Jiggle Properties

By default the Jiggle "properties" files are all keep in the ".jiggle" subdirectory of the user's "home" directory.

Note: Windows Explorer will not allow you to make a "folder" name that begins with ".", so you must make the ".jiggle" folder from an MS-DOS window using 'mkdir'.

The location of the "home" directory is platform specific. Standard paths are:

         WindowsNT              C:\WINNT\Profiles\<username>
         Windows98              C:\
         Windows2000/XP         C:\Documents and Settings\<username>
         UNIX                   /home/<username>

You may specify the properties file location on the command line by defining an environmental variable.

% java -jar jiggle.jar -mx512m -DJIGGLE_HOME="C:\Documents and Settings\mydir\.jiggle\special"

You may also specify the properties file explicitly as an argument on the command line.

% java -jar jiggle.jar -mx512m  jiggle_test.props

To Jiggle installation page.
see release notes for info on property changes.
see also event selection properties info.
see also magnitude method properties info.
see also map properties info.
see also channel time model properties info.
see also auto picker properties info.

Database connection property definitions

NOTE: The table below the values labelled "default" are the values set when the property is not specified.
NOTE: xx or XX in a property name element is placeholder for a string, see the property description for details.
result value used for a TPP TPP INTERIM" post, default=0.
Example value
EventEdit.decimalLatLon= Use decimal lat/lon instead of degrees/minutes in event editor dialog's origin tab
true (default)
EventEdit.magTabOnTop= Recalc button for magnitude opens the event editor's magnitude tab
false (default)
EventEdit.magTypeList= List of magtype subscripts available for a HAND entered magnitude in event editor dialog
h w s e l c d b n (default)
WhereIsEngine= WhereIs engine class
org.trinet.util.gazetteer.TN.WheresFrom (default)
alarmDbLinks= lists db link name strings prefixed with @ that are queried for event alarm history
If undefined, only the connected db is queried.
@archdb @rtdb (default, undefined)
ampStripDistance= Strip Picks command will delete amps whose distance > value km
1000.0 (default)
ampStripValue= Strip Picks command will delete amps whose residual > value seconds
1.0 (default)
antialiasWaveform= Antialias waveform graphics
false (default)
authNetCodes= List of 2-char network codes used for local vs regional event type test
CI (for most networks same value as localNetCode property)
autoDeleteOldLogs= if fileMessageLogging=true, delete log files older than maxLogAgeDays, without confirmation dialog, before opening new log
false (default)
autoLoadAfterDelete= Load next qualified catalog event after deleting currently viewed event by menu/toolbar, (e.g. catalog of consecutive subnet triggers)
false (default)
autoLoadCatalog= Automatically load event catalog at startup,
if false don't query db using event selection properties
true (default)
autoProcessing= false, to flag new event origins, magnitudes, phases, amps, coda "H" human reviewed
autoRecalcMD= Automatically recalc summary mag upon relocation
true (default)
autoRecalcML= Automatically recalc summary mag upon relocation
true (default)
autoRefreshChannelList= rebuild cached channel list from datasource after startup
false (default)
auxPropFile= load properties from specified file, or use auxPropFileTags, to load from multiple files
auxPropFileTags= list suffix tags for "auxPropfile." property to declare additional files to load
windowmodels (any list of name strings ok, this property is optional)
auxPropFile.windowmodels= defines an additional propertyes file to load
ctwModels.props (filenames not ending in ".props have that extension appended)
cacheAbove= # of waveform above the selected one to hold in memory
50 (default)
cacheBelow= # of waveform above the selected one to hold in memory 50 (default)
catalogColumnList= Names and order of columns in catalog view
catalog.evidfile= when catalog.loadFromFile=true, event evid for the catalog query are read from this file
catalog_evids.txt (default path JIGGLE_USER_HOMEDIR)
catalog.loadFromFile= evids for the event catalog are first tokens parsed from all lines found in the user file specified by property "catalog.evidfile", the filename defaults to "catalog_evids.txt".
