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Earthquake Hazards

Safer Structures, Engineering & Building Codes

Earthquake Preparedness


Earthquake Hazards

Putting Down Roots in Earthquake Country
Everything you need to know as a resident of earthquake-prone Southern California.

Seismic Hazards Maps
Maps showing the likelihood of shaking in California. The hazard analysis incorporates historical seismicity and geologic information within fault zones.
Courtesy of CGS

Fault Zone Maps (Alquist-Priolo)
Courtesy of CGS

Guidelines for Evaluation and Mitigation of Seismic Hazards in California
CGS Special Publication 117

Guidelines for Evaluating the Hazard of Surface Fault Rupture (PDF)
CGS Special Publication 49

An Evaluation of Future Earthquake Losses in California (PDF)
Courtesy of CGS

Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Assessment for the State of California
Courtesy of CGS

USGS Earthquake Hazards Program
Earthquake probabilities, regional, US and global hazard maps.


USGS Geologic Hazards Program
Earthquakes, landslides, geomagnetism, U.S. hazards maps


Earthquake Hazard in Southern California
Seismic Hazards Map - Probable Earthquakes from 1994-2024 courtesy of Southern California Earthquake Data Center.