Overview of Jiggle Properties

Jiggle requires several hundred input parameters, spread across multiple properties files.

List of Jiggle Properties Files

Sub-bullet points indicate filenames for separate properties files that are specified in the parent bullet properties file.

The Jiggle website https://pasadena.wr.usgs.gov/jiggle/Install.html has examples of properties files in properties.zip. However, I recommend getting a copy of existing properties files from an experienced seismic analyst at your RSN, and then modifying them for your specific needs.

View Properties within Jiggle


Jiggle user properties can be viewed within the Jiggle GUI (see screenshot above), by selecting either of these two options from the top menu bar:

  • PropertiesProperty info
  • DumpProperty info

Modify Properties within Jiggle

To modify the properties, users can do either of the following:

  • Directly edit the text files containing the Jiggle properties, then load them into Jiggle with "PropertiesLoad properties..." from the top menu bar
  • Edit the properties within the GUI Preferences using "PropertiesEdit properties..." from the top menu bar (see screenshot below)