform view tab:

  "Posting info" lists all state table entries that match the event id, if any.
  "WF request info" lists request_card table info, if the request_card table is accessible to user.
  "Strong motion info" lists all strong motion amps associated with valid ampsets for the event, if any.
  "Mec info" lists the prefmecs of type found in database eventprefmec table, if any.
  "Origin history" lists all of the origin's associated with event in the origin table.
  "Magnitude history" lists all of the magnitude's associated with event in the origin table.
  "Mec history" lists all of the mec's associated with event in the origin table.
  "Alarm history" lists all alarm actions in the local database, or those defined by db_links listed in alarmDbLinks property.

"Alarm History" dump can be made to query the ALARM_ACTION table of databases accessible by a defined Oracle database link
in the connected database. To do so you must define the value of property "alarmDbLinks" to be a list of db_link aliases where
each name is preceded by the "@" character, for example: "alarmDbLinks = @archdb1 @rtdb1 @archdb2 @rtdb2".  If this property is
specified, the locally connected db should be also be in the list, e.g. dbaseName="archdbw" then "@archdbw". Links are queried
in the order listed.

Jiggle version 2013.01.11
The jiggle1x-n.jar files are now the production versions for future updates (jiggle1x-g.jar versions will no longer be updated).

Added a "Find..." channel menu item to the right-click popup menu of the the location/magnitude tab panel reading lists.
If a list has focus typing "CTRL-F" also opens the find dialog. This dialog works like the waveform tab find. SNCL string elements
can be delimited by blanks or "."  (e.g. CI.PAS.HHE).

Added new boolean property "postInterimCommit" (default=false), when set "true" an intermediate save of an event (not finalized)
posts event id to a state description, rank, and result of: TPP TPP INTERIM 100 0. If enabled, there needs to be a postproc
pcs cronjob running to result this posting state.

Jiggle version 2012.10.31
Need testing jiggle1x-n.jar :
 Changes to magnitude initialization defaults.
 Magnitude edit dialog allows HAND entered Mn subtype with 0. value.

Jiggle version 2012.10.30
Bugfix: saving properties in Jiggle GUI after editing velocity model, wrote top of layer depth instead of its
velocity into the model's velocity property.

For case of stale commit new popup dialog asks whether to zero out origin derived data associated with phases.

Jiggle version 2012.10.15
Bugfix: Previous patch for 180 meridian distance broke azimuth calculation for Wheres engine. 

Jiggle version 2012.09.18
Bugfix: summary magnitude statistic for Md magnitude method was hard-coded as median.
Fix is to use the value of "summaryMagValueStatType" which could be "average".

Added new property "dbaseEncrypted=true" which allows optional use of DbaseConnectionDescription class generated
encrypted user/password strings in lieu of plain text values inside the Jiggle properties file.

NOTE: if user/password strings are absent in jiggle properties, a GUI dialog popup appears allowing user to them.

Bugfix: sql text incorrect for case of excluding events within a radius of point.

Bugfix: use shortest distance between points located on either side of the 180 meridian.

Jiggle version 2012.07.02
IMPORTANT: AQMS networks need to install a new jiggle jar for their jiggle users as well as install it on those postproc systems
that run RCG (request cards), DRP (make gif), import/export amps, or Md via hypomag from the jiggle jar as cron jobs.

BUGFIX:  Leap seconds were not being correctly updated. Leap seconds were held in a static internal array, 
updated compiled jar was not distributed, after leap seconds table change the class table must also be updated.
All java applications run from the jiggle jar nees to be restarted to see a new leap second.

BUGFIX: fixed null pointer exception in waveform panel popup menu when there are no phases in current view for the
selected event/clone.

Replaced the text field in the comment editor dialog with an text area to allow input of allow multi-line comment,
which will be stored as separate remark table rows

User can now enable/disable some confirmation popups to menu actions by properties using QC property tab in property editor dialog
where the defaults are:
"confirmLocationOnSave=true", confirm save popup if event does not have a valid lat,lon,z ?
"confirmFinalOnSave=false", if processing status flag is 'F' on save, confirm to preserve it or have it set to 'I'.

Jiggle version 2012.06.08

Event comments can now span multiple lines of text. Consecutive lines are saved back to remark table as
separate lineno rows associated with the event commid.

For new event clone origin time is set to the start of master view timespan and a event summary line is printed
to the console log.

New popup dialog when the user attempts to sort views by distance from epicenter and the lat,lon,z are undefined (=0).

Get readings info menu item in waveform panel popup dialog now returns only those readings associated with the
currently selected event (not parent+children).

Fixed null pointer exception for case of a event with no magnitude for the "Event data info" menu item.

Added "Select all" to catalog panel right-click popup menu.

Added "Quarry check..." to catalog panel right-click popup, its action lists in the message text tab event summary and
closest quarry data for the selected events. Summaries satisfying the criteria to be a quarry blast are prefixed with "*".

Jiggle version 2012.05.23

Read multiple command line input arguments as additional properties filename which are loaded and setup in listed order;
a property declared in the last read file will override one of the same name found in previously loaded files. 

Preserve event origin time and set origin bogus flag after setting the origin lat,lon by map shift-click on a point location.
If the current Solution datetime is 0 or NaN after resetting lat,lon using the mouse on the map, the set origin time to start
time of MasterView timespan.

Added filter coefficients for 250 and 500 samples per sec series in Wood-Andserson and ground motion SP filters.

Added catalog menu option for copying cells to CSV for all columns in the selected catalog rows to clipboard.

Added "hour" time division for coloring map layer symbols for event catalog by elapsed time.

Jiggle version 2012.05.04

New Md magnitude method boolean property "alwaysRecalcTauFromFit", false by default, when set true coda tau values
are always set to the Q,A extrapolated decay fit value ( normal termination cutoff values are overridden)

Do not extrapolate a new tau if input to getCodaTau(coda) is a HAND finalized coda tau.

New jiggle property "mdTauOptionEnabled", false by default, when set true and Md property "alwaysRecalcTauFromFit=false",
then chosing a recalc Md option pops up a dialog asking whether you want to reset coda tau values to the extrapolated
fit decay values.

Jiggle version 2012.02.06

Added optional properties to define an alternative channel Md fmag equation parameters for event origins a inside named region.

# Space delimited list of region names defining a gazetteer_region table polygons
# Specify Md fmag equation parmeters for a region name listed in parmsRegionNames property (XX)
fmag.XX.DurParms = -0.716296241 1.981447339 .002825449 .003495733 0 0 0 0 0 0 9999
fmag.XX.DistZParms = 0. 0. 0. 0. 0. 0.

Events not inside an alternative region use the "fmagDurParms" and "fmagDistZParms values for the fmag equation parameters.

BUGFIX: For an unchanged event, saving it now sets its origin rflag='I', or finalizing it sets its rflag='F', and for either case 
the origin attribution in the credit table is set to id of saving user.

BUGFIX: Magnitude engine initialization now resets to defaults before reading properties file thus if the input props file D.N.E
the settings from one method are not passed from ML to MD or vice versa.

BUGFIX: Jiggle now always tests checkLockingWorks for event locking whether or not the property networkModeWAN is true.

DataSourceChannelTimeModel default sorting is by distance, setting "org.trinet.jasi.DataSourceChannelTimeModel.triggerSortOrder=PICK",
sorts by pick time both the location phase list and scroller waveform panels for all event types except subnet trigger.
Waveform panels for channels without any picks for the loaded event are added in name order after the pick sorted panels.

Jiggle version 2012.01.09

Added 3 new amp (ML) magnitude method properties which are scalars used to scale the max digitizer counts when
clip checking is enabled.

Clipping is suspected when amp >= maxDigitzerCounts*scalar, the "clippingAmpScalar" property was replaced by three
new properties: one for analog channels (like EHZ with 2048 clip), one for broadband digital acceleration (like HNZ),
and one for broadband digital velocity (like HHZ). The default values are:


Bugfix: Event locking was being disabled when user set jiggle property networkModeWAN=true

Jiggle version 2012.01.02

Bugfix: when ML method configured for peak-to-peak measurement (rather than zero-peak max, default),
        scan window now limited to +/- 0.75 the estimated period seconds around absolute peak.

Bugfix: Setting phase descriptor weight checking false now disables the popup nag when Jiggle is configured
        to use the numeric hotkeys for resetting the only phase descriptor weights.

In the group waveform scroller's filter menu, pressing SHIFT+selected filter item, turns off that filter,
and in its hide menu, for some button groupings, the group selection can be cleared by pressing
SHIFT+selected menu item.

Jiggle version 2011.11.28

Bugfix: bounds of timespan of waveform timeseries scanned for a ML peak-to-peak measurement,
this fix has no effect on the half-amp (zero-to-peak) measurement.

A magnitude method will now scan a waveform having a matching appchannel row config= "0", but its
created reading will not be included in the summary magnitude statistic.

Jiggle version 2011.11.03

Bugfix to previous version: selecting a new channel with mouse in the lower scroller group was resetting the
zoom panel time scale to full width.

The order of tabs panes in the properties editor dialog tabbed panel is now the alpha order of the tab pane names.

In the top zoom panel, when the selected channel's gain is available, the amp value of the mouse cursor's position is
shown in gain adjusted (cgs) physical units to the right of the counts field. You can set the new Jiggle property 
"zoom.cursorShowsPhyUnits=false" to not show this new field. 

New implementation of the "All" menu item in the toolbar's magnitude drop-down menu. This selection calculates
both a new Md and a new Ml from waveform scans (alternative to doing the magnitudes as separate mouse actions).

Split the menu items for filtering and scaling the group scroller waveforms into a separate scroller corner button.
The waveform panel hiding options are controlled by the other corner button. The hiding type choices are all in 
a non-model popup dialog panel that activated by the "Hide..." item in that corner button's menu. 

When scaling min/max amp bounds of waveform panels in group scroller, if scaleBy=gain, the max,min bounds =
bias +/- abs(gain(cgs units)) * scalar).The scalar property names for acceleration and velocity channels are:

Added a scaleBy=units choice which uses the properties named below to define the min/max amp bounds of a scroller group
waveform panel where max,min = bias +/- scalar (and waveform amp units matches the scalar unit type): 
wfpanel.maxCntUnitsScale=2048  (counts, e.g. EHZ analog only)
wfpanel.maxAccUnitsScale=.1    (cms/s^2)
wfpanel.maxVelUnitsScale=.001  (cm/s)
wfpanel.maxDisUnitsScale=.01   (cm)

Clipping suspected when amp >= maxDigitzerCounts*scalar, the "clippingAmpScalar" property was replaced by three
new properties: one for analog channels (like EHZ with 2048 clip), one for broadband digital acceleration (like HNZ),
and one for broadband digital velocity (like HHZ). The default values are:

Note: For the "DEFAULT" choice option of the auto-picking popup dialog in group scroller panel, the value of the flag for
the channel in the picker parameters file determines the picker action for that channel (flag =0 no pick, =1 P, =2 S, =3 P+S). 