false (default)
catalog.pcsState= for catalog load by state option, the state to which events are posted in PCS_STATE table
Jiggle (default)
channelCacheFilename= Name of the channel cache file (absolute or relative to user props dir)
channelList.cache (default)
channelCopyOnlySNCL= Don't alter auth,subsource,channelsrc,channel of data
false (default)
channelDbLookUp= Lookup missing channels in database
true (default)
channelDebugDump= Channel info printed by loc,mag engines doing channel lookup
false (default)
Name associated with progid in AppChannels for a channel cache load from db
RCG-TRINET (default)
channelLabelMode= Channel name label layout on waveform panels
0 (default, 0=start,1=leading,2=trailing,3=both,4=none)
channelListAddOnlyDbFound= Add channel to cache only if found in database
true (default)
Intialize channel list from cache, not database
true (default)
Write current channel list to cache on exit
false (default)
To preserve attributes of the original observation set true
false (default)
channelMatchLocation= Equals test uses location attribute of SNCL
true (default)
channelMatchMode= SNCL join level in db queries: SEEDCHAN, LOCATION, CHANNELSRC, and AUTHSUBSRC
LOCATION (default)
channelTimeWindowModelList= List of channel Time/Window models
org.trinet.jasi.DataSourceChannelTimeModel, org.trinet.jasi.PowerLawTimeWindowModel, org.trinet.jasi.PicksOnlyChannelTimeModel, org.trinet.jasi.SimpleChannelTimeModel (default)
channelUseFullName= Print detailed channel SNCL
false (default)
clippingAmpScalar.analog For analog channel, suspect clipped if peak amp > scalar*maxDigitizerCounts .8 (default)
clippingAmpScalar.digital.acc For broadband acceleration, suspect clipped if peak amp > scalar*maxDigitizerCounts .99 (default)
clippingAmpScalar.digital.vel For broadband velocity, suspect clipped if peak amp > scalar*maxDigitizerCounts .99 (default)
clockQualityThreshold= Clock qualities <= this value will display with a red frame
0.50 (default)
codaFlagMode= bar = 0, free = 1, fix = 2, coda fit to display on waveform panels
0.50 (default)
codaStripDistance= Strip Picks command will delete codas whose distance > value km
1000.0 (default)
codaStripValue= Strip Picks command will delete codas whose residual > value seconds
1.0 (default)
colorCatalogByType= catalog row background colored by event attribute type
0 (default, uniform), (1= etype , 2= processing state, 3= subsource )
color.catalog.etype.X where "X" is an etype string like: "local","quarry","regional",teleseism","sonic" ...
ff0000 (a hex RGB color, used if colorCatalogByType = 1)
color.catalog.state.X= where "X" is a processing state string:"A","H","I","F" or "C"
ff0000 (a hex RGB color, used if colorCatalogByType = 2)
color.catalog.subsrc.X= where "X" is a subsource string like: "Jiggle","RT1","sedas" ...
ff0000 (a hex RGB color, used if colorCatalogByType = 3)
color.catalog.uniform row background color of a uniformly colored catalog
ffffb2 (a hex RGB color, pale yellow)
color.pick.deltim= color of deltim/residual bars on pick flag
64006633 (default transparent green)
color.pick.sightLine= color of zoom picking panel center line
ff08080 (a hex RGB color for gray )
color.pick.unused= color pick flag's interior when pick used weight=0
fff6cece (a hex RGB color for grayed pink)
Data observation background
ffffff (a hex RGB color)
Data observation selected background
f0f0f0 (a hex RGB color)
Selected observation border color
0000ff (a hex RGB color)
Text color for ok data
000000 (a hex RGB color)
Text color for extreme error, outlier
ff0000 (a hex RGB color)
Text color for unused data
0000ff (a hex RGB color)
Text color for large error data
ff9600 (a hex RGB color)
Data list pane background color
c0c0c0 (a hex RGB color)
Data list summary header background color
ffff00 (a hex RGB color)
Data list summary header text color
000000 (a hex RGB color)
color.seedchan.XX.panel= where "XX" is first 2 letters of seedchan code
ffffffff (a hex RGB color for waveform panel, background)
color.seedchan.XX.wave= where "XX" is first 2 letters of seedchan code
ffff0000 (a hex RGB color for waveform trace, foreground)
color.solution.XX= where "XX" is number sequence starting with "00" (leading zero for < 10)
ff00ff00 (a hex RGB color for the XXth solution created in the view)
Message tab pane background color
ffffff (a hex RGB color)
Text color in message tab pane area
000000 (a hex RGB color)
Message tab pane selection background color
ffff00 (a hex RGB color)
Text color in message tab pane selection
ff0000 (a hex RGB color)
color.wfpanel.default.selected= default selected waveform panel color
ff00d1d1 (a hex RGB color, default Color.skyBlue)
color.wfpanel.default.highlight= default panel selection box color
ffebeb00 (a hex RGB color, default Color.yellow)
color.wfpanel.default.drag= default panel drag box color
ffffc800 (a hex RGB color, default Color.orange)
color.wfpanel.default.segment= default panel segment line color
