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Southern California Integrated GPS Network (SCIGN)
USGS Pasadena Field Office

GPS monitoring:
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    GPS measurements of deformation rates have begun recently to be used as input when computing the probabilistic hazard estimates for Seismic Hazard Maps. One example of such a map was recently produced by the Southern California Earthquake Center. We are now attempting to refine the understanding of Seismic Hazards in the Los Angeles greater metropolitan region, using continuous GPS measurements to improve our knowledge of the deformation rates across this region.

    Maps & Information: The Southern California Integrated GPS Network (SCIGN) is a collaborative effort to monitor earthquake deformation in the metropolitan regions of southern California. This page contains network maps, and links to other sites on the WWW where the station time series can be viewed.

    GPS data are downloaded daily from USGS-operated stations and other SCIGN stations in the Los Angeles region. GPS data files from SCIGN are available within minutes after they are downloaded each day, in both raw and rinex formats. Data are currently sampled 24 hours per day, at a rate of one sample every 30 seconds. Each day the downloading begins at 00:00 GMT, and typically the latest day's data files are available for all sites by 02:00 GMT.

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