Jiggle version 2011.10.26

Versions from 2011.10.11 onwards: require a revised JASI_CHANNEL_VIEW definition installed in database
   (edepth,azimuth,dip columns added).
Applies to jiggle1x-g.jar versions. Bugfix: Jiggle solution server had null pointer exception when no magnitude of existing magtype existed. Related to untested code in "undo" implementation. For Swarm frame display: The plot of the selected channel's waveform now displays the timeseries with any applied Jiggle filters. When the waveform's units is not counts, the sample values are muliplied by 1,000,000 so that they will seen on scale in the plot because Swarm code uses integer arrays for storing timeseries values. Jiggle version 2011.10.20 >-------------------------------------------- Versions from 2011.10.11 onwards: require a revised JASI_CHANNEL_VIEW definition installed in database (edepth,azimuth,dip columns added).
Applies to jiggle1x-g.jar versions. Below are optional properties for customizing the waveform panel graphics apply to the Jiggle group scroller panel (and also for the SnapGif, SnapShot, or SnapTrigger group panels created for those image gifs loaded into the Duty/Trigger Review pages). The new "wfpanel..." properties are configurable using the Jiggle GUI property editor. # Paint time scale ticks on panels (default=0 both top/bottom, =1 top only, =2 bottom only wfpanel.timeTicksFlag=0 # Display of time hr:mn labels along panel time scale ticks in panels (default=true) wfpanel.showTimeScaleLabel=true # Scale all panels in group panel up or down (default=1. no multiplier) wfpanel.ampScaleFactor=1. # For min,max amp range of panel in waveform group panel (default=data, mix,max scaled for full data range) # choices are =data =noise or =gain wfpanel.scaleBy=data # # If scaleBy=noise # type of noise calculation, default=0 # =0 average of sum abs(peaks) # =1 rms of samples # =2 average of sum abs(samples) # scanNoiseType=0 # seconds of noise to average over from start of wavefrom timeseries for scaling by noise level (default=6) wfpanel.noiseScanSecs=6. # scale min,max amp range shown in panel to +/- noiseScalar*noiseLevel (default=10 x noise) # NOTE: large signals are graphically clipped wfpanel.noiseScalar=10. # # if scaleBy=gain # scale min,max to gain counts/cm/sec * scalar, smaller values zoom in wfpanel.maxVelScale=0.001 # scale min,max to gain counts/cm/sec2 * scalar, smaller values zoom in wfpanel.maxAccScale=0.1 # Font attributes for waveform panel channel label # Java logical font names are: Dialog, DialogInput, Monospaced, SansSerif, Serif (they map to specific fonts on OS). # These or any other scalable (i.e. OpenType, PostScript or TrueType) font face names installed on the system. # (default=Dialog) # Font Styles are plain,bold,italic (default = plain) # Font point size (default = 12) # Font text text color (default= black ff000000) wfpanel.channelLabel.font.size=12 wfpanel.channelLabel.font.fg=ff000000 # Elements included in channel label text string shown in waveform panels # form =SNCL (only), =dist (SNCL+distance), =filter (SNCL+filter-description), default=filter wfpanel.channelLabel.form=filter --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Below properties NOT RELATED TO JIGGLE GUI, apply to: SnapGif, SnapShot, or SnapTrigger generated gifs (e.g DRP). # SnapTrigger sort waveform panels in trigger TIME order, or DIST order from earliest trigger (default=dist) triggerSortOrder=time # Size of single wfpanel in pixels width,height (default= 640 60) wfpanel.singlePanelSize= 640 60 # Font attributes for the event summary header text display at top of gif panel # (default= Serif,BOLD,18, summaryLabel.font.fg=ffff0000 summaryLabel.font.size=18 # Background color of header panel (default = ffe8e8e8, a light gray) # e.g. try light yellow background # # Use the Java ImageIO in lieu of Acme GifEncoder, if ImageIO for gif is not available on Solaris,Linux, set false # as an alternative using ImageIO will output 'png' and 'jpg' formats doImageIO=false Jiggle version 2011.10.11 >-------------------------------------------- Versions from 2011.10.11 onwards: require a revised JASI_CHANNEL_VIEW definition installed in database (edepth,azimuth,dip columns added).
Note: the new "Undo" features described below have not been fully tested. Channel cache dump info now includes the sensor's edepth, azimuth and dip read from the database tables. For both the location and magnitude tab data lists, doing a SHIFT+LEFT click on a list data element selects that channel's waveform panel and then displays the waveform panel tab in the foreground. Added right-click popup option to clear selected text in message text tab and added choice when saving this tab's text to an existing file to append the text to end of file. Revised/added hot-key actions for deleting parametric data when waveform panel has focus: For the selected channel view: x Deletes the pick closest to centertime for the selected channel X Deletes all picks (P and S) on the selected channel (i.e. uppercase X x+SHIFT) BACKSPACE+SHIFT Deletes picks, amp, and coda BACKSPACE+CTRL Deletes coda BACKSPACE+ALT Deletes amp DELETE First deletes coda, if none, the amp, if none, the picks DELETE+SHIFT First deletes picks, if none, the amp, if none, the coda For all channels in the loaded event: x+CTRL Deletes ALL event picks x+ALT Deletes ALL event automatic picks (Human timed remain) F9+SHIFT Deletes ALL event picks, amps, and codas F9+ALT Deletes ALL event amps F9+CTRL Deletes ALL event codas Added hot-key to restore deleted parametric data (e.g. by hot-key or menu item actions): z+SHIFT Restores picks deleted by the last pick delete action z+ALT Restores amps deleted by the last amp delete action z+CTRL Restores codas deleted by the last coda delete action Added hot-key to control tab pane navigation: C or c Selects Catalog tab (EXCEPTION: for Wavefrom tab, 'c' changes fm) L or l Selects Location tab M or m Selects Magnitude tab T or t Selects Message tab (EXCEPTION: for Wavefrom tab, 't' toggles time scale) W or w Selects Waveform tab NOTE: Any new delete action, first clears that datatype's undo buffer; you can only restore data deleted from last action. Added to menubar Event menu an item to Restore last deleted phases, amps, and/or coda immediately after delete. Added to menubar Dump menu an item to list the deleted pick, amps, codas in the undo buffers. Added hot-key actions to manipulate flags: F6+SHIFT Hides/Unhides the currently selected channel's panel in lower scroller panel. (NOTE: once hidden and you have selected another panel in scroller, you must use the scroller's hide menu's "Refresh..." to unhide F6-key hidden panels) F7+SHIFT Toggles the highlighted panel's view's selection flag (NOTE: unselected when an event is loaded, i.e. user must must manually set) F7+ALT Flags all unhidden views in scroller as 'selected' (member of selected group) (NOTE: selection flag of hidden panels is unchanged) F7+CTRL Flags all unhidden views in scroller as 'unselected' (member of unselected group) (NOTE: selection flag of hidden panels is unchanged) F8+SHIFT Toggles selected panel's waveform's clip flag true/false Group scroller corner button popup menu has two new panel hiding choices: "Clipped wfs", hides those panels whose waveform's are flagged clipped. "Selected views", hides those panels whose views are flagged selected. Jiggle version 2011.09.21 >-------------------------------------------- Bugfix: in some channel window models, distanceOnlySort was changed to distanceSort, to ensure correct sorting by component types. Added a date timestamp at end of the text summary line output by Jiggle when currently loaded solution is deleted by user. Added a popup dialog to verify removal of phase first motion when user sets first motion but weight quality test fails. Authority assignment for all new origins, magnitudes, phases, codas, amps and their associations now defaults to local net code. If authRegionEnabled=true, the event authority is changed to match the authority assigned to the gazetteer region but the authorities of other data are not changed. Added new properties to enable user to select an Event menu option to create RCG waveform request_card table rows those triaxial channel sets where at at least one component has an amp, coda, and/or phase but is missing an AssocWaE table entry. This feature would typically be used only when using a waveserver source for the waveforms with the PowerLawTimeWindowModel. The properties are: rcgMenuOptionEnabled=true (when unspecified, default = false, no RCG... menu option) rcgStaAuth=SCEDC (when unspecified, default = localNetworkCode) rcgAuth=CI (when unspecified, default = localNetworkCode) rcgSubsource=Jiggle (when unspecified, default = Jiggle) NOTE: The "rcg" feature requires that the "requestcard_pkg.sql" stored package found in SVN repository to be installed in the database. Jiggle version 2011.08.18 >-------------------------------------------- Versions from 2011.08.18 onwards: needs testing of changes related to event authority attribution. see NOTE below.
Changes related to the setting of network authority codes for event, origin, magnitude and other parametric data. Added new boolean property "pickingPanelHotKeyNum2Wt", if true, typing hot-keys 0-4 in picking panel changes only the weight in phase descriptor, if false, these hot-keys perform as before, setting the phase descriptor to iP0, iP1, eP2, eP3, and eP4 with an auto first motion. Event auth (network code) added to event summary text found in the location tab panel and title bar. NOTE: In the Property editor dialog the Misc properties tab has a new checkbox "Set trigger/clone authority by region", for toggling a new property "authRegionEnabled". When this property is set true (checked) and a new event or subnet trigger is saved to db, Jiggle calls functions added to the EPREF and GEO_REGION packages that require two new database tables: gazetteer_region_group and assoc_region_group. If you want to experiment with setting authoritative network attribution by region polygon, test table creation scripts and packages can be provided. The code will not be available from SVN repository until approved by Schema Change Working Group, and may be modified further. Jiggle version 2011.08.15 >-------------------------------------------- Reconfigured properties editor dialog to smaller footprint on screen; added new tab panes, and shuffled properties into new tabs. Needs testing by users. If the channel cache is older than 1-day since last prompted, program prompts for a cache refresh. Fix to Waveform panel sort order: for channel's at same distance the order is Net, Sta, Location, Seedchan. Fix for sort of trigger waveform panels in ascending trigger time order (i.e. triggerSortOrder=TIME): the untriggered channels are moved to end of list in name SNLC order. Added new boolean property "triggerLLZearliestChan" for the DataSource/Trigger channel time window models. If true, the location of a loaded subnet trigger is set to that of the earliest triggered channel, if false (the default), the trigger's lat, lon, z remain unchanged when it's loaded. After a trigger's origin is edited, if it's lat,lon are not null (0.,0.) the event type is changed to "local". Using the "clear" button in event origin editor tab now sets the bogus origin location flag property. For the Ml magnitude method added new boolean "scanPwave" property, if true, scans both P and S wave for the peak amplitude, if false (the default), the method scans only the S-wave coda for the peak. Another new property added for the ML magnitude method is "WAmagnification=2800", when it's not specified, the Wood-Anderson gain defaults to 2080. Fix for case of the ML magnitude method using a peak-to-peak type measurement (peakType=p2p): the time range scanned for the min,max values is now limited to that of input time window bounds. Jiggle version 2011.08.05 >-------------------------------------------- Bugfix: Scope mode, when view contained only 1 channel, waveform series was not reloaded when time scrolled. Bugfix: Commit was not checking for a valid totalReadings count, violating origin row constraint. Reset location derived origin parameters when origin reset bogus or null by user with Event editor dialog. Pressing letter "A" hot-key in picking panel now resets processing state of closest automatic pick to "H" (i.e. rflag= A -> H), altered pick flags are saved to db, only if the event origin is relocated. Added new optional property "triggerSortOrder=time" to DataSourceChannelTimeModel/TriggerChannelTimeWindowModel. When set =TIME, and origin has null location and the event type is 'st' (trigger), waveform panels are sorted in trigger time order (the default is sorting by distance from earliest triggered channel). New property "autoLoadAfterDelete", when "true" load next event in catalog after deleting masterview event using either the toolbar or event menu (intended for use when reviewing consecutive subnet triggers in catalog) Default velocity model (used for traveltime phase cues and magnitude windowing) is now reset whenever an event is loaded or relocated. New openmap layer ( to plot any region polygons defined in gazetteer_region table for the names listed in jiggle's velocityModelList property. Openmap layer properties are: ### Vmodel layer for polygon plots of velocity model region boundaries # # Name of Java class for layer # # Layer name to list in menu vmodel.prettyName=Velocity Models # # Name of Jiggle property that lists the names of velocity model regions in gazetteer_region table vmodel.regionNamesProperty=velocityModelList # # Greatest map scale at which to show region boundary graphics (invisible when greater) vmodel.viewNoneScale=10000000. # #Region boundary line width pixels vmodel.lineWidth=2 # #Undefine for solid border line, specifies repeated alternating pairs of pixels on off (e.g. 10 5 5 5) vmodel.dashPattern=5 10 # #Active velocity model region's border color (blue) ? vmodel.activeColor=ff0000ff # #Non-active velocity model region's border color (pale green) vmodel.lineColor=ffc0fac0 # #Mouseover border highlight color (yellow) vmodel.selectColor=ffffff00 # # NOTE DO NOT CHANGE THESE: vmodel.mouseModes=Gestures vmodel.consumeEvents=true #Set RENDERTYPE_LATLON vmodel.renderType=1 #Set LINETYPE_GREATCIRCLE vmodel.lineType=3 # Jiggle version 2011.07.26 >-------------------------------------------- NOTE: Jiggle version 2011.07.26 onwards requires Hypoinverse version 1.3x binary to correctly handle origin depth fixing. System administrator must update the hypoinverse binary in the appropriate directory on the solserver hosts.
Added "Velocity model..." submenu to "Models" menu in main menubar. Allows user to set the default velocity model used for waveform phase cues and traveltimes for amp/coda scan energy windows. The default model's name is shown in the bottom status bar (before phase counts) and is listed in the waveform panel's waveform info popup after the event id. OpenMap Station layer now has configurtion properties: "acceptNet", "acceptSta", "acceptChannel", "rejectNet", "rejectSta", "rejectChannel" which can be used for filtering the list of station objects plotted in layer. Jiggle version 2011.06.17 >-------------------------------------------- In top menubar, the Dump menu has some extra items, text of some items has changed and some items are now inside nested submenus. When toolbar triaxial grouping is toggled on, a press of the top, pageup, pagedown, and bottom arrow buttons respectively attempts to load the first, previous, next, and last triaxial group in the distance sorted view list. When the triaxial group view is on, a right-click inside one of the scroller waveform panels now produces a popup menu with a "Pick..." button item at the top which will pop the picking panel menu for the selected waveform shown inside zoomed picking panel. When the triaxial group view is on, a right-click inside one of the scroller waveform panels now produces a popup menu with a "Pick..." button item at the top, pressing this item will pop the picking panel menu for the waveform shown inside zoomed picking panel. The picked phase time is zoom panel's center-line time. Jiggle version 2011.05.31 >-------------------------------------------- Added new property for event selection filtering by polylist regions which defines the acceptable origin depth range min and max values for a "named" region. For example, " -1. 99.", where xxx is the region name. Likewise for those events lying outside the named regions when regionType=polylist, the default accepted depth range is defined as "region.default.orgDepthRange= -9. -999.". Jiggle version 2011.05.11 >-------------------------------------------- Popup for Saving/Finalizing a stale solution, reverted back to 3-Button choices as before: YES, aborts save and relocates event, NO, saves without relocating, and CANCEL, aborts save without a relocation. However, for choice NO, the property "solStaleCommitOk" must first be set "true" (settable via checkbox in QC Debug tab pane of property editor dialog). Also, for choice NO, if the origin is not flagged as "dummy" (bogus), another popup will ask if you want to flag the origin bogus (NOTE: you must configure event selection properties to include dummy origins to see bogus origin events in the catalog panel). The "NO" option now also resets the solution dependent attributes of the associated arrivals (ie. the distance, azimuth, residual, and weight) and sets origin.ndef=0 and origin.nbs=0. Value saved to db for origin.totalarr CHANGED FROM: total arrival count TO: count of those with in_wgt>0. Value saved to db for origin.ndef CHANGED FROM: total with weight>0.1 TO: total with weight>0. Value saved to db for origin.nbs CHANGED FROM: total with weight>0.1 TO: total with weight>0. Bogus (dummy origin) status is now shown in summary header text above the phase listing in location tab panel. Changing the weight or rejecting a phase pick using hot-key, now flags solution stale, thus requiring relocation. BUGFIX: If a pre-existing phase loaded from db had its phase description altered (i.e. hot-key), it caused commit to fail. BUGFIX: Phases generated by autopicker toolbar option now have their deltim uncertainty set to those values mapped to weight quality (with hypoinvWgt2DeltaTime property). BUGFIX: If origin location is fixed using the origin editor dialog, the location is now kept fixed when relocated regardless the setting of the "useTrialLocation" property. Before, the solution was solved unfixed when useTrialLocation=false. Jiggle version 2011.05.09 >-------------------------------------------- New boolean properties to set default for showing or not showing the pick residual and weight deltim lines drawn around picks flagged on any waveform panel. Default is to draw these lines. showDeltimes=true showResiduals=true These properties can be toggled using checkboxes in either the JiggleMenBar View Waveform submenu or in the GUI layout tab of the Properties editor dialog (Hot-key 'H' toggles their visibility only in the picking panel). The default color for these deltim/residual lines can be changed using a button at the bottom of Waveform color tab pane of the Properties editor dialog (the default color is now green). It's value can also be manually edited in the jiggle properties file, the 1st 2-chars of the hex color string are the color transparency, e.g.: color.pick.deltim=40006633 Popup for a stale solution Save action, now only has 2-Button choices, OK to abort save and relocate, and CANCEL to abort save without a relocation. Jiggle version 2011.04.28 >-------------------------------------------- BUGFIX: secPerPage property set to a negative value caused only 1 WFPanel to be loaded into scroller panel. BUGFIX: delta time uncertainty bar now stays centered in view when amp scale is scaled up (expanded) BUGFIX: if type of existing phase is changed from P to S or vice versa, remove existing one before creating new phase . BUGFIX: magnitude engines properties changed inside text editor panel where being reset to the disk file values. BUGFIX: magnitude engine avgStaChannelMags mode changed so that all channels from same station are included in average not just triaxial group, since combos of HNE,HHN or HNN, HHE, would otherwise by split into two contributions. At expanded time scales 0.1 time interval ticks are drawn at the top and bottom of the scroller group panels. In the picking panel this extra scales can be toggled on/off with the 't' hot-key action. Orange deltatime/residual bars on pick flags thinner. The line bar color can be changed using a color button in Waveform color pane of the Property Editor dialog. A mouse drag for a delta time that lowers the quality below the fm threshold prompts user for removal of first motion. In QC tab of property editor you can enable/disable the popup notification of the location server fixing event depth, which toggles property locEngineFixedZNotify=true New properties for Ml magnitude engine when property avgStaChannelMags = true then setting: avgStaChannelMags.type=mags , averages the channels mags for a single station magnitude contributing to event summary magnitude. avgStaChannelMags.type=amps , averages the channels amplitudes for a single sta magnitude contributing to event summary magnitude. avgStaChannelMags.reset=true , (default) set mag, corr, and wt of each station channel to the averages. For RichterMl2, if the peak amp style is p2p, triangle markers are painted both at the time of the absolute peak and at the time of the secondary + or - peak. All properties related to phase picking are now grouped together in GUI layout tab pane of properties editor. After changing the pick weight/fm via hot-keys and the weight's quality is below the first motion threshold, a popup can be disabled/enabled to