ff00ffff (a hex RGB color, default Color.cyan)
color.wfpanel.default.cue= default panel phase cue color
ffafffaf (a hex RGB color, default Color.mint)
color.wfpanel.default.bg= default background of unknown seedchan type
ffc0c0c0 (a hex RGB color, default Color.white)
color.wfpanel.default.fg= default trace color of unknown seedchan type
ff66ff33 (a hex RGB color, default Color.darkGray)
confirmFinalOnSave= Confirm by popup whether to preserve F or set I state flag on save
false (default)
confirmLocationOnSave= Confirm by popup to save an event without a valid lat,lon
true (default)
confirmMenuDeleteAction= Confirm by popup when deleting or stripping readings
true (default)
confirmNewSolutionAction= Confirm by popup when creating new solution
false (default)
confirmWFPanelDeleteAction= Confirm by popup when deleting or stripping readings
true (default)
confirmWFScanForMag= Confirm by popup before doing waveform scan to replace existing mangitude amp/coda readings
false (default)
currentChannelTimeWindowModel= Channel Time/Window model currently in use
org.trinet.jasi.DataSourceChannelTimeModel (default)
currentWaveServerGroup= Wave server group currently in use
rts (default is none)
dbAttributionEnabled= Map new event,origin,netmag rowids to their creator
false (default)
dbLastLoginURL= URL of last datasource connection
dbTimeBase= NOMINAL or LEAP secs stored for datetime
NOMINAL (default)
dbTrace= Turn on server side tracing of executed SQL
false (default)
dbWriteBackEnabled= Allows modification of database via SQL
true (default)
dbaseDomain= Data source domain
gps.caltech.edu (default)
dbaseDriver= Data source driver
oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver (default)
dbaseEncrypted= dbaseUser and dbasePasswd values are encrypted strings
false (default)
dbaseHost= Data source host name
mud (default)
dbaseName= Data source database name
muddb (default)
dbasePasswd= Data source database user password
unknown (default)
dbasePort= Data source port #
1521 (default)
dbaseSubprotocol= jdbc subprotocol type, using jdbc:oci subprotocol with dbaseTNSname alias requires an Oracle client installation on client.  See Oracle Instant Client instructions oracle:thin (default)
dbaseTNSname= Oracle TNS name connection alias to use with oracle:oci subprotocol, else blank
(blank default)
dbaseUser= Data source database username
browser (default)
debug= Debug mode on/off
false (default)
debugCommit= Debug print of SQL text and messages about commit processing of event data
false (default)
debugSQL= Debug print of SQL statement text
false (default)
defaultPreferencesMagMethodType= In preferences popup dialog, magnitude tab load setting for this magnitude type
ml (default)
defaultTriggerEventType= Event type to assign to a "trigger" after locating
local (default)
defaultWfGroupFilter= When showFilteredWfGroup=true, filter type applied to wfpanel traces in group panel when event is loaded into view. BANDPASS (default)
defaultWfType= Multi (1) or Single (0) waveform table row format
1 (default)
defaultZoomFilterType default waveform filter used in zoom picking panel (see defaultZoomFilterAlways and displayFilteredSeedchan properties) HIGHPASS (default)
defaultZoomFilterAlway Set filter in zoom picking panel to the default type whenever channel listed by displayFilteredSeedchan property is selected into view false (default)
delegateDebug= Enables debug output from location/magnitude engines
false (default)
delegateLoadArrivalsFromDb= Location engine loads readings from db if list is empty
false (default)
delegateLoadMagReadingsFromDb= Magnitude engine loads readings from db if list is empty
true (default)
disableQuarryCheck= Disable check/popup for closest quarry location when user changes event type to quarry
false (default)
displayFilteredSeedchan= list of seedchan for which the default filter type is toggled "on" in zoom picking panel whenever a channel of that type is selected for loading
HHZ HHE HHN BHZ BHE BHN (default is no list)
duplicateCheckDisabled= If true, disables check done for catalog duplicates in db on commit
false (default)
editableMagTypes= User can edit the contents of magtype magnitude's list of channel readings
Ml Md (default)
enableSwarm= Enable used of Swarm (AVO) interface code to display selected waveforms
false (default)
eventTypeCheckDisabled= If true, disable event type checking for quarries on commit
false (default)
eventTypeChoices= Event types shown in order from top of etype selection menu in toolbar
le re ts qb ex sn ot uk (default)
eventSelectionDefaultProps= Name of event filter properties file in Jiggle jar directory
eventSelectionDefault.props (optional, instead of "eventSelectionProps")
eventSelectionProps= User's event filter properties file in user's home directory
fileChooserDir= File chooser default directory
. (default)
fileMessageLogging= Output text to log file in subdirectory below user's home
false (default)
