ShakeMaps of historical New Madrid events

Susan E. Hough
U.S.G.S., 525 S. Wilson Ave, Pasadena CA, 91106

Links below present estimated ShakeMaps for the 1811-1812 New Madrid sequence and the 1895 M6.6 Charleston, Missouri event. For the 12/16/1811 mainshock the distribution of shaking is constrained by approximately 100 historical accounts, with contouring under minimal tension. Individual MMI values are shown on figures, indicating points at which the maps are constrained (MMI values estimated by Hough et al., Journal of Geophysical Research, in press).


1. The ground motion parameter scales (peak velocity and acceleration) were determined from California data and are not necessarily appropriate for central/eastern U.S. events.

2. The ground motion maps are only constrained at the individual points indicated -- where no historical accounts exist (like to the west of New Madrid for 1811-1812 events) the figures show only an educated guess at interpolation.

3. This page is still under construction; maps for additional events will be added later.


Hough, S.E., J.G. Armbruster, L. Seeber, and J.F. Hough, On the modified Mercalli intensities and magnitudes of the 1811-1812 New Madrid earthquakes, Journal of Geophysical Research, 23,839-23,864, 2000.


December Mainshock (12/16/1811, 2:15 am LT)

February Mainshock (2/7/1812, 2:45 am LT)

The Charleston, Missouri earthquake (10/31/1895)