verify removing first-motion from the description. In the Jiggle menubar Properties editor dialog Display GUI tab pane the "Min quality value allowing a first motion" text field has been replaced with a weight selectable combobox labelled "Remove fm above wt" located Phase Pick Layout section on the panel. Other new properties also settable there are: phasePopupMenu.maxWt4HumanFm : do not include phase descriptors in popup menu that have a fm and greater weights. phasePopupMenu.phaseDescWtCheck : confirm first motion removal when wt > cutoff for quality threshold (firstMoQualityMin). phasePopupMenu.alwaysResetLowQualFm: if phaseDescWtCheck=false, set false to leave fm unchanged, set true to always remove fm. Jiggle version 2011.04.21 >-------------------------------------------- BUGFIX: Selecting show ALL seconds in Jiggle menubar View Waveforms submenu group panel no longer resets the viewport's expanded width. Jiggle menubar Dump submenu has several new items to list view info in the text tab pane: "All waveforms amps,bias info" : Loads all waveforms scanning them for peaks and bias. "Channels w/o db waveform rows" : When using a waveserver model, list those channels that don't have db archived waveforms. "Channels suspected as clipped" : Load all waveforms and flag clipped if peak amp > clipAmpScalar*maxDigitalCounts. "Channels of panels selected in group panel" : List only those channels whose views were flagged "selected" by user or app action. NOTE: selecting menu items that load and scan all wavforms take a long time to complete when event has hundreds of channels. Jiggle menubar View Waveforms submenu has new checkbox item to to toggle cursor amp line on/off (for crosshairs cursor). Jiggle menubar View Waveforms submenu has new checkbox item to to toggle residual bars painted w.r.t pick time at bottom of panel. Jiggle menubar View Waveforms submenu has new checkbox item to to toggle delta time weight bars centered on the pick time. Jiggle menubar Properties editor dialog has new checkbox items to set these new properties in Display GUI tab pane: showCursorAmpAsLine : paint horizontal line across panel at the current mouse position zoomBiasButtonOn : zoom panel upper right corner bias button (B) is toggled on when event is loaded. with Bias "on" the bias is removed thus trace stays near centerline when scaling amp range. Jiggle menubar Properties editor dialog has new items to set posting properties in Display GUI tab pane: pcsPostingEnabled : enable Event menu item that allows the posting of a loaded event for state processing (default false) pcsPostingState : A 5 token posting state description consisting of Group SrcTab State Rank Result phasePopupMenu.P.desc: list of case sensitive P phase strings for popup menu, P must be CAPITAL LETTER e.g iP0 iP+2 phasePopupMenu.S.desc: list of case sensitive S phase strings for popup menu, S must be CAPITAL LETTER e.g eS2 phasePopupMenu.S.minWgt: minimum hypoinverse (0-4) weight to show in popup menu for constructing S phase descriptors hypoinvWgt2DeltaTime : 0.02 0.05 0.10 0.20 0.40 , values mapped to hypoinv weight values 0,1,2,3, and 4 are the max seconds arrival deltim for corresponding to the hypoinv weight. If no Arrival.deltim value exists in db, it is estimated from the phase's quality (weight). Used can also set deltim/weight by Pressing CTRL or ALT key while dragging the mouse across pick. Deltim value seconds is displayed as an narrow orange bar centered on the pick. Jiggle menubar Event submenu has "Reset ALL phases deltim values" item which sets pick uncertainties to their default hypoinverse weight uncertainty values as declared by the hypoinvWgt2DeltaTime property. Jiggle menubar Event submenu has new "Post..." item which creates an input dialog for entering an event posting to PCS state. Jiggle menubar Properties editor dialog has new items to set properties in QC Debug tab pane: clippingAmpScalar : 1.0, default used for Dump submenu choice to scan for suspected clipped, waveform is flagged clipped if its peak amp > scalar*channelmap_ampparms.clip. defaultZoomFilterType: HIGHPASS (default filter for picking panel when an event is loaded into viewer) Magnitude engine has new boolean property "avgStaChannelMags", false by default. When set true, the channel magnitudes at a station used for the summary magnitude calculation are set to their average, and their input weight is set to the average of their assigned input weights. Ml magnitude methods have new boolean property "requireBothHoriz", false by default. When set true, it rejects a channel from the summary magnitude calculation if its complementary orientation is missing or rejected. Waveform panel filters do not reverse filter the timeseries by default except for the Wood-Anderson filter types. Defaults BANDPASS filter now has hiCut=20.Hz order=3 and default NARROW_BANDPASS has hiCut=10Hz order=3. Group scroller corner button popup menu now new filter choices: VEL,ACC,DIS,SP03,SP10,SP30 Group scroller corner button popup menu has new panel hiding choices: "Unselected views" : hide views not flagged as selected by user or app. "Unclipped wfs" : hide views not clipped "Refresh..." : update group view after a view state change (e.g. selection, clipping, pick, amp, coda) Text message tab pane right click popup has new menu items to to save ALL or SELECTED text to file using a file chooser dialog. Zoom picking panel's right click popup dialog Edit dialog shows the descriptor of phase closest to panel centertime. Dialog button selections are initialized with the parsed phase descriptor items and the complete description is shown next to Phase type combobox. The max weight rule for first motion is not applied when using the popup phase editor dialog. If no pick exists, it creates one and guesses the new phase decription using consecutive sample amp differences at centerline. New picking panel hot-keys for setting phase descriptor elements weight: (F1) 1 (F2) 2 (F3) 3 (F4) 4 (F5) 0 onset: (i) i (e) e (w) w first motion: ( ) . (space, none) (.) . unknown (c) c (large SNR up compression) (d) d (large SNR down dilation) (+) + (low SNR up compression) (-) - (low SNR down dilation) New picking panel hot-keys for setting time range: ([) Zoom-out time (]) Zoom-in time (;) Show full time full time/amp range: (") Show full time and amp (:) Show full time and amp amp range: (') Show full amp (\) Zoom-out amp (|) Zoom-in amp (/) Zoom-out amp (*) Zoom-in amp time scale border tics: (t) toggle time tick border on off visibility of picks, amps, codas: (h) toggle visibility of all picks,codas,amps (H) toggle visibility of pick residual bars and delta time weight bars (burnt orange) filtering waveform: (b) highpass Butterworth zoom filter on (B) bandpass Butterworth (b)+ALT lowpass Butterworth (w) Wood-Anderson zoom filter on (W) Bandpass Wood-Anderson (w)+ALT Highpass Wood-Anderson NOTE: type (o) to turn filtering off Waveform panel's right-click popup menu has new items to toggle a "selection" state for that panel's view or all panel's views. If a view is selected, its row header background is pink. For example, in the group scroller you can hide unselected panels so only the ones the user or app has selected are shown. Clicking on the row header of a waveform panel in the group scroller causes that panel to be shown in upper zoom picking panel. Right-clicking inside row header or inside the timeseries panel now produces same popup menu. Resorting waveforms panels by distance now updates the distances displayed in the panel's tooltips. Using the picking panel's right-click popup menu item to set Coda tau at mouse cursor time now also produces a popup requiring the user to assign 0-4 hypoinv weight. The coda tau termination type is changed to "H" (human pick). Coda fit curved is not plotted on a waveform panel if the timeseries units are not counts and if the calculated tau type is extrapolated fixed (X) the fixed curve fit is drawn instead of the free fit curve. If peak-to-peak amplitude types are used for Ml, a second pair of amp triangles is drawn at the top and bottom of the waveform panel at the time of the lesser peak in the wavelet which could be before and after the absolute maximum peak. For networks that want to experiment, Md magnitude method has optional property "tauTypeFilter", a string containing any combination of the tau termination codes (NXRH?), where N is normal cutoff, X is fixed extrapolation, R is free extrapolation, H is human picked, and ? is unknown. If defined, only those included in string are used for summary magnitude calculation, else any tau type is included if its input weight > 0. The tau type is not saved to the database, so codas read from the db for a previously archived event will not have this tau type information, only those calculated in Jiggle from waveforms scans can use this filtering. Jiggle version 2011.03.25 >-------------------------------------------- BUGFIX: Menu dialog for group scroller layout did not correctly save view seconds when combobox was set to show "ALL". Scroller group now has minimum panel height of 10 pixels, its pick label is sized smaller when panel height < 20 pixels. Waveform panel row header text now wider and uses a fixed 9pt font size, blank location codes in header are now "--", Row header background is colored red if waveform is clipped, black if filtered, else gray by default, if space allows, distance km is now shown in row header. Row header now has same right click popup menu as panel. The waveform panel popup menu now has item to allow user to toggle waveform status as clipped/unclipped. Jiggle menubar Dump menu has new item to dump to text tab pane a single line for each loaded waveform containing the channel name, timespan, nsamples, nsegments, ampUnits, clipFlag, minAmp, maxAmp, and bias. New optional event catalog table column to display "MERR", the magnitude error (median absolute deviation). Jiggle version 2011.03.23 >-------------------------------------------- BUGFIX: "Selecting Refresh..." option in hide menu after reading deletes now correctly updates view when already hiding panels by a reading type selection (e.g. amps, coda, picks), Auto coda determination now possible if small time-tear exists between P-time and end of coda. Print jiggle version text at beginning and end of logging Dump property info option now also dumps the currently set properties for the Ml and Md methods New optional column names for event catalog table display: Md Ml Me Ml-Md (case-sensitve) Jiggle version 2011.03.14 >-------------------------------------------- BUGFIX: Thread interference loading/unloading timeseries caused the scan of the event associated waveforms for channel magnitude to unpredictably skip channels. Jiggle version 2011.03.08 >-------------------------------------------- Jiggle's bottom status bar count values are updated when a reading is added/removed by an user action, e.g. add a pick, delete a pick (or amp, or coda). Listing generated by Jiggle menubar's "Event Data Info" includes event prefor and magids of the preferred of a magtype. Setting Jiggle property "locationCodeSpace2Dash=true" converts all " " in channel location code to "-" in the hypoinverse arc formatted phase messages sent to the solserver. Added missing linefeed between the header line and the first phase listed for phase list dump selection in jiggle menu. Jiggle version 2011.02.18 >-------------------------------------------- Added two new menu items to the right-click popup of upper timing panel display. Both operate on a 2-second window of timeseries centered around the click time. Item labelled "Window amp levels" displays a popup summary of the peak and average noise in the window. Item labelled "Window amps for coda" shows the average of the sum of the absolute amps compared to the coda cutoff counts expected, and gives the user a button option to reset the tau of an existing coda, or if none, to create a new coda for the selected channel whose start time is the P-pick time, or if no pick, the predicted P-time. This feature is not intended for regular Md processing, because the auto-calculated channel coda are normalized by gain to the same ground motion level. However if an auto-calculated value is obviously wrong this option allows a prudent user to set tau to a more reasonable value after he compares the reported window counts to expected cutoff threshold. Jiggle version 2011.02.04 >-------------------------------------------- Popup warning if Hypoinverse fixes depth of solution whose depth was not fixed by user on input. RichterMlMagMethod2 has a new property "peakType" which can have values "p2p" or "z2p" (default). When set to "p2p" the value uses is 1/2 the min-to-max value measured within +/- one period of the absolute peak. For 'volcano observatory' RSN (e.g AVO): To have Jiggle's "where is event location" popup message report the distance to closest volcano. Add to the 'gazetteertype' table a row defining the volcano subtype with code=60: insert into gazetteertype (code, name, lddate) values (60, 'volcano', sysdate); Then add rows for the specific volcanos (or their sub-elements like cones) to the 'gazetteerpt' table (substitute appropriate values): insert into gazetteerpt (gazid, type, lat, lon, z, name) values (gazseq.nextval, 60, lat1, lon1, elev1, 'volcano1'); insert into gazetteerpt (gazid, type, lat, lon, z, name) values (gazseq.nextval, 60, lat2, lon2, elev2, 'volcano2'); ... Jiggle version 2011.01.28 >-------------------------------------------- Fix to bug related to Md coda qfix,qfree,afix,afree not being parsed correctly, for events loaded from db query (after data was saved ok). Fix to bug of catalog table row not being updated after delete of a loaded event (seting validFlag=0). Jiggle version 2011.01.11 >-------------------------------------------- Fixes for null pointer exceptions, which occur under some conditions. New property seedReaderVerbose=true, logs message when no waveform timeseries is obtained from wave data source for channel. Changed action of ALT-LEFT mouse click on a catalog table cell: resizes cell width to the MAX(column's rendered width, column's current width) Jiggle version 2010.11.11 >-------------------------------------------- Enabled new property auxPropFileTags, a list of suffixes, such that each property "auxPropFile.tag=filename", declares the name of another property file to load. However, if loaded properties are saved in program or savePropsOnExit=true, all properties are written back to the parent command line filename, the auxPropFile context is lost. # Auxillary file names must be of the form *.props, or ".props" is appended, i.e. colors becomes colors.props auxPropFileTags= colors models dummy auxPropFile.colors= colors auxPropFile.models= models auxPropFile.dummy= dummy Disallow channelname row headers with group panel in trixial mode if time synching enabled (i.e. triaxialScrollZoomWithGroup=true). Added the date to upper zoom panel center (pick) time label. In PowerLawTimeWindowModel, if channel's gain cannot be identified as velocity or acceleration units, default to creating a time window assuming the velocity scaling paramters. Jiggle version 2010.11.05 >-------------------------------------------- Doing an autopick in upper zoom panel now centers the pick, if any at viewport timing line. Fixed indexing bug exception re updating phase list in location tab panel during autopicking. Panel list is now updated only after the autopicking has completed. Fixed NullPointerException related to a wavefrom cache file directory reference in menubar. For PickEW, 0 and 1 weighted picks are now assigned an "i" onset, 2 and 3 weights an "e". New picker properties for determing whether first motion is set in descriptor, like those properties for human picks: # first motion in phase descriptor for horizontal channel picker.firstMoOnHoriz=false # first motion in phase descriptor for S phase picker.firstMoOnS=false # minimum quality acceptable for first motion in phase descriptor picker.firstMoQualityMin=.7 Jiggle version 2010.11.01 >-------------------------------------------- Tweaks related to configuring picker properties/parameters, defaults and those specified in a file named by property. Scope mode timespan advance arrow button no longer advances view start past current clock time. Jiggle version 2010.10.28 >-------------------------------------------- Added button to scope mode dialog to center the scope viewport on centertime of zoom panel viewport. Added scopeRefreshEndTime boolean property, set true (default) for "Next" toolbar button to set endtime to current clock time. Added item to Event menu for setting a trial origin to currently selected view's channel location and assigning an origin time of view centertime or it's P-pick time less it's S-P time. Added pickEW properties for optional shift of pick time backward specified number of samples or none. Jiggle version 2010.10.26 >-------------------------------------------- Fixes related to scope viewer mode display Jiggle version 2010.10.25 >-------------------------------------------- NEEDS TESTING: In scope mode allow the creation of "new" event which can be processed and saved back to database. After "new" event is saved, if the post-processing request generator is running, the event's waveforms should be archived and associated with the event in the database. Jiggle version 2010.10.19 >-------------------------------------------- Changed the RT Scope mode dialog and added extra toolbar arrow buttons to move Scope view forward/backwards in time. Added optional Earthworm style automatic phase picker for event waveforms. Enabling autopicking requires adding 3 new Jiggle properties: #Name of picker in use: #Name of picker's properties file: picker.props.PickEW=pickEW.props #Name of picker's java class implementing the PhasePickerIF: picker.class.PickEW=org.trinet.jasi.picker.PickEW The picker's pickEW.props properties file has properties of the form: #load channel parms from file when properties are set picker.autoLoadChannelParms=true #log results of sample function, one-line of stats per timeseries sample, very verbose only for debugging picker.logSamples=false #perform addition noise test based on average rectified pre-event noise amps vs. 1st 3 peak amps picker.altNoiseTest=true #samples intervals to substract from pick time to compensate for lag picker.lagAdjustment=1 #max gap samples to interpolate picker.maxSampleGap=15 #samples to scan to accumulate sample averages before scanning for a pick event picker.restartLength=200 # half-width seconds before/after predicted arrival time to scan for pick picker.windowHalfWidth=1.5 # seconds to scan before pick window to do the restart length, ie. accumulate sample averages picker.scanStartOffset=2. # seconds to scan for end of pick past end of pick window picker.scanEndOffset=1. # Enable S pick on verticals picker.SonV=false # Enable P pick on horizontals picker.PonH=false # pick only channels whose gain is velocity units picker.velocityOnly=true # debug level messages: picker.debug=false # verbose levelmessages: picker.verbose=true # Regardless of magnitude don't pick if channel distance exceeds maxDistance picker.maxDistance=200. # line slope A where: maxDistKmRangeToPick= min(maxKm, A*magnitude+B) picker.magDistSlope=85. # line intercept B where: maxDistKmRangeToPick= min(maxKm, A*magnitude+B) picker.magDistIntercept=10. # file containing picker params for each channel, # if not defined or empty picker the default parms definitions, with pick P on vert and S on horiz picker.chanParmFile=pickEW.parms # # The format for a line of channel data in the pickEW chanParmFile file is: # # MinBigZC RawDataFilt LtaFilt # Pflg MinSmallZC MaxMint StaFilt RmavFilt #NSCL Itr1 MinPeakSize CharFuncFilt EventThresh #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- #AZ.BZN.HGE.-- 2 3 10 3 20 500 0.9390 3.00 0.40 0.015 5.0 0.9961 # # where channelname string is of the form NET.STA.SEED.LOC and valid pflag, pick flag values are: # = 0, don't pick # = 1, pick P # = 2, pick S # = 3, pick P and S # # Below define the default picker parms to use when no channel parms file is defined or its empty picker.parm.PickFlag=0 picker.parm.Itr1=3 picker.parm.MinSmallZC=11 picker.parm.MinBigZC=3 picker.parm.MinPeakSize=20 picker.parm.MaxMint=500 picker.parm.RawDataFilt=0.939 picker.parm.CharFuncFilt=3.0 picker.parm.StaFilt=0.40 picker.parm.LtaFilt=0.015 picker.parm.EventThresh=5.0 picker.parm.RmavFilt=.9961 Jiggle version 2010.09.17 >-------------------------------------------- Bugfix to SQL commit of arrival,amp, and codalist, needed to reset reading update flag state after commit. Bugfix to commit of event preferred magnitude, needed to update eventprefmag when magid value changed Bugfix to finalize of event with hand entered magnitude, do not commit origin_error, if commit fails do not set final flag. Bugfix clear existing event location attributes when location lat,lon is reset by mouse click on map. Bugfix skip the prefmag threshold check if the event preferred magnitude is null. GUI change: Waveform splitpane divider location now stays at location last set for previous event when a new event is loaded. Added the new MSTA and MOBS columns to the default catalog column list. New waveform scroller corner button menu item: hide panels with contiguous timeseries, show those with time gaps. New menu items added to delete only automatic (ie. RT picked) arrivals, amps, and/or coda for case of user wanting to preserve existing interleaved human picks. WFPanel samples are now seen when the intersample spacing is >=3 pixels (used to be 4). At 100 sps this a panel width of ~4 seconds when screen resolution width is 1280 pixels for a 19" monitor. Jiggle version 2010.09.02 >-------------------------------------------- THIS VERSION HAS MANY SQL REVISIONS AND REQUIRES:

