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The October 16, 1999 M7.1 Hector Mine Earthquake

Date/Time: October 16, 1999 02:46:44.1am PDT
Magnitude Mw 7.1
Location/Depth: 34.59N     116.27W      depth=5±3 km
Descriptive location: 47 miles ESE of Barstow
Faulting type: right-lateral strike-slip
Faults involved: Lavic Lake fault & central section of Bullion fault
Length of surface rupture: 41 km
Maximum surface offset 5.2 meters

Special Earthquake Summary Report
Preliminary Report on the 10/16/1999 M7.1 Hector Mine, California Earthquake - to be published in Seismological Research Letters
ShakeMap - Instrumental Intensity & Acceleration Maps
Did You Feel It? - Community Internet Intensity Map
Current Earthquake Activity in the Hector Mine Area

Relief Map of Surface Faulting
Surface Rupture Report
Preliminary Fault-Slip Distribution Report
SCIGN GPS Analysis - USGS - JPL - Scripps

Moment Tensor Solution from Caltech
Moment Tensor Solution from Berkeley
Preliminary Finite Source Model from Berkeley

Radar Interferometry Info for Studies of the Hector Mine Earthquake
ERS Interferometry Image - from JPL and Caltech
Synthetic Aperture Radar Interferometry (SAR) Image from UCSD-Scripps

Strong-motion Information from USGS NSMP
Strong-motion Information from CDMG CSMIP

Fault Zone Trapped-wave Experiment - from USC,UCLA,USGS & SCEC

EM Aftershock Experiment - from Stanford

Aerial Photos of Fault #1
Aerial Photos of Fault #2
Photogrammetric Aerial Photos of Fault
Ground Photos of Fault #1
Ground Photos of Fault #2

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