firstMoOnHoriz= Calculate 1st motions for horizontal channels
false (default)
firstMoOnS= Calculate 1st motions on S-waves
false (default)
firstMoQualityMin= Auto calculate 1st motion only if pick quality >= this value
0.5 (default)
fixQuarryDepth= Use quarryFixDepth property value, else quarry depth fixed at 0. km
true (default)
focmec.URL.filename= regex to use to create focal mechanism image filename found at URL folderr
ci%d.cifm%d.jpg (where %d is event evid, and second %d is a focal mec#, should =1, if only one exists
focmec.URL.path= URL path to directory folder containing the focal mechanisn image files
group.horz.blockScrollFactor= Scroll fraction of group panel viewport width
0.10 (default)
group.horz.unitScrollPixels= Pixels scrolled by click of group panel's horiz scrollbar arrow button
5 (default)
location of the button that activates the popup menu of the group waveform panel
botton (default, for lower-right, else =top, for upper-right)
helpFile= Location of help file give URL or local file
hypoinvCmdFile.default= Name of the default hypoinverse command file on solserver
hypinst. (default)
hypoinvCmdFileEditing= Enable editing of custom hypoinverse command files on solserver
false (default)
hypoinvWgt2DeltaTime max seconds values mapped to hypoinv weight values 0,1,2,3, and 4
corresponding to pick uncertainty, arrival.deltim
0.02 0.05 0.10 0.20 0.40
iconDir= Location of icon images (relative to jar classpath root)
images (default)
jasiUserName= alias to use for attribution reference in Credit table
jasiObjectType= Base type of concrete data classes (TRINET, EARTHWORM)
TRINET (default)
labelToolBarButtons= Base type of concrete data classes (TRINET, EARTHWORM)
false (default)
listMatchMode= Find objects in lists by EQUIVALENT or same ID test
EQUIVALENT (default)
localNetCode= Default Net code (default is EnvironmentInfo.class setting)
locationCodeSpace2Dash= replace all " " with "-" in location code strings exchanged with solution server.
false (default, preserve spaces))
locationEngine= Location engine class
org.trinet.util.locationengines.LocationEngineHypoInverse (default)
locationEngineAddress= Location engine URL
bogus.gps.caltech.edu (default)
locationEnginePRT= After locating dump HYP2000 PRT style output text to message tabpane
true (default)
locationEnginePort= Location engine port #
6650 (default)
locationEngineTimeoutMillis= Location engine timeout (milliseconds)
5000 (default)
locationEngineType= Location engine type
HYPO2000 (default)
locationServerSelected= Name of selected location server in the server group list
locationServerGroupList= List of location server configurations
format /name+type+timeout+ipaddress:port ("\" at EOL continues property string value to next line)
/std2+HYP2000+20000+loc2.cit.edu\:6502 (default is named default with specified locationEngine properties)
magDataLoadClearsSolution= Delete mag reading from Solution before loading from db
true (default)
magDataLoadClonesReadings= Clone readings for each new magnitude
false (default)
magDataLoadOption= Order to lookup associated data in db: input mag, preferred mag, solution
mps (default = m)
magEngine= Magnitude engine type
magStaleCommitNoop= true and stale preserves existing prefmag; false and stale writes new magid
false (default)
magStaleCommitOk= true and stale writes; false and stale aborts
true (default)
mainSplitOrientation= Split the main window; 1 = vertical, 0 = horizontal
0 (default)
mainframeHeight= Height of main window (pixels)
480 (default)
mainframeWidth= Width of main window (pixels)
640 (default)
mainframeX= X-location of main window on screen
1 (default)
mainframeY= Y-location of window on screen
1 (default)
mapInSplit= true, map panel in catalog tab split; false, stand alone frame
true (default)
mapPropFilename= User's directory file containing map configuration properties
openmap.properties (default)
mapSplitOrientation= Split the catalog/map window; 0 = vertical, 1 = horizontal
0 (default)
masterViewLoadPeakGroundAmps= if true, load and display origin associated PGA,PGV,PGD amps
false (default)
masterViewLoadSpectralAmps= if true, load and display origin associated SP.3,SP1.0,SP3.0 amps
false (default)
masterViewReplacePhasesByStaType= if true, allow only one Phase of a type per channel
false (default)
masterViewRetreiveAmps= if true, load and display magnitude associated amps
true (default)
masterViewRetreiveCodas= if true, load and display magnitude associated codas
true (default)
masterViewRetreivePhases= if true, load and display origin associated phases
true (default)
masterViewWaveformAlignMode= 0=absolute time, 1=p-traveltime, 2=s-traveltime, 3=reduction velocity
0 (default)
masterViewWaveformAlignVel= if masterViewAlignMode=3 the reduction velocity
6. (default)
maxLogAgeDays= if fileMessageLogging=true, log files older than max days are eligible for deletion
if autoDeleteOldLogs=false, confirm dialog prompts for each file deletion.