    When an event is saved the SQL now does batched inserts of arrival, amp, coda rows. In order to speed up the processing of events over a WAN connection (remote access) the SQL network traffic needs to be reduced. Some traffic reduction can be accomplished by eliminating or reducing the number of QC checks, metadata updates, and timeseries samples transferred. A remote access property configuration would include properties files and startup script separate from those used for a database connection inside the LAN. Below are described possible property settings for a remote WAN connection: #WAN option: set autoLoadCatalog=false, skip the db query for an event catalog table at startup, may be of use for case of remote # access over WAN when user only needs to load a specific evid for review and doesn't want overhead of complete catalog load. autoLoadCatalog=false #WAN option: set autoRefreshChannelList=false, since this thread does many db queries for metadata and takes a while autoRefreshChannelList=false #WAN option: set channelDbLookUp=false when your current channel cache is complete for the dates of interest, else do queries to db. channelDbLookUp=false #WAN option: set disableQuarryCheck=true, disable check by db query that event is near quarry, when event type is changed to quarry in toolbar disableQuarryCheck=true #WAN option: set duplicateCheckDisabled=true, disable check by db query for catalog duplicates on save duplicateCheckDisabled=false #WAN option: set eventTypeCheckDisabled=true, disable check by query on event save, that it's near quarry, or inside/outside network for re/le type eventTypeCheckDisabled=true #WAN option: set networkModeWAN=true, disable check by db query for event existance and refresh of it's catalog row when loaded networkModeWAN=true #WAN option: Set prefmagCheckDisabled=true, disable check by db query for highest prefmag priority on save prefmagCheckDisabled=true #WAN option: set testConnection=false, disable db connection check by query, beforeeeach lookup or insert testConnection=false #WAN option: don't recheck Jiggle Website URL for new version after GUI reset versionCheckDisabled=true #WAN option: reduce number of waveforms loaded across network into memory cache, e.g. cacheAbove=20 cacheBelow=20 #WAN option: When using a waveserver source, set retries to 0, and a greater timeout value than used inside LAN waveServerGroupList=/\:6500 The number and size of the channel timeseries returned over a WAN connection can be reduced by changing values of certain channel time window model properties: The new Jiggle property "wfSmPWindowMultiplier" sets value used to scale length of waveform timeseries that is scanned for peak amplitude. #WAN option: Window scanned for peak amp is Stime-4.+(wfSmPWindowMultiplier-1.)*(Stime-Ptime), where default wfSmPWindowMultiplier=3. # for some networks a value of 2. may be adequate and reduces the amount of timeseries loaded/scanned wfSmPWindowMultiplier=3. The new channel time window model property "windowDurationType" to effects length of waveform timeseries loaded for the model: "windowDurationType" value can be: "default","amp","coda" or "p2s" (currently, "default" has same result as "coda") If =amp, the wfSmPWindowMultiplier property value is used in determining the span (e.g. amp magnitude) which is from Ptime-preEvent to Ptime+wfSmPWindowMultiplier*(Stime-Ptime)+postEvent. If =coda, the magTauIntercept and magTauSlope property values are used in determining the span (e.g. coda magnitude) which is from Ptime-preEvent to Ptime+10**((summaryMag-magTauIntercept)/magTauSlope)+postEvent. If =p2s, the preEvent, postevent sizes around predicted arrivals determine the span (e.g picking/review, not magnitudes) which is from Ptime-preEvent to Stime+postEvent. Depending on the coda decay in your network you may want to change the values of magTauSlope and magTauIntercept properties, the default values of the pertinent channel time window model properties (when not specified) are: org.trinet.jasi.xxxWindowModel.windowDurationType=default org.trinet.jasi.xxxWindowModel.magTauSlope= 2.15 org.trinet.jasi.xxxWindowModel.magTauIntercept= -0.95 org.trinet.jasi.xxxWindowModel.preEventSize= 10 org.trinet.jasi.xxxWindowModel.postEventSize= 10 #WAN option: Reduce total number of waveforms loaded by using the model's allowed/rejected filters e.g.: org.trinet.jasi.xxxWindowModel.allowedSeedChanTypes= HHZ HHN HHE HNZ HNN HNE # or org.trinet.jasi.xxxWindowModel.rejectedSeedChanTypes= BHZ BHN BHE #WAN option: Reduce number of waveforms loaded for large event, make includeAllMag value large to force use of distance cutoff: org.trinet.jasi.xxxWindowModel.includeAllMag=5. org.trinet.jasi.xxxWindowModel.maxDistance=600 #WAN option: Reduce maxWindowSize, effects coda duration calculation for larger magnitudes org.trinet.jasi.PowerLawTimeWindowModel.maxWindowSize=200 #WAN option: When using waveserver, and model like PowerLaw... make the maxNoEnergySta value smaller org.trinet.jasi.PowerLawTimeWindowModel.maxNoEnergySta=5 #WAN option: Use smaller pre,post event seconds values, smaller timeseries to load over network org.trinet.jasi.PowerLawTimeWindowModel.postEventSize=10 org.trinet.jasi.PowerLawTimeWindowModel.preEventSize=10 #WAN option: Don't lookup new candidate list by event's datetime if doing current rt processing org.trinet.jasi.PowerLawTimeWindowModel.synchCandidateListBySolution=false #WAN option: Set useMasterListCandidateList=true to NOT db query for new candidate list by name (e.g. RCG-TRINET) # but this assumes that the master channelList has only those channels of interest, no more or less org.trinet.jasi.PowerLawTimeWindowModel.useMasterListCandidateList=true New Jiggle properties enable timeseries caching to reduce overhead of re-requesting over WAN connection or waveserver. By setting new property "wfCache2File=true", a loaded timeseries is cached to a local disk file when unloaded, and reloaded from this file, once it's cached. However, the user should DELETE event cached files when the ChannelTimeWindowModel timespan differs from the one that was used to generate the cache as when changing from a DataSource to a WaveServer model, or after changing a model's timespan related properties. By default wfCache2File=false. #WAN option: If "wfCache2File=true", timeseries are written to disk files in the directory specified by property: wfCache2FileDir=C:\\Temp\\wfcache #WAN option: To auto-delete the current event's cache files when loading a new event and on program exit set property: wfCache2FilePurged=false For processing the magnitude of recent events over a remote WAN connection you can further reduce database query traffic if you configure certain magnitude method/engine properties to NOT do database lookups for channel metadata at the expense of possibly omitting some channels from the magnitude calculation: #WAN option: If you are able to use all of the seedchan matching those specified by property template then set method property: disableAppChannelsMap=true #WAN option otherwise, if you can assume that the appchannels table mapping is constant over the time interval of interest set: oneTimeAppChannelsMap=true #WAN Option: And if your channel cache has valid lat,lon,gains&corrections, then inside the magnitude method/engine props files set: channelDbLookUp=false GUI display changes: Some items in the Jiggle MenuBar and group scroller panel corner button menu have been rearranged in submenus. New item in waveform panel menu to load or unload timeseries. New catalog column names are: MSTA, MOBS, the #stations and #channels contributing to the event preferred magnitude, e.g: catalogColumnList=VER V B OWHO DATETIME TF MAG MTYP MSTA MOBS MMETH MWHO etc... New picking panel button bar toggle button, * (green dot) : After scaling the zoom panel amps up/down, subsequently pressing *, toggles scaling of those amps using last scaling value and this value persists over changes in selected channel until user resets scaling to full scale. For example, if user pressed scale up button 3 times (factor of 8) and then selected a new channel, then pressing * scales the new channel's amps by same amount as pressing scale up button 3 times. Possibly a convenience when looking for small events in coda of large magnitude events. New properties effecting the picking zoom panel triaxial overlay: # If triaxialSelectionLocked=true, continue to do triaxial plotting when the selected "station" in viewport changes triaxialSelectionLocked= false # # If triaxialZonH=false, do not show vertical component in triaxial overlay when selected channel panel is a horizontal triaxialZonH= true Jiggle version 2010.08.27 >-------------------------------------------- Tweak to waveclient, removed reconnects on timeout. Fix to JiggleSMBLocationHandler, look for data file in directory relative to classpath when not found relative to current directory. Jiggle version 2010.08.12 >-------------------------------------------- Added new double value property "prefmagCheckValue" which is to set a magnitude threshold. Upon commit, when a magnitude is >= threshold a confirmation popup asks whether to continue save to database. Default value is 3.0, so to "turn-off" confirmation popups, set it to a large value. Added new boolean property "versionCheckDisabled", default is false, when set "true", program no longer does WWW URL check for a new version of Jiggle at program startup and when reset after changing properties. The URL lookup has overhead, so disabling it, makes the program startup quicker. Added new boolean property "testConnection", when set "true" a simple query is sent to the database before the desired database action is done. If the query test fails, the user is notified and the connection may be reset. Some changes to WaveClient server error message handling. Jiggle version 2010.08.06 >-------------------------------------------- WFCacheManager/WaveServer debug changes, default cache size above+below=20+20=40, used to be 200. Cache loading in scroller view is stopped before calculating magnitude from waveform scans. To avoid two threads requesting waveforms, do not vertically scroll group panel in viewport while scanning waveforms for channel magnitudes Jiggle version 2010.08.03 >-------------------------------------------- Fixed bug, refreshing channel cache from menu, load ALL active channels, should be only those defined by channelGroupName property (default group = RCG-TRINET). Fixed bug: stand alone map frame window was being reset (default size and position) when non-map properties were reset in property editor. Fixed bug: station of selected view now remains highlighted after pan/zoom of map frame when view component is not the first (Z) of many at same site (e.g. vertical and horizontals). In property editor's wavesource tab the wcopy value for a database source can now be set before loading an event. RichterMlMagMethod2 now has properties related to Butterworth filtering, magnitude scaled distance cutoff, peak amplitude rejection by period seconds, and setting of alternative A0 values for vertical components. # List of A0 distances for all components (or horizontals) overrides hard-coded defaults which are: #corrDist = 10. 15. 20. 22.5 25 27.5 30 32.5 35 40. 45. 50. 55. 60. 80. 90. 110. 130. \ #150. 170. 190. 210. 220. 230. 250. 270. 290. 310. 330. 350. 380. 400. 430. 470. 510. 560. 601 # # List of A0 corrections for all components (or horizontals) overrides hard-coded defaults which are: #corr = 1.4 1.5 1.6 1.7 1.8 1.9 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 2.6 2.7 2.8 2.9 3.0 3.1 \ #3.2 3.3 3.4 3.5 3.6 3.653.7 3.8 3.9 4.0 4.1 4.2 4.3 4.4 4.5 4.6 4.7 4.8 4.9 # # Alternative list of A0 corrections for vertical components (when absent, verticals use the corr values) #corrVert = # Alternative list of A0 distances for vertical components (when absent, verticals use the corrDist values) #corrDistVer = # # A0 distances (corrDist, corrDistVert) are epicentral by default, if hypocentral, set useSlant=true useSlant=false # # Set interpolate true to interpolate A0 correction at distances between array values # (default, false, returns correction value for the next greater distance) interpolate=true # # Set filter order > 0 to enable Butterworth filter long-period microseism amptype is (WASF) # default =0 no BW filtering bwFilterOrder=4 # # FilterType BWF HIGHPASS or BANDPASS bwFilterType=BANDPASS # # BWF Passband default lo and hi freqs are: bwFilterHiFreq=20.0 bwFilterLoFreq=0.5 # Can change passband by distance?, if true, bwfLoFreq=0.5 bwfHiFreq=1./max(minPeriod,.05*exp**(.0015*wfSlantDist)) bwFilterScalePassBandByDistance=true # Don't BWF filter when the channel magnitude is greater this MaxMag bwMicroseismMaxMag=4.5 # else apply BWF filter when channel peak amp less than this MinAmp bwMicroseismMinAmp=0.025 # Properties which determine allowed periods for acceptable peak amps of typ WAS or WASF # at 20 km range most periods are < .7 sec and at 500 km most periods are < 2. sec # waveforms may have phases combining to create a pseudo period > 2. but high SNR # When to apply BWF ? # doBWFilter = (ampPerSecs > maxPeriodC1*exp**(maxPeriodC2*slantDist)) # doBWFilter |= ((abs(ampValueCm)) < bwMicroseismMinAmp ) && (channelMagValue < bwMicroseismMaxMag)) # For the summary mag statistic reject those short and long periods meeting this condition: # reject = (ampPerSecs < minPeriodC1*exp**(minPeriodC2*dist) || ampPerSecs > maxPeriodC1*exp**(maxPeriodC2*dist)) # where: # ceiling for peak amp: maxPeriod=5.0 maxPeriodC1=0.70 maxPeriodC2=0.0022 # floor for peak amp: minPeriod=0.040 minPeriodC1=0.040 minPeriodC2=0.0050 # Distance magnitude cutoff limits are determined by # two line segments with point intersection at PivotMag # 1st line segment from Mag0Km, Mag=0 to PivotMagKm,PivotMag # 2nd line segment from PivotMagKm,PivotMag to MaxMagKm,MaxMag # PivotMag is the intersection of these two line segment at the specified distance, # each segment can have a different slope or just define values to give equivalence of a single line fit cutoffMag0Km=10 cutoffMaxMag=4.3 cutoffMaxMagKm=600 cutoffPivotMag=2 cutoffPivotMagKm=160 Jiggle version 2010.07.21 >-------------------------------------------- Changed frame, tabpanel now in split frame to which internal map frame can be added if setup requests it. Added extra hide/show option to group waveform scroller panel menu list. Added added azimuth to channel descriptive text label in waveform panels and magnitude amp,coda lists. Added option to magnitude list popup to reject or unreject all channels at farther distance than selected channel. Jiggle version 2010.07.01 >-------------------------------------------- Version REQUIRES updated EPREF (epref_pkg.sql) and UTIL (util_pkg.sql) stored packges installed.
    Changed Jiggle catalog query to use UTIL instead of EPREF package function calls because "browser" readonly accounts should have access to EPREF package functions which can "modify" the database. Jiggle version 2010.05.26 >-------------------------------------------- Return 0 instead of "default" values for the coda cutoff and clipping counts values when no matching md_magparms_view values are found. Catalog panel Where button now has faster return on first invocation. Extra calls to disconnect solservice may prevent orphaned solserver connection. Coda tau values less than 0.5 are set to 1., tau is set to 99999 and qfree,afree set to 999 for cases where values are larger in order to fit maximum coda table column value width. Added location service name label in bottom status bar. Jiggle version 2010.05.07 >-------------------------------------------- Added ACCELERATION, VELOCITY and DISPLACEMENT time domain filter options to picking panel. Uses gain to scale counts to cmss cms or cm ground motion. Bugfix in method getByMagid(magid) had to add a call to EPREF.getWhoNetMag at end of sql text string. Changed low level dataobject setter/getter methods to round, rather than truncate, float/double values to int/long values, e.g. real values .99 will now round to 1, instead of be cast to 0. Jiggle version 2010.04.15 >-------------------------------------------- Version REQUIRES updated EPREF (epref_pkg.sql) and UTIL (util_pkg.sql) stored packges installed.
    Changed SQL of catalog panel query to select column values from calls to stored package functions: EPREF.getWhoOrigin, EPREF.getWhoNetMag and UTIL.getWaveformChannelCount rather than use separate queries for these values to reduce the number to queries to the database when catalog is refreshed. Where (?) dialog changed to use current db connection rather than make its own new db connection on application startup. New magnitude method property "oneTimeAppChannelsMap". By default, if SNCL ids are associated in AppChannels with a magnitude method id they are reloaded for each event. If property is set true, maps are only loaded once when method is first initialized where the active date ranges of associated channels include the current date. Jiggle version 2010.03.22 >-------------------------------------------- No longer have to wait for solserver socket timeout for case where a sent solserver file (e.g. hypinst.) does not have a last line LF before its end of transmision flag. Added right-click popup menu option to sort location tab phase list by time, default is by distance. Added extra button space between the fulltime and triaxial toggle buttons on the toolbar. Expanded precision of printed lat, lon value strings to 6 decimal places. Now checks applications table row lddate for a Jiggle application and if its greater than current Jiggle version date, notify user and set new database connection state as readonly. Jiggle version 2010.02.26 >-------------------------------------------- BUGFIX SCEDC only: Amp.WSTART value now saved to match the db basetime of UTC or nominal seconds. BUGFIX: After relocation Jiggle now displays last solved hypoinverse PRT file results in message text tab when autoRecalc of magnitude is enabled. Wood-Anderson amps for ML are assigned a quality=0.5 when waveform timespans are missing timeseries for processing states "H" or "F". Waveroots table wcopy value choices are those found for first WFView with loaded waveform. Jiggle version 2010.02.05 >-------------------------------------------- Version requires database WAVEROOTS table and updated wavefile_pkg.sql and wave_pkg.sql scripts installed.
