SCSN Station Distribution Maps

These maps give an overview of the current SCSN station distribution. They allow you to visualize station coverage or density.

The Method
These maps show the current coverage by strong motion channels (HL_ and HN_). The southern California area was broken into a 0.1 degree grid. Then for each grid element the distances to closest stations were calculated. Only stations that have real-time telemetry to Caltech in Pasadena were used.

The distance values were then scaled by color and converted to Google Earth kml format using GE Graph.

Color scale (km)
Color scale

For the first plot pink would indicate that three stations are within 10-15km of the grid element.

Strong Motion Coverage

Distance to Three Closest Strong Motion Stations
The pink areas indicate that there are three strong motion stations within about 10-15km.
Closest 3

Distance to One Closest Strong Motion Station
The pink areas indicate that there is at least one strong motion station within about 10-15km.
These are effectively "halos" around the stations.

Closest 1
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