14 (default)
maxWaveletCount= Maximum number of waveforms rows returned per channel
200 (default)
mdTauOptionEnabled= Ask for coda value reset to extrapolated tau values.
false (default)
masterViewWaveformLoadMode= =0 foreground, =1 background, =2 none, =3 cache
3 (default)
minDragTime= Smallest window that selectable by dragging in waveform view
1.0 (default)
miniButtonWidth= toolbar mini button width value between 16 and 38 pixels 24 (default)
miniToolBarButtons= If true use small image buttons in toolbar
false (default)
mlrMagOptionEnabled= true, enables calculation of Mlr adjusted magnitude from Ml
false (default)
xxDisable= Disable calculation of magnitudes of type xx
false (default)
xxMagEngineProps= User's directory file containing xx magnitude method engine properties
xxMagMethod= name of java class pertaining to xx method
xxMagMethodProps= User's directory file containing the xx magnitude method properties
networkModeWAN= if true, fewer db queries done to check data on load/save, catalog row refresh limited
false (default)
org.trinet.jasi.xxCTM.debug= where xxCTM is name of a ChannelTimeModel Java subclass
Print channel time window model debug output
org.trinet.jasi.xxCTM.candidateListName= where xxCTM is name of a ChannelTimeModel Java subclass
A name associated with set of channels in JASI_CONFIG_VIEW
org.trinet.jasi.xxCTM.synchCandidateListBySolution= where xxCTM is name of a ChannelTimeModel Java subclass
Upon event waveform load, update candidate list with channels active on origin date
org.trinet.jasi.xxCTM.filterWfListByChannelList= where xxCTM is name of a ChannelTimeModel Java subclass
Show waveform panels only for channels which are in the named candidate list
org.trinet.jasi.xxCTM.includeDataSourceWf= where xxCTM is name of the model subclass
Include data times for waveforms associated in datasource
org.trinet.jasi.xxCTM.includePhases= where xxCTM is name of a ChannelTimeModel Java subclass
Create waveform panels for channels with phases associated with the solution
org.trinet.jasi.xxCTM.includeMagAmps= where xxCTM is name of a ChannelTimeModel Java subclass
Create waveform panels for channels with amps associated with the preferred magnitude
org.trinet.jasi.xxCTM.includePeakAmps= where xxCTM is name of a ChannelTimeModel Java subclass
Create waveform panels for channels with amps associated with the preferred origin
org.trinet.jasi.xxCTM.includeCodas= where xxCTM is name of a ChannelTimeModel Java subclass
Create waveform panels for channels with codas associated with the preferred magnitude
org.trinet.jasi.xxCTM.includeAllComponents= where xxCTM is name of a ChannelTimeModel Java subclass
If one triaxial component of a station is selected, select them all
org.trinet.jasi.xxCTM.includeAllMag= where xxCTM is name of the model subclass
If mag is >= this value include ALL channels
org.trinet.jasi.xxCTM.allowedNetTypes= where xxCTM is name of a ChannelTimeModel Java subclass
Display only waveform panels for channels whose net code is in this list
org.trinet.jasi.xxCTM.allowedSeedChanTypes= where xxCTM is name of a ChannelTimeModel Java subclass
Display only waveform panels for channels whose seedchan type is in this list
org.trinet.jasi.xxCTM.allowedStaTypes= where xxCTM is name of a ChannelTimeModel Java subclass
Display only waveform panels for stations whose name is in this list
org.trinet.jasi.xxCTM.rejectedNetTypes= where xxCTM is name of a ChannelTimeModel Java subclass
Reject from display in waveform panel channels whose net code is in this list
org.trinet.jasi.xxCTM.rejectedSeedChanTypes= where xxCTM is name of a ChannelTimeModel Java subclass
Reject from display in waveform panel channels whose seedchan type is in this list
org.trinet.jasi.xxCTM.rejectedStaTypes= where xxCTM is name of a ChannelTimeModel Java subclass
Reject from display in waveform panel stations whose name is in this list
org.trinet.jasi.xxCTM.maxDistance= where xxCTM is name of the model subclass
Exclude channels beyond this distance (km)
org.trinet.jasi.xxCTM.minDistance= where xxCTM is name of the model subclass
Include all channels withing this distance (km)
org.trinet.jasi.xxCTM.maxWindowSize= where xxCTM is name of the model subclass
Do not allow algorithm to specify a window longer than this (seconds)