    Code invokes new WAVEFILE and WAVE package stored functions which accept the value of the waveform file archive path copy to use in the query lookup (WAVEROOTS.wcopy column value). Default wcopy value is 1, user can override value to use in GUI's properties editor dialog. Added the waveform status, archive, and wfid to the waveform info string. Added waveform wavelet dump to toolbar dump info menu. Tweaks to synching initial scroll position of zoom and group panel viewports in triaxial mode. Jiggle version 2010.02.02 >-------------------------------------------- Tweaks related to triaxial overlays. Jiggle version 2010.01.26 >-------------------------------------------- Choices for group waveform panel labeling (channel names and distances) have been changed, choices now are: start time of panel (default), leading edge, trailing edge, both edges of scrolled viewport, or no labels. New button in Jiggle top toolbar (above picking panel) toggles display of the triaxial group of waveforms associated with channel currently loaded into the picking panel viewport. This same action can also be triggered using group panel's popup menu filter. Triaxial view is better when channel labels are enabled and row headers disabled. One drawback of current implementation is that a toggling of the triaxial mode toggles the visibility of the panels in shown group panel so for larger events (1000+ channels) the update of the group waveform panel is slow. In group triaxial display mode, the synchronized horizontal scrolling of both pick and group panels can be toggled by panel configuration options. A Jiggle boolean property "triaxialScrollZoomWithGroup" can be used to set the default action, when false, horizontal scroll of lower panel does not scroll the upper picking panel time window. New button below ZoomPanel toggles an overlay of Z, N, and E seedchan group (triaxial) waveforms found in lower group panel. Visibility of an orientation is settable with checkbox items found in the zoom panel's right-click popup menu. Trace for orientation Z is plotted RED, N is plotted GREEN, and E is plotted BLUE. This triaxial overlay is maintained when scrolling selected view up/down within the same triaxial group or when the picking panel filter is toggled. If picking panel view is changed to a channel not in group the current triaxial group, the overlay is autotoggled off. Pressing CTRL or ALT key while dragging the mouse across a phase pick sets the arrival's delTime (pick uncertainty) attribute. The delTime value is displayed as an narrow orange bar centered around the pick on the trace. Jiggle version 2009.12.17 >-------------------------------------------- FIXED BUG introduced in 2009.12.04 version AssocWaE row for clones where not being copied. "waveformCommitOk" property can be toggled now using the the checkbox labelled "Allow waveform association commits" in the "Database Save Options" group of the QC DEBUG pane of the Edit properties dialog. Jiggle version 2009.12.10 >-------------------------------------------- Added new Jiggle property "authNetCodes" to list set of 2-character network region names to be used for testing whether an event is local, inside one of the listed nets, or regional, outside the boundaries of all listed networks. This is to handle the case like Utah where the operating authority UU has two region networks UU and WY in which events can be located. Two new Md magnitude method properties: "cutoffMagValues" and "cutoffMagDists". These property values should have the same number of elements, a magnitude value and a corresponding cutoff distance value (km). The number of elements must be >= 1. For a given magnitude coda from channels located at distance beyone the cutoff are not used for the Md summary magnitude. If these properties are undefined, the Md method defaults are: cutoffMagValues = 1.4 2.0 2.5 3.0 cutoffMagDists = 60. 120. 240. 320. To disable using these distance magnitude cutoff criteria to determine which channel waveforms are scanned for coda magnitude and included in summary magnitude set mag method property: disableMagnitudeDistanceCutoff = true Jiggle version 2009.12.04 >-------------------------------------------- BUGFIX: alternative hypoinverse command file selecting did not work, code was resetting back to the default hypinst. Changed code to reset solserver connection data only when new event loaded. NOTE: Requires updated tpp/solserver/bin/ on the host that runs the service. Jiggle version 2009.11.20 >-------------------------------------------- BUGFIX: the "undelete" right-click popup menu item shown for any "deleted" (selectFlag=0) event loaded by the catalog panel filter selection properties did not work. Now clicking "undelete" for such a event sets its selectFlag=1 and saves the event to the database as would be done by clicking the save button, therfore any other revision made to the event before clicking the undelete item would be saved as well. Added new property "hypoinvCmdFile.default" to allow user to specify the default hypoinverse command filename used by the solserver. It is needed only when the solserver is configured to run with a default command filename that is different from "hypinst.". The command file used by the location server for the currently loaded event is shown at end of the solution service description label at the top of the location tab panel. Setting the new property "hypoinvCmdFileEditing=true" makes visible a button to the right of the solution service description label at the top of location tab panel. Clicking this button displays a popup dialog that allows the user to change the hypoinverse command file in use for the active solserver connection (note: the default command file cannot be edited). If clicking the button does not display a popup dialog until the solserver connection times out, your solserver module probably needs updating. Jiggle version 2009.11.17 >-------------------------------------------- Fixed bugs related to channel rejection and the setting contributing weights for summary magnitude summary weight used is the input quality. The inWgt is set 0 when rejected/deleted, to 1 otherwise. Setting summary_wt=0 in xx_magparms_view forces channel rejection over active date range. Save,finalize button click now asks for confirmation whenever a thread from previous save click still seems to be running. Sort menu item options in waveform panel right-click popup are from either the channel of the top zoom panel or channel of the group waveform panel in which right click occurred. Now uses data datetime to determine whether a channel is ACC or VEL type by gain units lookup. Added property "groupPanelFilterButtonLocation" to determine where to put corner button which activates the popup menu for the group waveform scroller panel options. The default value is = bottom, for placement in the lower right corner, = top puts button in the upper right corner. Added boolean property "wfpPopupMenuFlat" to determine whether strip,reject,delete menu option are in nested submenus, default is = false, for nested submenus. Added properties to allow user to customize zoom/group waveform panel scrollbar block/unit size. // Scroller arrow button single click moves group.horz.unitScrollPixels=5 // Click in scrollbar space moves fraction of panel width group.horz.blockScrollFactor=.10 zoom.horz.blockScrollFactor=.05 zoom.vert.blockScrollFactor=.10 For waveserver channel time window models added property "defaultNullMag" = value to use for distance threshold cutoff when input solution has no magnitude value. White space delimiters can now be used to separate accelerometer channel names in NCChannelTimeWindowModel. The origin time of a cloned event can now be set using the EventEditDialog. Readings tagged "final" are not trimmed by residual value. Phase descriptors built using the phase popup express panel will have first motion only when they pass the weight threshold cutoff property (firstMoQualityMin). Waveform time tear when consecutive waveform segment sample rates differ by more than .00001 sec. Fixed update of zoom panel channel label text after sorting. Fixed update of fixed depth button status after relocation. Jiggle version 2009.08.28 >-------------------------------------------- Added new properties to configure A0 table for RichterMlMagMethod2 User can now specify arrays describing the distance -logA0 value relationship and request that linear interpolation be used between array points. For example: # # Set true to interpolate magnitude correction at distances between array values # (default value of false returns correction value for the next greater distance) interpolate=true # # magalgo methodName tag stored in db netmag row # name tag is used for appchannels table lookup if a separate appChannelsName property is not defined #methodName=RichterMl2 methodName=JKR-ML # #Richter 1935 BSSA v26 p.6 TABLE 1 values used for distance > 100 km #Richter A0 corrDist= 0 5 10 15 20 22 25 30 35 40 45 50 55 60 65 70 75 80 85 90 95 100 \ # first Richter row is replaced by Jennings-Kanmori 1983 BSSA v73 p 278 TABLE 4 distance values corrDist= 0.00 5.00 10.0 15.0 20.0 25.0 30.0 35.0 40.0 45.0 50.0 55.0 60.0 65.0 70.0 80.0 85.0 90.0 95.0 100. \ 105. 110. 115. 120. 125. 130. 135. 140. 145. 150. 155. 160. 165. 170. 175. 180. 185. 190. 195. 200. \ 205. 210. 215. 220. 225. 230. 235. 240. 245. 250. 255. 260. 265. 270. 275. 280. 285. 290. 295. 300. \ 305. 310. 315. 320. 325. 330. 335. 340. 345. 350. 355. 360. 365. 370. 375. 380. 385. 390. 395. 400. \ 405. 410. 415. 420. 425. 430. 435. 440. 445. 450. 455. 460. 465. 470. 475. 480. 485. 490. 495. 500. \ 505. 510. 515. 520. 525. 530. 535. 540. 545. 550. 555. 560. 565. 570. 575. 580. 585. 590. 595. 601. # #Richter A0 corr= 1.40 1.40 1.50 1.60 1.70 1.80 1.90 2.10 2.32 2.43 2.54 2.63 2.70 2.77 2.79 2.83 2.87 2.90 2.94 2.96 2.98 3.00 \ #first Richter row is replaced by Jennings-Kanmori-1983 correction values corr= 1.40 1.58 1.72 1.86 1.98 2.08 2.18 2.26 2.34 2.40 2.47 2.53 2.60 2.65 2.70 2.80 2.86 2.91 2.96 3.00 \ 3.03 3.08 3.10 3.12 3.15 3.19 3.21 3.23 3.28 3.29 3.30 3.32 3.35 3.38 3.40 3.43 3.45 3.47 3.50 3.53 \ 3.56 3.59 3.62 3.65 3.68 3.70 3.72 3.74 3.77 3.79 3.81 3.83 3.85 3.88 3.92 3.94 3.97 3.98 4.00 4.02 \ 4.05 4.08 4.10 4.12 4.15 4.17 4.20 4.22 4.24 4.26 4.28 4.30 4.32 4.34 4.36 4.38 4.40 4.42 4.44 4.46 \ 4.48 4.50 4.51 4.52 4.54 4.56 4.57 4.59 4.61 4.62 4.63 4.64 4.66 4.68 4.69 4.70 4.71 4.72 4.73 4.74 \ 4.75 4.76 4.77 4.78 4.79 4.80 4.81 4.82 4.83 4.84 4.85 4.86 4.87 4.88 4.89 4.90 4.91 4.92 4.93 4.94 # New optional jiggle property, set "waveformCommitOk=false" (default true) to disable creation of waveform associations in database when a "cloned" event is committed. Fixed bug in AbstractMagnitudeEngine.calcSummaryMagStats weight used is now set to the channel reading "quality" value not its "inWgt" (for Md, Ml). Jiggle version 2009.08.05 >-------------------------------------------- TriggerChannelTimeWindowModel when including all components now uses named candidate list and includes all orientations matching seedband instrument type of the triggered channel. Also fixed UTC bug in trigger table query, the resulting channel time window span was not being corrected for leap seconds (displayed window started too early by 24 secs). FYI: code changes to Channel class, your disk cache will be rebuilt. Jiggle version 2009.06.12 >-------------------------------------------- Magnitude (amp,coda) reading flagged rejected when associated database in_wgt is 0. If clipping amp found in database lookup, amp magnitude method reject peak amp if greater than clipping amp. Properties magCorrEL. added to MxMl magnitude method for Hawaii. Jiggle version 2009.05.14 >-------------------------------------------- REQUIRES change of ORIGIN table check constraint: (rflag in ('a','h','i','f','A','H','I','F')) When event is committed with the save button the origin rflag value is set to "I". In lower scroller corner popup menu if NoPicks|NoAmps|NoCoda are selectd and user subsequently deletes amps|picks|codas user can use "refresh" button to update viewport. A couple of minor bug fixes. Added for HV network the MxMlMagMethod. WAS amps for broadband HH and HN seedchan are derived as done in CISNmlMagMethod2 but WAS amps for E__ seedchan are derived from peak-to-peak counts scaled by instrument response and gain factors as described in HYP2000 manual for Mx magnitude. Jiggle version 2009.05.08 >-------------------------------------------- New catalog column: "MMETH", if listed in catalogColumnList, catalog displays column of magnitude algorithm string values. Fixed 2 bugs in the CatalogPanel event selection property editor: starting datetime initialization when mode set absolute in input file. setting property filename correctly after selecting a file to input. Jiggle version 2009.05.04 >-------------------------------------------- Phase pick flag area was made smaller for the small font mode. Fixes to a few noticed minor items. Added new button to catalog toolbar that loads event posted to a specified state in the database PCS_STATE table. The Jiggle property "catalog.pcsState=" defines the default state shown in the popup input dialog. If this property is not specified the input state defaults to "Jiggle". Jiggle version 2009.04.21 >-------------------------------------------- Event selection properties editor date chooser behavior changed, now choosing a start time past the current end time resets the end time to the start time and setting an end time before the start time resets the start time to end time, thus reducing the number of combo boxes needing to be set when changing date range. Added button to picking panel button box (just after filter button) which toggles on/off recentering of the master time window to channel data times when scrolling views with the up/down arrow key/buttons. Added buttons at catalog corners to scroll into view top, bottom or the selected row. Added menu item to catalog's right-click popup menu to scroll to selected catalog row versus select then scroll to the loaded waveform view id row. Added to main Menubar View menu waveform submenu checkbox items to toggle display of the pick,coda,amp flags on/off and to toggle to make pick flag font large/small. The default picking panel phase popup menu descriptions can be customized by properties (default descriptors are used when these properties are undefined). For example: # case sensitive: P and S in desc strings must be CAPITAL LETTERS phasePopupMenu.P.desc= iP0 eP0 iP1 eP1 eP2 eP3 eP4 phasePopupMenu.S.desc= eS2 eS3 eS4 Jiggle version 2009.04.15 >-------------------------------------------- After origin relocation the bottom waveform panel group scrolls to top, but last selected panel remains in upper zoom panel viewport. Changing amp scaling in lower group panel menu now toggles corner button icon "on" (icon becomes green, the same as when the traces have been filtered). Group amp range scaling up and down are now both by a factor of 2. Catalog table WRECS column no longer requeries database for the total count of channels having event associated waveforms. Count is distinct channels, not the total number of waveform rows (some channels with time-tears may have more than 1 waveform table row). Bottom status bar has new cell showing count of stations represented in scroller panel. Status bar source abbreviated to "WS" waveserver, "DS" for database when name too long. Fixed some waveform panel scaling/painting issues resulting from last revision edits. Revised WFCacheManager loading/unloading timeseries handling of views "hidden" by scroller corner button settings. Jiggle version 2009.04.07 >-------------------------------------------- Menu item added to the menubar View alignment menu to configure the zoom panel croller arrows to center next chosen view in center of group (bottom) panel. When waveform view alignment mode is set to P, S or V, the scrolling centers the zoom view around the predicted traveltime. Added a new scroller action button (green dot) to scroll arrow bar which centers the seleted view in the center of group panel view. Item added to the picking panel popup menu to scroll to the matching view in the group panel. Fix to null pointer exception in previous version. Jiggle version 2009.04.01 >-------------------------------------------- New magnitude method RichterMl2 (not used by CISN networks) scans S-wave energy window for which uses following properties for accepting those calculated WAS amps: minAccAmp=0.0010 maxAccAmp=12000.0 minVelAmp=0.0010 maxVelAmp=100.0 minPeriod=0.040 maxPeriod=5.0 #min Amp SNR to use for channel Ml minSNR=3.0 #min Amp SNR to use for event summary Ml minSummarySNR=5.0 # New group waveform scroller panel alignment options: default is align on absolute true time, new properties specify alignment mode: # masterViewWaveformAlignMode can be 0=true, 1=v-model-P, 2=v-model-S, 3=reduction velocity masterViewWaveformAlignMode=0 #reduction velocity for mode=3 alignment masterViewWaveformAlignVel=6. Jiggle version 2009.03.27 >-------------------------------------------- Fix to allow the picking panel's arrow keys to correctly scroll when waveform panels in bottom scrolled panel have been hidden by usage of corner button menu selection. Jiggle version 2009.03.26 >-------------------------------------------- Currently selected waveform view panel now remains in scroller view after locating or sorting by distance. Adding clone to catalog by commit, sorts by last sort, default is ascending datetime. Committing clone without waveforms (e.g. rt timed waveserver event) reports message but allows commit (user must make a waveform request for such, after the fact). Sorting by catalog column double-clicking sorts in ascending order, for a descending sort, user must do press SHIFT-double-click. Toggling bias line on in the upper picking panel allows trace to be centered around bias when using amp scaling buttons. Crude scaling (4x up, 2x down) of waveform panel amps in the group scrollpane can now be done through selection of menu items in lower-corner filter button popup menu. If using the scroller corner menu to hide panels in group scrollpane, the panel count in viewport now remains unchanged, no vertical stretching occurs when panels are hidden. New hide menu items added for Acc(eration) or Vel(ocity) component types. Vertical hiding includes orientations in [Z147] and horzontal hiding, [EN234689]. Mung application login dialog updated to allow user to specify database name and domain. Jiggle version 2009.03.23 >-------------------------------------------- Fix to null pointer exception for null view in WFPanel after load of next event. Fix to the Scope mode waveform view creation after a refresh with Next button. Highlight choosen wavesource/time-window model pair in Jiggle drop down menu. Jiggle version 2009.03.16 >-------------------------------------------- Changes to reduce some of the heap memory retained after prolonged processing (ie. reduce memory leakage). USGS_NC_velocity model changed depths and velocities: velocityModel.USGS_NC.psRatio = 1.78 velocityModel.USGS_NC.depths = 0.0 3.5 15. 25.0 velocityModel.USGS_NC.velocities = 4.0 5.9 6.8 8.05 Jiggle version 2009.03.05 >-------------------------------------------- Change related to reducing memory usage by the catalog. Allow only one Map and/or Swarm window listener for main application. Unloading of timeseries by waveform cache manager does a reset of the timeseries display in waveform panels. Channel time window model calls to get or set the candidate channellist logs info messages. Jiggle version 2008.12.15 >-------------------------------------------- Added to the edit properties dialog's QC Debug panel a checkbox to enable output of Waveserver request messages. Fixed bug in map catalog/master layer event coloring apparent only when color.interval property declarations were absent from from Fixed bug in parsing multiple property values from string in textarea panels introduced 2008/11/14 version. Default etype code for debris flow/avalanche changed from "db" to "df" to be consistent with EventType table value. Jiggle version 2008.12.05 >-------------------------------------------- Added 1st motion count after P/S counts in header at top of location tab panel. Changed query for event type lookup to reference the AssocTypeCat table. Added check for null amp generation after applying a secondary long-period filter to waveform in CISNml2MagMethod. Added extra text at end of summary in popup for the case when an automatic setting of the event prefmag failed during a solution commit, perhaps due to missing MagPrefPriority table rules. Jiggle version 2008.11.21 >-------------------------------------------- Changes to Event edit menu in Jiggle menubar. 1) Removed "Unassociate ..." menuitems. 2) Added "Delete all observations" menu item whose action is to delete all arrival, amp, and coda associations to preferred origin and magnitudes. 3) Added "Set bogus origin, prefmag" menu item whose action is to set set lat,lon,z = 0 and set event prefmag Mh = 0, and remove all other preferred magnitude type associations. 