SCIGN Radome Project - Photo documentary of first shots:

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  • Dome on plate, opened up so you can see base plate upper surface

  • View of 1500 ton press with the batch of ABS first shot domes

  • Overview of 1500 ton press with radome mold mounted

  • Carlos (1500 ton press operator, at right) and Mark

  • Yosh and Mark

  • Both sides of dome mold, mounted on 1500 ton press

  • Core side of dome mold

  • First photo of sequence showing press closing

  • Second photo of mold closing sequence

  • Third photo of sequence (almost shut)

  • Fourth photo of sequence (mold shut)

  • Hopper and heater end of 1500 ton press

  • Willie at the 700 ton press

  • Overview of 700 ton press with base plate mold mounted

  • Both sides of base plate mold, mounted on 700 ton press

  • Bottom side of base plate mold

  • Top side of base plate mold

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