org.trinet.jasi.xxCTM.minWindowSize= where xxCTM is name of the model subclass
Minimum window length (sec)
org.trinet.jasi.xxCTM.maxChannels= where xxCTM is name of a ChannelTimeModel Java subclass
Maximum number of channels sorted by distance to display in waveform view
org.trinet.jasi.xxCTM.preEventSize= where xxCTM is name of a ChannelTimeModel Java subclass
Number of seconds to prepend to the smallest channel on time
org.trinet.jasi.xxCTM.postEventSize= where xxCTM is name of a ChannelTimeModel Java subclass
Number of seconds to append to the largest channel off time
pcsPostingEnabled enable Event menu item allowing the posting of a loaded event for state processing false (default)
pcsPostingState 5 token posting state description consisting of Group SrcTab State Rank Result PostProc Jiggle Selected 100 0 (default)
pcsPosting.menuItem.labels= listed text strings are mapped to state postings defined by properties of the form:
"pcsPosting.XXX.state" where XXX is a item name parsed from list
Distribute (example label)
pcsPosting.XXX.state= 5 token posting state description consisting of Group SrcTab State Rank Result TPP TPP DISTRIBUTE 100 1
phasePopupMenuFlat= Phase pick popup descriptors listed in top level menu, not nested
false (default)
phasePopupMenu.alwaysResetLowQualFm= If true, always remove first motion if its removal confirmation is not enabled by phasePopupMenu.phaseDescWtCheck, set false to leave first motion unchanged false (default)
phasePopupMenu.maxWt4HumanFm= Do not include phase descriptors in popup menu with a first motion and greater weight 1 (default)
phasePopupMenu.phaseDescWtCheck= Confirmation popup to remove first motion when wt > cutoff for the quality threshold property (firstMoQualityMin) true (default)
phasePopupMenu.P.desc= List of P-phase descriptors for popup menu items (case-sensitive)
iP0 iP1 eP2 eP3 eP4 (defaults)
phasePopupMenu.S.desc= List of S-phase descriptors for popup menu items (case-sensitive)
iS0 iS1 eS2 eS3 (defaults)
phasePopupMenu.S.minWgt= Minimum (0-4) weight to show in popup menu items for contructing S phase descriptors 2
pickFlagFont= BIG (large bold text in trace pick flag) SMALL (default)
pickFlag.colorByPhase= for P and S pick flags, do phase coloring, instead of event clone# coloring false (default)
pickFlag.colorP= P pick flag color, when pickFlag.colorByPhase=true FFFF0000 (red default)
pickFlag.colorP.text= P pick descriptor text color, when pickFlag.colorByPhase=true FF000000 (black default)
pickFlag.colorS= S pick flag color, when pickFlag.colorByPhase=true FFFF00F0 (fuschia default)
pickFlag.colorS.text= S pick descriptor text color, when pickFlag.colorByPhase=true FF000000 (black default)
pickStripDistance= Strip Picks command will delete picks whose distance > value km
1000.0 (default)
pickStripValue= Strip Picks command will delete picks whose residual > value seconds
1.0 (default)
picker.class.PickEW= Named selected picker's class file
picker.props.PickEW= Named selected picker's properties file
picker.selected.name= Name of the selected picker, used above for property suffix
pickingPanelArrowLayout= Layout position of waveform scroller arrow buttons (E,W,S)
E (default)
pickingPanelHotKeyNum2Wt= If true, hotkeys 0-4 only change phase wt,
false, keys set iP0,iP1,eP2,eP3,eP4 with auto fm
false (default)
postInterimCommit= If true, interim save to db, posts id to "TPP TPP INTERIM 100 0"
otherwise, no post upon save.
false (default)
postInterimRank= rank value used for a "TPP TPP INTERIM" post, default=100. 95
postInterimResult= 1
prefmagCheckValue= Confirm commit if a magnitude is greater >= to value
3 (default)
prefmagCheckDisabled= If true, don't check event's preferred magnitude priority on commit
false (default)
printHypoMagHeaders= Print Magnitude header after calculation.
false (default)
printLocEngPhaseList= Print Hypoinverse format phase listing.
false (default)
printMagEngReadingList= Print data used by magnitude engine for summary calculation.
false (default)
printMagnitudes= Print before/after summary magnitudes.
false (default)
printSolutionPhaseList= Print internal Solution's java class phase list.
false (default)
printSolutions= Print Solution before/after calculation.