4) Added "Delete all obs + set bogus" menu item whose action is to do (2) and (3) above, for example, a teleseism with mistaken local event attribute associations. Jiggle version 2008.11.21 >-------------------------------------------- BUGFIX RECOMMEND UPDATE Fixed bug in WFSegment where sample index was out of bounds. Fixed bug in magnitude method properties setup, value of "deleteRejected" flag, was incorrectly set to boolean value of "deleteInvalid" property, thus when it was "true" in props file rejected readings (no correction) were not written to the database. Fixed initialization of db connection description via properties when a full Oracle TNS names connection description is specified with with the jdbc:thin subprotocol: dbaseTNSname=(DESCRIPTION=(LOAD_BALANCE=ON)(ADDRESS_LIST=... Jiggle version 2008.11.14 >-------------------------------------------- Fixed bug from 11.04 version, when autoRefreshChannelCache=true, after background thread completed and user answered yes to reload cache, it would again auto refresh (recursion). Setting "debugCommit=true" dumps extra debugging messages when saving event back to the database (for diagnosing commit errors). Jiggle version 2008.11.07 >-------------------------------------------- For a HAND entered magnitude, when its priority is less than that of the current preferred of that magtype, a popup asks if you want to set the new HAND magnitude as the preferred for that magtype. The default value for a HAND entered magnitude is 0. After editing magnitude method/engine properties using GUI properties editor the values will be preserved (i.e. not-read from disk file) next time property editor is opened. "jasiUserName" property value (ie. origin/magnitude credit alias) can now be viewed/edited in the properties editor dialog QC Debug panel. Jiggle version 2008.11.04 >-------------------------------------------- When 0 rows are returned by the catalog query to the database, a popup asks if you want to open the event catalog property editor. If refreshing the channel cache file in a background thread, the cache in memory will be refreshed whenever thread completes writing the new cache to disk. Other actions... option now in upper picking panel popup, actions like those found in the popup of the lower scroller waveform panels. In the picking panel, after generating an Amp or Coda using mouse clicks, dashed lines the same color of the trace are drawn at the start and end of the window scanned for that data observation. Invoking either EditProperties... in the Jiggle menu or Edit properties from the catalog panel dialog pops up a worker status feedback dialog while building the the tab pane components needed for the GUI display. If the "auxPropFile" property is defined an input properties file and the properties are later saved from the GUI, that property is deleted from the saved properties since all properties are written back to the disk file. Using a mouse "double-click" to reset the hand picked amp/code scan window, is sometimes difficult, so mouse CTRL+ALT+LEFT single click action was added to reset the window.. Jiggle version 2008.10.29 >-------------------------------------------- Release all solution locks before existing connection is closed and a new connection is opened after switching datasource via the preferences dialog. Default magnitude method summary magnitude statistic type is median. Statistic types now allowed are "median", "weightedmedian" and "mean". Type is settable using property "summaryMagValueStatType=type ". Changed name of RichterMlMagMethod from Ml to RichterMl, its summary Its statistic type is configurable from property "summaryMagValueStatType" HirooMlMagMethod uses H.Kanamori A0(r), where r is slant km MLdistCorr = -log10(c*(r**n)*(e**(k*r))) Distance cutoff for data contributing to summary mag is scaled by the summary mag: cutoff (km) = slope * ML - intercept User can set the A0 c,n,k coefficients and the cutoff slope and intercept parameters by method's properties like: hiroo.A0.k = -.00505 hiroo.A0.c = .3173 hiroo.A0.n = -1.14 cutoffDistSlope = 170 cutoffDistIntercept = -205 Its statistic type is configurable from property "summaryMagValueStatType" The LeeMdMagMethod class moved to org.trinet.jasi.magmethods.TN subpackage. User can define all map properties in single file, or instead use include properties referenced in where groups of properties were moved to these include files. The example include files and are in the downloadable #Declare a list include file property tags: openmap.include=include1 include2 include3 include4 #Define file with custom view properties (delete ones not wanted): #Define file with layer name layout (layer default order and startup): #Define file with the standard openmap layers properties: #Define file for custom network layers properties: # Changed for "master" or "catalog" layers colorBy=depth or colorBy=time options, now to declare the interval's colors, the layer property "intervalColors" was replaced by new properties of the form: # #interval element must be a 2-digit ascii number catalog.color.interval.01=ffff0000 catalog.color.interval.02=ffff99ff catalog.color.interval.03=ffffcc00 catalog.color.interval.04=ffffff00 catalog.color.interval.05=ffcccc00 catalog.color.interval.06=ff66ff00 catalog.color.interval.07=ff00cc99 catalog.color.interval.08=ff99ffff catalog.color.interval.09=ff6666ff catalog.color.interval.10=ff0033ff catalog.color.interval.11=ff3300cc catalog.color.interval.12=ff000000 # Added option of map catalog/master layer editor to save layer's property settings to a file. Clicking on button in Prefereces dialog "Display Layout" tab resets the map frame, rereads the properties file. Jiggle version 2008.10.20 >-------------------------------------------- Event types listed by "eventTypeChoices" property appear at top of event type popup menu in Jiggle toolbar. Added new tab to properties preferences dialog to set the type values for "eventTypeChoices" property. Removed extra blanks in quarry comment before distance value. Fixed bug in event type setting when comment or prefor are unchanged. Fixed bug in setting event type by automatic inside network or quarry check which invoked new EventTypeChooserMenu methods introduced in previous version. Return from an editing of jiggle properties via the popup panel dialog no longer resets "unsaved" user edited event selection properties (pressing catalog refresh button will use these last edited property values instead of re-reading in values from the user's event selection properties file). Reworked add comment dialog button logic to remove possibility of new empty comments being saved to db, however deleting an existing comment does set its database text column value to null. Jiggle version 2008.10.14 >-------------------------------------------- Requires updated constraint on database Event table allowing etype codes: le,re,ts,qb,lp,to,vt,ve,se,tr,ce,ex,sh,sn,th,co,db,av,ls,rb,rs,bc,pc,mi,nt,st,uk,ot or in your jiggle.props file include the following property listing types allowed by the event table constraint like: eventTypeChoices= st le re ts qb nt sn uk lp ex Bug fix: load next event after deletetion of an event was not loading next id. Jiggle toolbar panel now selects event type of the selected id loaded into waveform view tab using popup menu with event categories and submenu types with tooltip hints. Changed for "master.colorBy=type" or "catalog.colorBy=type", you now set the color used for an event etype by using properties of the form: catalog.color.etype.local=ABFBFE catalog.color.etype.quarry=ADCBFE catalog.color.etype.regional=DBC9FE catalog.color.etype.subnet=FFFFB2 catalog.color.etype.teleseism=FBBDFE catalog.color.etype.v-tremor=F0E0D0 catalog.color.etype.longperiod=A2ACFC catalog.color.etype.sonic=CCFDFC catalog.color.etype.nuclear=FD0106 catalog.color.etype.explosion=D46FFC catalog.color.etype.unknown=F0F0F0 catalog.color.etype.other=F0F0F0 Jiggle version 2008.10.03 >-------------------------------------------- Load id warns if id does not exist in database and does a no-op to prevent accidental reload of an "unsaved" clone clearing master view. Changed event locking to "unlock" before "lock" test. Updated graphics tooltips, changed graphics text labels in bottom status bar. Changed menubar menu item layout and tooltips. Added "Model" menu to menubar allowing user to set a new combination of WaveformSource/ChannelTimeWindowModel. Also new "Properties" menu on menubar replaces "Options.. Preferences". Info menu "Event info" now lists counts for selected event, not all events in view. Added cut/paste right-click popup to properties panel's text areas and added an editing hint tooltip to text areas. Added property "waveServerDebug=true" to print benchmarking messages inside loop loading timeseries from waveserver. Md magnitude method Butterworth filter now has configurable properties: filterType=HIGHPASS (default HIGHPASS, BANDPASS (optional) filterCornerHighFreq=20. (set this only if type BANDPASS, beware of Nyquist) filterCornerLowFreq=1. (Hz default) filterOrder=4 (default) filterReversed=true (default) PowerLawTimeWindowModel has two new properties, setting "useMasterListCandidateList" to "true" lets model use current Jiggle channellist for channel lookups rather than creating a new candidate list from database query. Setting "maxNoEnergySta" to an integer count aborts scan of distance sorted candidate list when number of consecutive stations found without seismic energy exceeds count (default is 10). Jiggle version 2008.09.11 >-------------------------------------------- Requires latest HYP2000 solution server. Uses latest server commands and syntax.
    Requires latest MagPref package version installation into database.
    Added "Dump" menu items to dump the contents of the solution server hyp2000 hypinst, model.d, and station.d files, as well as the last located event's .arcin,.arcout or .prt files to the message tab text area. Setting property locationEnginePRT=true (the default) dumps HYP2000 PRT output to tabpane. Rearranged menuitem groups, changed some menuitems text or tooltips. New event types "tremor" for volcanic tremor, and "other" for not any of the known types, but that still can be explained by an event comment. These map to the database etype strings: "vt" and "ot". Added the event id and location header to the Where popup and print info. Now looks up the preferred magnitude priority by event datetime. Fixed update of summary area status's in prefmag panels after saves. Added "case insensitive" search option to right-click popup in message text areas. Added properties "" and "" for message text area selections highlighted by Find popup option. Dialog panel for adding new preferred magnitude data has better appearance. When mag,loc engines are reinitialized their debug status is first set to the value of the "delegateDebug" jiggle property setting. Jiggle version 2008.09.04 >-------------------------------------------- Fixed bug in parse of time from hyp2000 arc messages returned by location server. Magnitude method lookup of acceptable channels from JASI_CONFIG_VIEW requires event origin time to be contained in views ondate/offdate range. Added clipboard popup to magnitude properties listed in Preferences dialog text areas. Added text dump of channel cache data to message tab as option in info menu of menubar. Fixed synched of checkboxes settings of menubar show option with preferences panel settings. Jiggle version 2008.08.29 >-------------------------------------------- Change to coda scan windowing for traces with time tears. Some message strings changed. WaveServer connections not initialized on startup when waveform load mode is set to a Database source. Items added to Jiggle View menu to reset map configuration. Jiggle version 2008.08.21 >-------------------------------------------- Changed "find" channel in status bar to button activated popup dialog. Default event catalog properties filename changed from "eventProperties" to "eventSelection.props" Revised Jiggle property/preferences panels. Added color configuration for the Solution and Magnitude listings and the message tab pane. Added properties to set the "warning" and "outlier" thresholds for the traveltime and magnitude residuals. If properties are not specified, default values are used. # Message tab pane text area default colors # # Phase, Amp, Coda reading listing panel default colors color.readings.cell.border=0000ff color.readings.cell.good=000000 color.readings.cell.outlier=ff0000 color.readings.cell.notUsed=0000ff color.readings.cell.warn=ff9600 color.readings.summary.fg=000000 # #When to use the above "warn" or "outlier" cell color: threshold.warn.ttResidual=.25 threshold.outlier.ttResidual=.50 threshold.warn.magResidual=.25 threshold.outlier.magResidual=.50 # Jiggle version 2008.08.14 >-------------------------------------------- Updated default GUI property initializations when user properties are absent. Added a new "colorCatalogByType" value, = 3 color rows by subsource. Changed the "color.catalog" property key prefix format. Users that have specified these type properties in their properties files need to update those declarations as follows: color.catalog.etype.X = hex RGB Color (X is an etype) color.catalog.state.X = hex RGB Color (X is a processing state) color.catalog.subsrc.X = hex RGB Color (X is a subsource) Example of catalog color property declarations: # lt blue color.catalog.subsrc.Jiggle=ABFBFE # lt yellow color.catalog.subsrc.RT1=FFFFB2 # yellow color.catalog.subsrc.RT2=FFFF00 # purple color.catalog.subsrc.sedas=DBC9FE # dk blue color.catalog.subsrc.mung=ADCBFE # gray-blue color.catalog.subsrc.CUSP=A2ACFC # dk gray color.catalog.subsrc.unknown=9E9E9E # very lt gray color.catalog.subsrc.other=F0F0F0 # # lt blue color.catalog.etype.local=ABFBFE # dk blue color.catalog.etype.quarry=ADCBFE # lt purple color.catalog.etype.regional=DBC9FE # lt yellow color.catalog.etype.trigger=FFFFB2 # pink color.catalog.etype.teleseism=FBBDFE #lt blue color.catalog.etype.sonic=CCFDFC #red color.catalog.etype.nuclear=FD0106 # gray-blue color.catalog.etype.longperiod=A2ACFC # purple color.catalog.etype.explosion=D46FFC # very lt gray color.catalog.etype.unknown=F0F0F0 # # pink color.catalog.state.A=FBBDFE # lt yellow color.catalog.state.H=FFFFB2 # lt green color.catalog.state.F=DEFFA8 Jiggle version 2008.08.05 >-------------------------------------------- Error message popup upon db connection when Jiggle UTC/NOMINAL version does not match db stored UTC/NOMINAL code. Revised waveform panel color property key specifications. #Waveform panel background of unknown seedchan #Waveform trace color for unknown seedchan color.wfpanel.default.fg=ff66ff33 #Background color and trace color for a seedchan group of type "XX" #For example "BH" seedchan waveform color type set by user color.seedchan.BH.panel=ff66ff33 color.seedchan.BH.wave=ff1e1464 # Solution data colors sequenced in order you want for new events in view. # For proper order display specify a sequence value < 10 with leading "0" color.solution.00=ffff0000 color.solution.01=ff00ff00 color.solution.02=ffaa1e46 Jiggle version 2008.07.30 >-------------------------------------------- Updated Jiggle map code requires the new openmap.jar (version 4.6.4), and the updated QWClient.jar both downloadable from web site. If you haven't already done so, update openmap.jar and QWClient.jar in your jiggle jar directory and then download new and extract the mapdata files in same directory as jiggle jar. To update in your jiggle user directory, extract the new file inside If you have custom edited your old in your user directory be sure to rename it, before extracting the new one which you may have to edit. New openmap mouse component "panMouseMode" added to the toolbar this mode allows a mouse drag to pan the map. Wheel mouse scrolling on map caches wheel clicks and waits 1 second before zooming in/out to reduce requests to web services. Map zoom scaling factor for scale widget can now be set by property zoompanel.zoomScaleFactor = (value > 1) (the default is 2.0). The map global property "minZoomScale" value was changed to 1000. Added new timeout property for WMS map layer, loading aborts after timeout. Timeout is settable in as value of map layer property "timeout" in millisecs (default is 13000). Added the CISN diplay world map to and declared this layer's properties in (this is a more reliable base map than using a web service). Hot keys for S picking are now activated by both ALT and SHIFT modifier. Hot key help popup is added as a new Help menu item option. Jiggle version 2008.07.14 >-------------------------------------------- Added property "swarmInWaveformTabPane=true", settable via preferences, to embed the "Swarm" panel at bottom of the waveform tab pane, otherwise it's show in a separate window. Time cursor tracking now synched between pick panel and the scroller panel (as well as the Swarm data panel, if any). Pick panel hot keys are now active without having to click on panel first. Added new pick panel hot keys, plus a hotkey help popup to menu options. New pick panel hot keys are: x, X > Delete the nearest phase to center. r, R > Reject nearest phase to center by adding +5 to its weight. f, F > Flip polarity of nearest phase to center. p, P > Popup the pick menu. User can use preferences dialog to add new color "types" for seedchan or catalog events. A few other tweaks related to property loading/saving/editing via tab panes of the Preferences dialog. Added popup prompt for saving jiggle props after preferences option returns. MagPrefPriority rules that are active on the origin date are now used to determine preferred magnitude priority ranking. "Cancel" option added to get next event button popup to abort the loading of new event if an already loaded event still needs commit and you don't want to save it. Hypoinverse calculated phase importance values are now read from and saved to the database as does the RT code. The "channelGroupName" property, is settable via a combobox populated with group names returned by a query of the database applications table, or user can just enter text string. Inside the Scope mode configuration dialog, the channel list to load can now also be selected using a checkable tree loaded with either the channel names from channel group name query of the db or from the user's channel cache. Jiggle version 2008.06.23 >-------------------------------------------- Changes related to the display and setting of jiggle properties values new panels for jiggle PreferencesDialog. Most jiggle properties are now settable without having to exit. Catalog row colors are defined by property names like "color.catalog.X" where X is either an event etype string (local, quarry, regional, etc) or an event processing state string (A, H, F) Component colors are specified by property names of form "color.seedchan.XX" where XX is the first two letters of seedchan string. Default SPx.x units from 'spa' to 'cmss' for spectral amps Added code to enable openmap scale layer position/color edit via GUI editor default scale units now "km". Region polygon filter, events with no prefmag shown if minMagValue <= 0. Jiggle version 2008.05.19 >-------------------------------------------- REQUIRES db installation of latest EPREF and MAGPREF packages because Jiggle calls a new epref function signature. Database connection properties changed to allow connections to a complex service description that can failovers to multiple hosts (like the SCSNDB, RAC cluster at SCEDC). This change allows 2 new property configurations. You can use the "oci" driver with a service alias, just state the subprotocol and the service alias name from your tnsnames.ora file. and leave the domain, host, name, and port properties null, like: dbaseDomain= dbaseHost= dbaseName= dbasePort= dbaseSubprotocol=oracle:oci dbaseTNSname=myservice If you try the "oci" driver configuration and it doesn't work, then you probably need to add the directory of the oci libraries to the path environment variable if you have installed Oracle on your client machine, otherwise install Oracle instant client: "" Using the jdbc "thin" driver, state the subprotocol and a detailed service definition string and leave the domain, host, name, and port properties null, like : dbaseDomain= dbaseHost= dbaseName= dbasePort= dbaseSubprotocol=oracle:thin dbaseTNSname=(DESCRIPTION = (LOAD_BALANCE=ON) (ADDRESS_LIST= ... Jiggle version 2008.05.13 >-------------------------------------------- Added 2 new Jiggle properties and new main toolbar button to allow switching from "catalog" event views to realtime "snapshot" views. # Default scopeMode=false scopeMode=true In scope mode a list of channels and timespan are user specified to be loaded into waveform views by polling the RT waveserver group. # File listing channelnames (net,sta,seedchan,locations) to load # from waveservers where a each channelname spec is delimited by # "tab,space,return, or linefeed" and channelname fields are # delimited by ".+_/", a blank location code is specified as "--". # e.g. CI.RVR.HHZ.-- scopeModeChannelFile=scopeChannelList.txt RT scope mode is configured by popup dialog, user can set view endTime and view width seconds (startTime = endTime - duration). If auto refresh endTime is set, pressing "next" button updates endTime to the current host UTC time. Jiggle version 2008.05.06 >-------------------------------------------- Coda: vertical line is painted across panel width at tau only when coda contributes to summary mag. Only for Java 1.5 and higher compiled versions: Setting property "enableSwarm=true", enables a button in toolbar that opens a Swarm Utility (AVO) frame which provides alternative plot displays for the currently selected waveform. Waveforms in this display can be copied and saved using functionality implemented in the supporting swarm_avo.jar libraries. Jiggle version 2008.04.25 >-------------------------------------------- Modified catalog filter code to allowing specification, editing, and saving of multiple polygon regions with acceptable magnitude value ranges for the EventSelectionProperties, region polygons are displayed in the Map window CatalogFilterLayer if activated. Below are example eventSelection.props properties with comments: # region filter type regionType=polylist # list of region names to use, this name qualifies properties spec'd below regionNameList=anza coso # anza region spec list of lat,lon pairs (need 3 or more for polygon) region.anza.polygon=33.2 -116.4 33.2 -116.9 33.7 -116.9 33.7 -116.4 # min,max preferred event summary mag accepted # to reject all events in this region specify an out of bounds range: -9 -9 region.anza.magValueRange= 0. 1. # coso region spec list of lat,lon pairs (need 3 or more for polygon) region.coso.polygon=35.5 -117.8 36. -117.8 36. -117.5 35.5 -117.5 # min,max preferred event summary mag accepted # to reject all events in this region specify an out of bounds range: -9 -9 region.coso.magValueRange= 0. 9. # For events not inside any of the polygons named in above list accept events # whose magnitude is inside the the default mag range specified below. # to reject all events in this region specify an out of bounds range: -9 -9 region.default.magValueRange= 0. 9. Jiggle version 2008.04.17 >-------------------------------------------- Implemented event versioning, REQUIRES db installation of latest EPREF package. Jiggle catalog displays version by adding "VER" to the column list property. Event.version incremented once upon save if any of: Event.etype, Orgin.rflag, Event.prefor, Event.prefmag, or Event.prefmec have changed. Added "undelete" menu option when catalog selected event has validFlag=0. After "deleting" event the catalog selection moves to next row in sort order. If next event by processing state wraps past end of sorted event list a popup now asks user whether to load this next event. When "deleted" events are displayed in catalog by event selection properties their row id header is colored pink. Jiggle version 2008.04.02 >-------------------------------------------- BUGFIX: After change of prefmag selection in GUI tab, event commit was not always updating event prefmag (BUG like those db update changes). BUGFIX: UniformFlatLayer velocity model initialization had null pointer. Refreshing catalog when loaded from an id file now prompts to reload file list or instead use current event selection properties (like current time). Jiggle version 2008.03.27 >-------------------------------------------- Updated the in download directory. Waveform sample times rounded to microsecs, should prevent some time tears. New option to input multiple velocity models via properties that can be used to estimate the time of waveform panel phases and energy window timespan. If model name is mapped to a gazetteer_region polyon, model is selected. In your jiggle.props you have been declaring one velocity model by classname: velocityModelClassName=org.trinet.util.velocitymodel.HK_SoCalVelocityModel You can now define the model as shown below. Multiple models are selectable in a GUI preferences menu. For multiple models, if the model names are mapped to names found in the GAZETTEER_REGION table then the velocity model selected is the one in which the event is located. These model names could be the same as the network region name (or different). Model region polygons entered into the GAZETTEER_REGION table must not overlap. If the model name is different from a network region DBA must insert row into the GAZETTEER_REGION table: insert into gazetteer_region values (REGION('HK_SOCAL',COORDINATES( LATLON(37.4300, -117.7600), LATLON(34.5000, -121.2500), LATLON(31.5000, -118.5000), LATLON(31.5000, -114.0000), LATLON(34.5000, -114.0000), LATLON(37.4300, -117.7600) ))); Example of mixed velocity model declaration in jiggle.props: # Name the preferred default velocity model velocityModel.DEFAULT.modelName = HK_SOCAL # # Now define velocity model with unique name velocityModel.HK_SOCAL.psRatio = 1.73 velocityModel.HK_SOCAL.depths = 0.0 5.5 16. 32. velocityModel.HK_SOCAL.velocities = 5.5 6.3 6.7 7.8 # # Now define velocity model named by network velocityModel.NC.depths = 0.0 3.5 23. 27.0 velocityModel.NC.velocities = 2.7 5.7 6.9 8.05 velocityModel.NC.psRatio = 1.78 # # Now list the model names to include in model set velocityModelList = HK_SOCAL NC Revised Ml method properties defining the parameters used to calculate amp cutoff distance km for a given summary ML. Amp is rejected or not derived from a waveform whenever its channel distance exceeds cutoff km. Formerly if ML<2 cutoffKm = max(minDist, (66*magValue - 2)) and if ML>2 cutoffKm = max(minDist,(cutoffDistSlope*magValue)-cutoffDistIntercept), where cutoffDistIntercept=270.0 and cutoffDistSlope=200. Now in mlMagMeth2.props we have new properties, specified like: # cutoffDistanceKm intercept at ML=0.0 cutoffMag0Km=-2 # ML value where cutoffKm line slope changes cutoffPivotMag=2 # distance cutoff km at cutoffPivotMag cutoffPivotMagKm=130 # ML value where cutoffKm=cutoffMaxMagKm cutoffMaxMag=4.35 # distance cutoff km at cutoffMaxMag cutoffMaxMagKm=600 Jiggle version 2008.03.12 >-------------------------------------------- BUGFIX: 03/10 version not updating event prefor for new event clones. BUGFIX: Old bug in location delegate, magnitudes not scheduled for updates after relocation of an event. Jiggle version 2008.03.10 >-------------------------------------------- BUGFIX: 03/06 version did not update event prefor when saved. Jiggle version 2008.03.06 >-------------------------------------------- NOTE: Code changes may cause your channel cache to rebuild at startup. Changed Origin/Magnitude commit to write new amp,coda associations only if new rows are inserted or certain origin/magnitude column values have changed otherwise no update of existing association rows. Likewise for the event row the prefor,prefmag are updated only if changed from current db values. New Coda Magnitude property to change bias or lta window length in seconds: codaBiasLTASecs = 10 (default=10); code changed to use long term average LTA = min( startLTA, endLTA ) where average is over the set window size value. To maximize number of small Md event codas: Set hypoMdMagMethod property set minSNRatioForCodaStart=1.0 (default = 1.) Set hypoMdMagMethod property set minSNRatioCodaCutoff = 1.0 (default = 1.) The minimum coda amp required at start of coda is the value of "minSNRatioForCodaStart" times the long term average noise (LTA), avgAbsAmp > LTA * minSNRatioForCodaStart. Coda scanning terminates at end of trace or when: currentWindowAmp < minSNRatioCodaCutoff * min(startLTA, endLTA) or: currentWindowAmp < passThruNSR * previousWindowAmp Setting Jiggle property debugSQL=true now dumps all insert/update SQL strings when event is saved to database. Added keyboard arrow/page key actions to scroll the waveform selection in zoom/group waveform panels. After locating event, now a popup occurs if abs( newOT - oldOT ) > 180 secs. Added property, pickFlagFont=BIG, for bigger text in trace pick flag. Added extra triangle at top of waveform panel to flag amp reading. Now allow db-style wildcard pattern matching of channel name values in channel time window model properties e.g. "allowedSeedChanTypes = HH_". Added a MdDataSourceChannelTimeModel for convenient display if Z seedchan. Added a WADataSourceChannelTimeModel for convenient display of E/N seedchan. New popup when channel time window model is changed in GUI dialog allows keeping of current readings and only update the waveform display, (e.g. don't replace user phase picks with ones from read from database). Added value of isClipped to Amp string output as T or F in mag pane. Magnitude methods now delete, instead of zeroing weights of channel readings not passing validity test. Replaced "Copy all" copy menu option of magnitude pane with "Copy used" and "Copy used+deleted". Bugfix: Initialize coda exit status string when iterating in coda calculation. Bugfix: Removed coding related to REQUIRED processing state for RFLAG value. Bugfix: LocationServerGroup now updates properties to currently selected service. Bugfix: Keep currently selected magnitude tab, after solving for a new magnitude. Bugfix: CISNml init now sets disableMagnitudeDistanceCutoff by property value. Bugfix: CISNml always honor user's minDistance property setting. Bugfix: Update WF panel flags after delete/strip of readings by menu selection. Bugfix: Don't assoc readings with old mag when new magnitude calculation fails. Jiggle version 2008.01.22 >-------------------------------------------- Content of some string output in listings/gui changed (more info added). Changes in phase data intialization when solving location. Changes related to processing amps using new CISN ML magnitude method. Bug fixes, for those bugs reported since version below. Jiggle version 2007.12.20 >-------------------------------------------- At least 3 bugs fixed, please update if your version is new than 12/1/2007. Text area of preference dialog panels is now in a scrollpane. Added menu option to delete all readings to right-click popup in mag panel. Jiggle version 2007.12.12 >-------------------------------------------- Reworked catalog panel right-click popup menu item to allow user to select multiple row ids to delete, copy, or refresh. New menu item to reset catalog row selection to id of the current event in waveform view, if it exists. These popup menu items are now enabled when valid (else grayed-out). Change not related to Jiggle: PCS processing log properties dump at end of run. Jiggle version 2007.12.10 >-------------------------------------------- Added button to upper-right corner of zoom panel scrollpane to toggle draw of waveform bias line across panel. Changed getNext button action to get next in event in catalog row sorted order, (before was always next in time order). Still a Oracle BLOB locator exception, so now Jiggle pauses 35 ms and retries getting timeseries from the database if the first attempt to do so failed, lets see if this eliminates it. Fixed display bug, after filtering waveforms in the lower waveform panel group with a filter selected using the lower right button of scrollpane, display panels now rescaled and redrawn after filtering. Jiggle version 2007.12.04 >-------------------------------------------- At SCEDC, don't know about at NCEDC, the background waveform cache loading thread in the Jiggle GUI randomly interferes with the request for waveform timeseries from a user invoked magnitude calculation thread and causes an Oracle exception, so now Jiggle pauses 25 ms and retries loading a waveform's timeseries from the database if the first attempt to do so failed with this Oracle error. Added the data subsource field to the Phase, Amp, and Coda panel listings. Added tooltip hints to buttons at the bottom of the model properties panels within popup dialog created by Preferences menu option. Adding SHIFT key modifier to the mouse commands that define the timeseries window to scan to channel mangitude forces use of the filtered waveform values (if filtered values units are counts) instead of the raw waveform timeseries values (the default). Butterworth filters internal to the optional Wood-Anderson Highpass and Wood-Anderson Bandpass panel waveform filters are now customizable. Jiggle version 2007.12.03 >-------------------------------------------- Changed SeedHeader parser to accept data record type "D,R,Q,M". Added 2 new event types: 'ex' for explosion and 'lp' for longperiod. Jiggle version 2007.11.19 >-------------------------------------------- Added a few optional channel time window model properties. Properties to change the "modelName" and "modelExplanation" strings. Properties for customizing return value of getCodaDuration(Magnitude), where getCodaDuration(Magnitude) = 10 ** (MagValue - magTauIntercept)/magTauSlope. Example for org.trinet.jasi.SimpleChannelTimeModel: org.trinet.jasi.SimpleChannelTimeModel.magTauIntercept = -0.95 (default) org.trinet.jasi.SimpleChannelTimeModel.magTauSlope = 2.15 (default) Properties for customizing return value of getCutoffDistance(Magnitude) in the org.trinet.jasi.SimpleChannelTimeModel, where getCutoffDistance(Magnitude) = magDistSlope*MagValue + magDistIntercept. Example for org.trinet.jasi.SimpleChannelTimeModel: org.trinet.jasi.SimpleChannelTimeModel.magDistSlope = 170. (default) org.trinet.jasi.SimpleChannelTimeModel.magDistIntercept = -205. (default) Jiggle version 2007.11.14 >-------------------------------------------- Jiggle properties, magnitude method properties listed in text areas of the tab panel in the preferences dialog popup can be hand edited and reset for the running Jiggle instance. Phase, amp, and coda listings now show the value of processing state flag. Phase descriptors of flag plotted for picks on waveforms are prefixed with "*" when processing state of pick is "A", automatic e.g. RT subsource. Jiggle version 2007.10.11 >-------------------------------------------- Replaced all coefficient constants for the WA, SP.3, SP1. and SP3. filters. Coefficients were derived for all sample rates. Revised channel time window models. For the DataSourceChannelTimeModel you can now set the property "synchCandidateListBySolution=true" to force the model to refresh a named candidate list of acceptable channels via a JASI_CONFIG_VIEW query whenever the selected solution in MasterView waveform panel is changed. For example add into your property file: org.trinet.jasi.DataSourceChannelTimeModel.candidateListName = RCG-TRINET org.trinet.jasi.DataSourceChannelTimeModel.synchCandidateListBySolution = true Extra properties were added to allow further filtering of acceptable channel windows for display. You can list those channels types you want to reject by using optional properties like: org.trinet.jasi.DataSourceChannelTimeModel.rejectedSeedChanTypes= HH1 HH2 HH3 org.trinet.jasi.DataSourceChannelTimeModel.rejectedNetTypes= CE or conversely, you can list only those channel types you want to accept by using optional properties like: org.trinet.jasi.DataSourceChannelTimeModel.allowedSeedChanTypes= HHZ HHE HHN org.trinet.jasi.DataSourceChannelTimeModel.allowedNetTypes= CI Minor changes in code base related to format of output strings. Jiggle version 2007.08.29 >-------------------------------------------- Fixed getMaxAzimuthalGap() bug, upper loop index was one element short. Effects location and magnitude gap values. Jiggle version 2007.08.22 >-------------------------------------------- Upon commit, now checks for presence of another matching event in catalog, if one is found popup asks user whether to continue or abort commit. Added map property option to color event circle symbol by event type. Jiggle version 2007.08.16 >-------------------------------------------- Added a print statement to log a summary of a deleted event. When property "masterViewReplacePhasesByStaType=true", now a popup confirms a pick when it's P on a horizontal and a P already exists on vertical or when it's a S on a vertical and S already exists on a horizontal. Jiggle version 2007.07.18 >-------------------------------------------- Amps listed under magnitude tab now shows the amp datetime. Added filter option to group panel under hide button (must jump from top to bottom of waveform panel page to get panel plots rescaled) Added bandpass WAFilter option in picking zoom panel. Jiggle version 2007.07.05 >-------------------------------------------- Map catalog layer bug fixed to correct size of symbols for magnitudes < 1. Changes to Channel class method do require a channel cache file rebuild. Changes to, and additional of new, channel time window models. Now when an event is saved check for correct event typing, local or regional, depending on whether event is located inside network boundaries. Jiggle version 2007.05.25 >-------------------------------------------- Fixed multiple clone of event in masterview to set parent id to the event first loaded into view so that its waveform associations are copied. Jiggle version 2007.05.11 >-------------------------------------------- "Delete" of selected event removes its row from Catalog panel table. Revised pcs packages (used by finalize and delete for state tracking). Jiggle version 2007.05.03 >-------------------------------------------- Bug fix in ChannelTimeWindowModel for including preferred magnitude amps. Added right-click popup menu option to Refresh selected catalog row by event selection property screening. Row is replaced if properties match, else if database data no longer satisfy selection properties row is deleted. Loading selected row replaces the catalog row with the latest db data without selection property screening (i.e. no deletions). "Next" button now updates the catalog rows by selection properties, replacing matching and deleting non-matching rows until it finds the first acceptable row to load by satisfying "solNextProcStateMask". Jiggle version 2007.04.25 >-------------------------------------------- No known changes to Jiggle GUI. Loading of the event prefmags from db now preserves their original associated origin id until committed. Phase, Amplitude, and Coda class toString() now includes associated ids and their deleted or rejected status. Mung GUI classes were changed to better accomodate event's known prefmag map and check for magnitudes needing recalculation or commit. Jiggle version 2007.04.12 >-------------------------------------------- New NCChannelTimeWindowModel class. Changes to supporting Pcs, Mung, and Rcg java application classes. Jiggle GUI dialog that popups when preferred magnitude is not the priority magnitude now shows a list of all magnitude choices. Ml method by default required knowing gain value for channels, and this requirement can now be disabled by setting property "requireGain=false" that way summary Ml's can be recalculated from amps that already exist (e.g. historic WA data with no time series). Jiggle version 2007.03.20 >-------------------------------------------- Fixed bug related to deleting pick on lower group wfpanel that is closest to mouse cursor from a right-click popup menu. Catalog data cells now show blank instead of "null" where data is missing. Jiggle version 2007.03.14 >-------------------------------------------- Added button to catalog panel button bar that allows user to input the event id to select in table scroller (use to jump to desired id in long scroll list). Jiggle version 2007.03.14 >-------------------------------------------- Releases BLOB memory when waveform data read from a database datasource. Added "period" estimation to Ml peak amp calculation, value is displayed. Added option in edit panel to set maximum number of catalog rows returned. Jiggle version 2007.03.09 >-------------------------------------------- Fixed bug re ChanneTimeWindow model changes for waveform panel. For phases, amps etc created windows for channels with readings but no waveforms, but was not clearing list from previous event data load. Debug messaging can be toggled via Other preferences dialog. Catalog cell color map can be toggled via Other preferences dialog. Jiggle version 2007.03.05 >-------------------------------------------- Fixed bug for case where event had no preferred