false (default)
quarryFixDepth= Value (km) at which to set quarry depths
0.0 (default)
rcgMenuOptionEnabled= If true, show the RCG... option in Event menu
false (default)
rcgStaAuth= Archive station authority for waveform request
SCEDC (if unspecified, defaults to the localNetCode)
rcgAuth= Authority for waveform request
CI (if unspecified, defaults to the localNetCode
rcgSubsource= Subsource for waveform request
Jiggle (default)
savePropsOnExit= Write properties to user's properties file upon exit true (default)
scopeMode= Load waveforms views using waveserver group false (default)
scopeModeChannelFile= Name of file containing channelname list to load from waveservers when in scope mode scopeChannelList.txt
scopeDuration= number of seconds of waveform timeseries loaded from waveservers 90. (default)
scopeRefreshEndTime= in scope mode set view endtime to current clock time for each "Next" toolbar button click true (default)
scanNoiseType= Noise scan type, bias removed:
AVG avg only absolute peaks, RMS samples, AAA avg absolute all samples)
0 (default, AVG=0, RMS=1, AAA=2)
secsPerPage= Seconds to display on the waveform view pages
(-1 = show full time)
seedReaderDebug= log values parsed for each miniseed packet header
false (default)
seedReaderVerbose= log text message when wave data source has no timeseries for channel
false (default)
showCursorAmpAsLine paint horizontal line across panel at the current mouse position false (default)
showCursorTimeAsLine= Display vertical timing line across picking panel as cursor moves true (default)
showDeltimes= Show pick weight deltim line plotted on pick flags in waveform panels
true (default)
showFilteredWfGroup= When true, apply "defaultWfGroupFilter" to waveforms in group waveform panels
false (default)
showHideTraceMenu= Enable button in lower right WF scrollpane to show menu of seedchan patterns to hide
false (default)
showPhaseCues= Should green striped cues (hints) show calculated P & S locations
false (default)
showResiduals= Show pick residual line plotted on pick flags in waveform panels
true (default)
showRowHeaders= Show waveform view panel headers
false (default)
showSamples= Show individual timeseries samples when zoomed in
true (default)
showSegments= Show waveform data packet bounds (cyan lines)
false (default)
solCommitAllMags= Commit all prefmag of magtypes
false (default)
solCommitOriginError= Commit HYP2000 error axes to Origin_Error table
false (default)
solCommitResetsAttrib= when false credit table attribution is inherited from the previously preferred orid, if none, the committing user's id is used for credit.
true (default)
solCommitResetsRflag= when false a commit does not update origin rflag
true (default)
solLockingDisabled= Override to bypass handling of solution locks
false (default)
solNextProcStateMask= String of acceptable processing state tags
AHF (default)
solPreferredRollbackEnabled= Create toolbar button for resetting prefor,prefmag after save failure
false (default)
solStaleCommitOk= Allow commit of stale origin to db
true (default)
stackPickingPanelButtons= False, shows button in one horizontal line
false (default)
swarmInWaveformTabPane= true, Swarm panel at bottom of waveform tab pane, false standalone window
false (default)
testConnection= if true, test query db to validate connection, before doing a transaction
false (default)
threshold.out.magResidual= Use outlier color when magnitude residual is greater
.5 (default)
threshold.out.ttResidual= Use outlier color when traveltime residual is greater
.5 (default)
threshold.warn.magResidual= Use warning color when magnitude residual is greater, but less than outlier threshold
.25 (default)
threshold.warn.ttResidual= Use warning color when traveltime residuals greater, but less than outlier threshold
.25 (default)
tracesPerPage= Show this many traces per page
10 (default)
triaxialScrollZoomWithGroup= triaxial mode time scroll of group panel scrolls picking panel window times
true (default)
triaxialSelectionLocked= If true and zoom panel has triaxial display selected, station change does not reset toggle
false (default)
triaxialZonH= If true, and zoom panel as triaxial display selected, show vertical on horizontal views
true (default)
unfixEqDepth= if true and event is eq depth is fixed, unfix depth when using trial depth
false (default)
useCalcOriginDatum= For H,T hypoinverse models usage only, when setting fix depth, if true,
calculate a datum from closest arrivals and set geoid depth to depth-datum ; otherwise geoid depth is set to fix depth
false (default)
useEventPreforTable= update the preferred origin of type when the database has an EVENTPREFOR table
false (default)
useLoginDialog= Instead of using dbaseUser,dbasePasswd, prompt user with dialog
false (default)
useTrialLocation= On relocation, use the current location as the trial start
false (default)
versionCheckDisabled= On startup, or GUI reset do not check web URL for new Jiggle version.
false (default)
useTrialOriginTime= On relocation, use the current origintime as the trial start
false (default)
velocityModelClassName= Name of java class implementing velocity model used for traveltimes
(e.g. org.trinet.util.velocitymodel.USGS_NC_VelocityModel)
org.trinet.util.velocitymodel.HK_SoCalVelocityModel (CI default)
org.trinet.util.velocitymodel.USGS_NC_VelocityModel (NC default)
velocityModel.DEFAULT.modelName Name of velocity model to use if model list has more than one model abc123
velocityModel.abc123.psRatio Vp/Vs ratio of velocity model 1.75
velocityModel.abc123.depths List top of model layer depths 0. 5. 15. 30.
velocityModel.abc123.velocities List of model layer velocities 4.0 6.0 6.5 7.9
velocityModelList List defined velocity model names abc123 nocal
verbose= User verbose output
false (default)
waveServerConnectTimeout= a new client connection timeout millisecs 10000 (default)
waveServerGroupDefaultClient= Name of java class that implements WaveClient API
org.trinet.waveserver.rt.WaveClientNew (default)
waveServerGroupList= List of waveserver groups (default is none) rts+1+0+false+false+w1.cit.edu\:6509+w2.cit.edu\:6509
waveServerPopupOnAddServerError= Popup alert message when unable to connect to a waveserver client false (default)
waveformCommitOk= Copy waveform associations in db when cloned event is committed
true (default)
waveformInTab= Show waveforms in a tab rather than a split pane
false (default)
waveformReadMode= Where waveforms should be read from: 0 = datasource, 1= waveserver
0 (default)
waverootsCopy= Database waveform file archive path copy from waveroots table
1 (default)
webSite= URL of website for latest Jiggle version check, helpfiles
wfCache2File= Write unloaded wf to disk files
false (default)
wfCache2FileDir= Write unloaded wf to disk files in specified directory
(undefined default is current directory)
wfCache2FilePurged= if true, delete cached wf disk files when the selected event changes or upon program exit
false (default)
wfpPopupMenuFlat= strip,reject,delete menu option are in nested submenus or not
false (default, true = not nested)
wfpanel.ampScaleFactor= Scale all panels in group panel up (> 1 or down (< 1) by factor 1. (default)
wfpanel.channelLabel.font.name= Java logical font names are: Dialog, DialogInput, Monospaced, SansSerif, Serif (map to specific system fonts).
These or any scalable (i.e. OpenType, PostScript or TrueType) font face names on system.
wfpanel.channelLabel.font.style= Waveform panel channel label font style (plain,bold,italic) plain (default)
wfpanel.channelLabel.font.size= Waveform panel channel label font point size 12 (default)
wfpanel.channelLabel.font.fg= Waveform panel channel label font color ff000000 (default=black)
wfpanel.channelLabel.form= Elements included in channel label text string shown in waveform panels
=SNCL (only), =dist (SNCL+distance), =filter (SNCL+filter-description)
filter (default)
wfpanel.maxAccGainScale= If scaleBy=gain, min,max range of panel is +/- counts/cm/sec2*scale 0.1 (default)
wfpanel.maxVelGainScale= If scaleBy=gain, min,max range of panel is +/- counts/cm/sec*scale 0.001 (default)
wfpanel.maxAccUnitsScale= If scaleBy=units, for acc min,max range of panel is +/- scale 0.1 (default)
wfpanel.maxCntUnitsScale= If scaleBy=units, for cnts min,max range of panel is +/- scale 0.001 (default)
wfpanel.maxDisUnitsScale= If scaleBy=units, for dis min,max range of panel is +/- scale 0.001 (default)
wfpanel.maxUnkUnitsScale= If scaleBy=units, and unk min,max range of panel is +/- scale 0.001 (default)
wfpanel.maxVelUnitsScale= If scaleBy=units, for vel min,max range of panel is +/- scale 0.001 (default)
wfpanel.noiseScalar= If scaleBy=noise, min,max range of panel is +/- noiseScalar*noiseLevel 10. (default)
wfpanel.noiseScanSecs= If scaleBy=noise, seconds of noise to average from start of wavefrom timeseries 6. (default)
wfpanel.scaleBy= Scale min,max amp range in waveform group panels choices are: data, noise, gain, or units data (default)
wfpanel.showTimeScaleLabel= Display of time hr:mn labels along panel time scale ticks in panels true (default)
wfpanel.timeTicksFlag= Paint time scale ticks on panels, =0 both top/bottom, =1 top only, =2 bottom only 0 (default)
wfSmPWindowMultiplier= End time of window scanned for peak amp is multiplier*S-P time added to P-time
2. (default)
whereUnits= Units for 'where' output (miles, km)
km (default)
zoomBiasButtonOn zoom panel upper right corner bias button (B) is toggled on when event is loaded false (default)
zoomScaleList= List of zoom scales displayed in Zoom Panel chooser
1.00 2.00 5.00 10.00 20.00 30.00 60.00 90.00 (default)
zoom.cursorShowsPhyUnits= Include field to show mouse cursor amp position in cgs units
true (default)
zoom.horz.blockScrollFactor= Scroll fraction of zoom panel viewport width
0.05 (default)
zoom.vert.blockScrollFactor= Scroll fraction of zoom panel viewport height
0.10 (default)

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