magnitude loaded from db so committing its dummy magnitude "Mn" caused a commit abort. The default catalog row cell background color is yellow, new property "colorCatalogByType" sets cell background to preselected color mappings by category. Set colorCatalogByType=1 to color by event type (e.g local,quarry,regional), can override default background color map through properties like: "color.local=ABFDFE" Set colorCatalogByType=2 to color through by event processing status (AHF), can override default background color map through properties like: "color.F=ABFDFE" User can now disable some confirmation popups to menu actions by properties set "confirmMenuDeleteAction=false" set "confirmSolutionNewAction=false" set "confirmWFPanelDeleteAction=false" Jiggle version 2007.02.28 >-------------------------------------------- Selected channel in location or magnitude readinglist pane now synched to change in WFView selection in waveform panel. User can specify location server list with property "locationServerGroupList" Currently selected server is specified with property "locationServerSelected" Location tab shows currently selected location server above the event summary, The selected location server can be changed/edited via button dialog popup. Full-view toggle for waveform scoller panel moved from menu to toolbar. Enabled origin time fixing formating for hypoinverse solution server. Database commit of event no longer updates lddate of event,origin,eventprefmag. Jiggle version 2007.02.06 >-------------------------------------------- New property "miniButtonWidth", if declared, sets width for toolbar buttons, the default is now 24 pixels. Added new button to toolbar to enable toggling between full timespan view and the "secsPerPage" view value for the waveform panels plotted in the scroller. Refactored synching of the sign of the value of "secsPerPage" for WFGroupPanel with the setting of the "showFullTime" option in the menu and toobar. Summary mag used stations is 1st initialized with the nsta value read from the netmag table in database, database value is number of non-zero wt channels contributing to the magnitude (not channels). Number of station is determined when reading list associated with the magnitude is loaded. Jiggle version 2007.01.31 >-------------------------------------------- Fixed offset bug in WFGroupPanel scroller when block scrolling down/up. Made non-mini mode fix depth button larger. Removed "delete" button option from phase dialog popup "More...", phase is not in solution unless "Ok" is clicked so "Delete" was noop. Jiggle version 2007.01.26 >-------------------------------------------- Got rid of unpick mode "spinner" in toolbar, now a button popup menu sets pick mode and its icon shows reading type deleted in unpick mode. Fixed bug related to committing a preferred magnitude when its set by HAND. Automatic magnitude recalculation after location no longer sets Jiggle tab to the magnitude tab, it now presents the expected location tab. Removed null pointer exception in Catalog panel reference to "who" value that occurred when the event was missing a preferred magnitude. Adjusted offset of phase popup relative to cursor in zoompanel to activate the phase descriptor submenu. Made the expand and collapse buttons for time and amp scales slightly wider. Jiggle version 2007.01.22 >-------------------------------------------- A zero value parsed from in_wgt field of AssocArO table row sets reject flag, adds +5 to quality weight. Changed summary magnitude error to be the median absolute deviation not stddev. Separate connections for the Where, SolutionLock, and Waveform reading classes are reset when Datasource connection is changed via GUI. Rearranged buttons on toolbar and added some separation between groups, unpick toggle mode now can be configured by buttons to delete either phases,amps, or coda. Now a default maximum limit of 200 waveform table rows (time-tears) per channel which can be changed via Jiggle property "maxWaveletCount". Jiggle version 2007.01.09 >-------------------------------------------- Fixed Solution locking to always use current data source connection. Fixed setting of Waveform peak amptype via amp magnitude method. Implemented alternative Wood-Anderson magnitude method having reversed Butterworth highpass pre-filter of time-series to remove microseisms. Jiggle version 2007.01.02 >-------------------------------------------- In Zoom panel, the UP arrow button group for selecting the next trace is now on top of DOWN button group when layout is "S", (next to timing buttons), also changed button icon images for expansion of x,y, or full view buttons. Added confirm dialog to popup menu items that delete, strip multiple readings, from current event, gives user a chance to abort accidental click. Jiggle version 2006.12.20 >-------------------------------------------- Rearranged control button layout in Picking Zoom panel, the panel buttons are now in detachable toolbar. Toolbar layout controlled by jiggle property "stackPickingPanelButtons", default=false, buttons on single line. If set true, buttons are layed out in 2 horizontal boxes. Also added new property "pickingPanelArrowLayout" to allow user to optionally position the waveform scroller arrows at "E","W", or "S". "E", is the default. The "S" position puts the scroller control in the timing toolbar. Replaced text with icon in Jiggle tabpane panels and removed "Where" tab from tabpane, user should use a new Where button = "?" in toolbar to create popup displaying info for the selected event in the view. Added right-click popup to info dialogs/tab panels to allow clipboard copy. The default TravelTime instance is initialized by Jiggle properties. Replaced text labels in panel tabs/buttons with mini-icons. Waveform sample rate is set to value of first decoded waveform segment if not defined in waveform table. Jiggle version 2006.12.08 >-------------------------------------------- Allow mini toolbar buttons as property option miniToolBarButtons=true Relabelled button text and changed size and layout in PickingPanel. Added WAFilterHP (WAFilter with 1Hz HP Butterworth prefilter) Fixed Coda to used observed pick Vp/Vs ratio traveltimes not model traveltime. Added extra text to coda output regarding low starting amp failure condition. Fixed amp units setting in mouse rollover cursor when view waveform filtered. If dbWriteBackEnabled=false event save,finalize buttons disabled, solution locking is also disabled. Jiggle version 2006.11.21 >-------------------------------------------- Option to pick and/or replace Coda/Amps on waveform panels using Ctrl/Alt +left mouse button click to define window time span for timeseries data, a Ctrl/Alt double-click reset timespan to pick start (1st) and end bounds (2nd). New layout for "hide" button menu in wavefrom group scrollpane corner. Deleting a prefmag that's not event preferred, now deletes the eventprefmag table association when event is saved to database. Picking panel channel label text now shows +/- amp offset relative to bias. Bombsight centertime is now shown between pick menu buttons. Mouse rollover time and amps were moved to upper right corner of pick panel. Waveform tooltips now show the timeseries time of the mouse cursor. Waveform filters now all apply a cosine taper (0.05) to timeseries segment endpoints. Ml amp may be wrong for timeseries with time gaps. Both WAfilter and spectral filters shift phases several samples late. Jiggle version 2006.11.21 >-------------------------------------------- Cascading menu for building phase description in zoompanel popup now has short S string option. WFPanel popup now has option to dump panel channel data or its readings to a popup with a monospaced text area. Fixed bug in setting custom notch filter reject frequency via dialog. Added mouse pixel timestamp to the tooltip popup in active WFPanel. Panel tooltip output text matches style of label in picking panel. Removed frac seconds from date range string output for channel maps. Jiggle version 2006.11.15 >-------------------------------------------- Changed to make auto first motion be determined on the visible waveform picked by the used the (filtered, unfiltered). Before was alway using the unfiltered. Jiggle version 2006.11.15 >-------------------------------------------- Added the NoCalRediMlMagMethod to jasi magmethod class list, method implements A0 function used by BK realtime code. Code now reads/writes model domain and id from/to origin table; this data is updated from new Hypoinverse solution server ArcSummary output. these data can be view in catalog panel by adding labels "CM" and "VM" to the catalogColumnList property. Solution magnitudes that are not hand-entered by Jiggle dialog that have no known method algorithm in Jiggle are left unchanged when committed to database (no-op). Added new button to ZoomPanel to toggle pick weight +5 (reject/accept). New property of DataSourceChannelTimeModel "filterWfListByChannelList" allows exclusion of waveforms not found in named configuration channelist. Replaced ButterworthFilter with alternative derived from fortran code written by W.Joyner found in a USGS SMC zip file. This filter has customizable pass bandwith and "notch" filter selection. Also added options for W-A and SP spectral filter algorithms from H.Kanamori. When filter is on, the filter descr follows channel descr in ZoomPanel. Jiggle version 2006.11.01 >-------------------------------------------- Fixed bug in LOWPASS Butterworth filter (recurrence term with wrong sign). Corner frequencies for activated Butterworth filter now printed in ZoomPanel for the filter menu options they are : HIGHPASS 1 Hz BANDPASS 0.5 10 Hz NARROW BANDPASS 0.5 5 Hz LOWPASS 8 Hz VERY LOWPASS 1 Hz Jiggle version 2006.10.30 >-------------------------------------------- New property "solNextProcStateMask" to determine which processing states are acceptable fornext solution loaded any combination of letters (AHF). Filter button in zoom panel window now produces popup of filter choices lowpass, highpass, bandpass. Jiggle version 2006.10.18 >-------------------------------------------- Fixed null pointer exception in status bar count initialization on event load. Fixed format for fixing depth value in terminator record output to SolServer. Added Solution's location and depth fixed flag values to location pane summary Added new location engine property (Hypoinverse) "useTrialOriginTime", if true Solution's current origintime is output to the terminator record. Changed default column names for catalog HFIX and ZFIX to HF and ZF, and in table the cell value appears as 1 for fixed, 0 for unfixed. In "Other" tab pane of "Preferences" popup dialog of Menubar added checkbox to toggle map between standalone widnow and internal frame in catalog split pane. Jiggle version 2006.10.17 >-------------------------------------------- Fixed bug in preserving secs in view scaling between event loads. Added update to status bar count fields after a location or magnitude calc. Added checkbox option in selectable reading lists shown in Location,Magnitude tabpanes to hide/show readings stripped by residual. Upon loading solution/magnitude status flags are all set needsCommit=false,isStale=false. LocationEngine if location change > 100 m, sets "stale" state for dependent magnitudes. Load of phaselist in MasterView no longer has side-effect of setting alternate mag stale. Exit popup now states if the current Solution loaded in MasterView needs commit. Jiggle version 2006.10.11 >-------------------------------------------- Default formatted "sta" string now has width of 5, the maximum seed format characters. Amplitude getQuality() now returns 1 instead of 0 when its undefined in database. Fixed bug in method of CodaGenerator in the setting of maxgoodwindows to new integer value. Trial origin time and trial location are written to hypoinverse terminator only when Jiggle property "useTrialLocation" is set true by properties file or via preferences dialog. Solution commit checks for stale magnitudes and to allow abort for a new magnitude calculation. Jiggle version 2006.09.12 >-------------------------------------------- Changes should have no effect on Jiggle GUI. Mung startup login dialog fixed to use input command line values as default values HypoMag delegate class changes related to using ChannelTimeWindowModels Properties initialization automatically setups the Waveform datasource mode Jiggle version 2006.08.26 >-------------------------------------------- Properties for stripping by distance/residual of amps,codas, and picks Added menu option for stripping all reading lists of a solution by distance. Secs scale in picking panel preserved when new event loaded. Jiggle version 2006.08.15 >-------------------------------------------- Added coefficients to make 40 sps valid for the ML WA-filter Jiggle version 2006.08.15 >-------------------------------------------- Fix makes currentWaveServerGroup property to be always set to the ComboBox selection in the dialog panel under the set preferences option. New boolean property "delegateDebug" enables debug output from location/magnitude engine delegate instead of requiring that global "debug" property be set to true. Jiggle version 2006.08.04 >-------------------------------------------- Small fixes related to tests for null/handling of null in a few classes Magnitude.getPriority, WFViewList.setCacheIndex Jiggle.loadChannelList to prevent null pointer exceptions discovered by NCEDC test runs of Jiggle. Added reload of channellist to reset done when properties loaded from menu bar option Disabled verbose output from JBChannelTimeWindowModel making it debug option Jiggle version 2006.08.04 >-------------------------------------------- Fixed null pointer related to manual set of HAND magnitude for a cloned event. Added a clear text option to location panel of Event edit parameters dialog. Added checkbox to flag entered location as bogus. Stale event commit, user override via popup to proceed (event set not stale). Jiggle version 2006.08.03 >-------------------------------------------- GUI catalog filter dialog panel for configuring event selection properties now provides default values for min,max ranges when not provided by user Jiggle version 2006.07.25 >-------------------------------------------- Fixed Magnitude null pointer occurred when mag hand entered via Event parameter edit dialog when prior event preferred magnitude D.N.E. Jiggle version 2006.07.14 >-------------------------------------------- Added a max quarry depth column attribute to GazetterQuarry table, used by Quarry package function testing if event criteria are those of a known quarry; java code for class SolutionTN updated to use Quarry function that has origin depth as an input argument. Added dist km and direction to end of default comment for quarry eventtype change Use stored procedure to test Solution against table criteria when user changes eventytype to quarry in combobox panel. Fixed bug in revised dialog panel for editing and selecting realtime waverserver group. Jiggle version 2006.07.12 >-------------------------------------------- Added optional read/write of Origin_Error table data derived from HYP2000 parsing in/from Solution class if property is set "solCommitOriginError=true". Jiggle version 2006.07.06 >-------------------------------------------- DB ADMIN NOTE: Latest version of QUARRY, MAGPREF, EPREF, GEO_REGION packages should installed on DB. Added option to JiggleProperties to allow user to override the pre-defined waveform color map base upon a channel's seedchan string (e.g. color.HHZ = FF0000FF). Added menu option to JiggleMenuBar to save current properties to a user specified file. Reworked GUI dialog panels related to choosing or editing WaveServerGroups in Jiggle. Added option to change phase popup menu layout to "flat" list of descriptors instead of "nested" menus by setting jiggle property phasePopupMenuFlat=true, which can be configured in the Preferences dialog. Added capability to reject phases, rejects have +5 to their equivalent quality weight for HYP2000 Modified Amp Mag calibrations to accept a summary_wt value from a view SQL in Magnitude query could map MEC.PVR to the Magnitude quality used as input to getMagPriority stored procedure (currently a hard-coded quality value of 1. is passed to the procedure). Allow only a single S or P per station by setting property "masterViewReplacePhasesByStaType=true". Jiggle version 2006.06.20 >-------------------------------------------- Save/Final to db button actions now does 2 extra checks that might generate popups: 1) if event not quarry, if they match known quarry data, popup prompts to change type. 2) if preferred magnitude priority is not the max priority of eventprefmag types popup prompts to change --- Menu option to edit Solution Magnitude via dialog: dialog text fields now init with HAND type defaults Frame title now shows "STALE" if event location is stale. Magnitude tab pane have button to set type as preferred (or via right-click popup at top of panel below tab) Can invoke edit of the comment for the selected solution in MasterView via a popup on Catalog panel row. Jiggle version 2006.06.05 >-------------------------------------------- Added mapSplitOrientation Property documentation to html help file. Fixed a mis-referenced mapSplitOrientation property in JiggleMenuBar listener method. HypoFormat toSummary is now implemented to return a HYP2000 archive summary format string. DataSourceChannelTimeModel getWaveformList() now returns ChannelableList instead of ArrayList. Fixed mis-spelled property name reference in SoCalMlProperties class. Added carriage-return to end of summary String created from table row data of CatalogPanel. -------------------------------------------- Jiggle version 2006.05.01 >-------------------------------------------- Removed "useLowGains" and "useBroadBands" properties from magnitude methods. -------------------------------------------- Jiggle version 2006.04.26 >-------------------------------------------- Changed source code SQL to accommodate AssocArO table structural change where EMARES,SLORES columns were renamed to EMA and SLOW columns. VERSION IS MANDATORY UPGRADE for SCSN database users and all previous versions will now experience errors reading/writing AssocArO data -------------------------------------------- Jiggle version 2006.04.18 >-------------------------------------------- Code now expects the following columns declared in the JASI_CONFIG_VIEW: name, progid, net, sta, seechan, location, config, ondate, offdate Magnitude methods with an "id" associated with their name in Applications table have option of finding their "acceptable" channel list from a JASI_CONFIG_VIEW query. A smaller startup Master ChannelList cache can be constructed for Jiggle by including property "channelGroupName= a Applications table name column value e.g. "RCG-TRINET". Should be name of a group of channel associated with waveforms to be loaded into Masterview waveform panel. New Jiggle property to not "auto" overwrite its properties file: "saveOnExit=false" RequestGenerator now has option to set the priority to the magnitude with property definition "priority=mag" -------------------------------------------- Jiggle version 2006.04.04 >-------------------------------------------- Requires database to have defined these views: JASI_AMPPARMS_VIEW net,sta,seedchan,,location,,ondate,offdate,maxamp,clip JASI_CONFIG_VIEW with columns: progid,net,sta,seedchan,location,offdate Note: progid is a number associated with a application or group name in the Program table e.g. 'RCG-TRINET'. This group name can be referenced by the "channelListGroupName" property. JASI_RESPONSE_VIEW with columns: net,sta,seedchan,channel,channelsrc,location,natural_frequency,damping_constant, gain,gain_units,low_freq_corner,high_freq_corner,ondate,offdate JASI_STATION_VIEW with columns net,sta,lat,lon,elev,staname,ondate,offdate JASI_CHANNEL_VIEW with columns net,sta,seedchan,channel,channelsrc,location,lat,lon,elev,samprate,ondate,offdate >-------------------------------------------- To top of page
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